Tendril crafted a launch film for Hublot x Samuel Ross Big Bang Tourbillon

Tendril joined forces with the Hublot team and brand ambassador Samuel Ross in a fashion-forward collaboration to craft a launch film for the release of the new limited-edition Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross.

Ross's signature use of color and love of stark geometry and urban design come together in his first wristwatch collaboration. The timepiece's distinctive, stylized hexagonal shape, titanium honeycomb mesh, and vibrant orange hue make for a sportier direction to Hublot's flagship model.

We wanted to strike the perfect balance between the new watch's minimalist design and precise intensity — marrying Hublot's classic look with the sensibilities of Ross's unique graphic language. Modern, friendly, and minimalist tones were brought together to create a fresh aesthetic in this design-driven film and ode to industrial elegance.


The hexagon serves as a visual symbol of the watch’s functionality – a key element seen throughout Ross’s design. The honeycomb geometry is durable, breathable, and lightweight – making it a standard for modern-day design. Adhering to conventional colour theory, Ross chose Pantone Orange 021 C – representing energy and optimism, a brilliant contrast to the grey of the satin-finished case and bezel.

Process + R&D

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