Samsonite Rebranding Campaign

Nowadays, I like to think that any brands/companies with an existence with more than two decades, with how advanced is today's technology and social media. They must be trying to re-invent how the users will or can interact with the future of the brand. Especially people that lands directly in the category: 'Millennials', it has been a growing demographic and changing their ways on how they pursue their buying needs. We are sharing the work from Wunderman Thompson Antwerp who has worked with Samsonite on tasks or product-related tasks directly. Let's take an in-depth look!

This visual identity relied heavily on bold animated typography and color contrast, together with a refresh of the brand color scheme and photographic material.

About Wunderman Thompson Antwerp

Wunderman Thompson Antwerp is an award-winning advertising agency currently based in Antwerp, Belgium. They would focus their work on strategic branding & brand campaigns.

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