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Ive.One — UX for a fintech platform on Digitization

Dmitry Plotnikov is a product designer based from Kiev, Ukraine. He has shared over his Behance, a project he designed for Ive.One which is a platform to purchase, trade, and manage digital assets. In the world of blockchain and fintech; recently there has been a rise of platforms to help any type of user in their daily workflow. Dmitry has done an incredible job at building this project presentation but also shared his work with ability, clarity, and obviously his design process. Props!

Interaction Design for Frisbee App, a team management tool

Ruslan Kulikov is a UX/UX designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation, he has shared an interaction design for Frisbee, an in-depth team management application where you can set up your team, control budget, communicate and more. Taking a closer look at his concept, there are a few very interesting ideas that Ruslan has conceptualized. On mobile for example, a little detail that makes the difference is how the prominent action is differentiated by color and labeling at the same time.

Interaction Design for SYYNCC App, a Multicam editing tool

With the market we have today, it's not every day you stumbled across an app that gives you that impression that is a cool idea. But after a few surf on the subject, it also deserves much more exposure. Well it's the case with SYYNCC, a Multicam editing app designed by Alexander Plyuto.

Polestar 5's Vision of the In-Car Experience

Polestar 5 is one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in Asia. In partnership with Firstsquad have worked in creating the in-car experience of what would be the future of Polestar 5 and their fully autonomous vehicle. The project provided a mixture of 'service design and also 'pure conceptual vision' of its future. What I love about these concepts are the first drafts what we would call: 'the initial wireframes'.

UI/UX Design — Out Loud App

Valery Kasilin is a UI/UX designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. He shared via his Behance profile, an app design that is a very fitting application for the times we are currently living in. The holidays are coming soon and not everyone has the luxury to spend time with their relatives. Some of the reasons are components of the current life situation or others are purely taken by safety and precautions.

Redesigning a Smart Home, the future home experience

Let's start it off by saying that I really do enjoy diving into a student project. Fewer boundaries and more room for creativity. This is what we are mostly striving as we go deeper into our career level, once you understand your work ethic and establish a solid structure. There are times where you would just love to create something without leaving it out to requirements, user stories, feedback and etc. Pure fun, I think we all should somehow have a side-project to experiment and have fun with it.

Interaction Design: Ninety Nine Seconds Game Prototype

This is a game prototype that I would love to share on ABDZ, it's a prototype (soon-to-be-released) designed by Sylvain Theyssens, Anthony Meric and Oleg Pashkovsky. First, the game is all about timing as I quote: "You are given only ninety nine seconds to succeed. The more you play, the fastest you become, and further you can go". Interesting concept right? Now let's take a closer look at the interactions, they are quite subtle especially on the UI but it gets quite creative with the game itself. It will be interesting to give it a try when it will become available.

Medical app concept for kids's care, made for parents

We are featuring a very interesting case study that involves 'interaction design and UI/UX' of a medical app concept for parents who needs attention for their sick kids. It's a good problem to solve, as a parent/designer. We are definitely aware of how bad are the current solutions related to healthcare, I am sure they are good solutions but it's not available for everyone to use. Maybe one day, soon enough. Another thing to note, the case study we are sharing today is by 7 ahang, a student from Hangzhou, China.

Designing an experience for an access control system and POS

Ilya Sablin and Sergey Nikonenko have shared what I think a pretty unique project on their Behance. Particularly on the technical side of things since it's NOT just about an interface, they are pushing forward to the entire experience including its technicality, functionality and security.

Facebook AR Concept - Interaction Design

Product designer Moe Slah have shared with us a concept for Facebook AR. Moe is doing an excellent job at creating these concepts especially in a way to bring ideas and experiments together. Starting off with the branding with an interesting logo concept and cheers on pulling its multiple use cases. The overall design is very similar to the current Facebook UI but what's great is Moe's take on the AR itself, it kinds of reminds me of what Google is doing right now with AR mode in Google Maps.

An Innovative Car-Sharing solution concept - Interaction Design

Ok, Intellias shared a very interesting UI/UX case study on a solution of what would be an 'innovative car-sharing solution'. Let 's explore this concept. For starters, right off the bat, I took a genuine interest to feature their project, not because of the layout presentation, UI work and/or interface transitions. But for the process. They kindly share what they have learned from the process as for the feature per se, personas, a customer journey map, use cases list and a lot more.

Designing a Streaming App for Kids, Hello KiddOs - Interaction Design

Hannes Ahremark shared an interesting UI/UX case study about 'KiddOs', a streaming app for kids and features for parents like 'parental lock'. I wish there was more exploration on that end, but overall it's a very refreshing take. I do appreciate the colors used on this design, and there seem to have a 'dark theme' version too. But one thing I needed to share is the 'over-use' of the gradients and they are everywhere (noted!).

Crafting the AVDC Simulation Driving Experience - Interaction Design

T. Sevén is an interaction and experience designer based in Shanghai, China. He shared an interesting project on Behance about 'AVDC Simulation Driving Experience' which is basically a driving simulator re-adapting road conditions to improve steering responsiveness. At a quick glance, this feels more like gaming experience and yet this is a step forward from this 'conventional' simulator that we will see in the aviation for example.

Playful Web Design & UI/UX for Superlative Store Concept

We are taking a look at the concept by designers Stugbear and Shota Xaxaleishvili on a store concept called: Superlative. They have worked on the web design, UI/UX and also the interaction design. The desktop experience is clean and I love the interactions especially on the menu. It totally enhances the shopping experience.

Mobile App Design: NYC Taxi App Concept using Adobe XD

An interesting mobile app design case study by Yaroslav Lozovoi, a UI/UX designer based in Odessa, Ukraine. He shared on Behance about a concept of a NYC Taxi App, we are commonly used to the Uber experience but how about for cab drivers? Following his design process from research to the UI design, he also has done a tremendous job at building the presentation as well. 2 more points on the presentation!

Interaction Design of Payday, a personal finance app

With the announcement of the Apple Card earlier this week. You will notice new waves of designers trying to tackle the financial health space with new concepts and how can they craft a good personal finance experience. It's no easy task! Let's take a look at Max Podolski who is a product designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation.

An Insight at the User Interface for Everyday Wifi

Let's take an insight at the user interface for Everyday Wifi, a design by Linwu Wang. A designer based in Hangzhou, China. Unlike any Wifi helper application, the Everyday Wifi has been revamping the entire experience to facilitate the connection to a secure network without any effort. Especially knowingly when you are living in a country like China where there are billions of people, having a connection tool for the Wifi must a be plus.

Web Design Process for Software Mind

Process is something that I truly cherish, we can learn a lot by being open about our methods and learn from our successes and failures. This is why I like how Vision Trust presented their project for Software Mind. A global IT service and software company with clients and projects all over the world. The team from Vision Trust served their expertise at the UX, UI, Front-end and Back-end.

UI Inspiration: This week's picks from Dumnoi Ikechukwu, Arman and more

It's that time of the week for our collection of UI/UX designs to boost your UI inspiration. We are focusing on cool animations, layout designs, UX thinking and more. We are mixing it all from static, dynamic and even live prototypes, this might be a great weekly series to bookmark! This week, we are kicking it off with a Workout App screens designed by Dumnoi Ikechukwu and also a clean UI for Restaurant Finder App by Adam Sokołowski.

UI Inspiration: This week's selections from Slava Kornilov, Hristo Hristov and more

It's that time of the week for our collection of UI/UX interactions to boost your UI inspiration. We are focusing on cool animations, layout designs, UX thinking and more. We are mixing it all from static, dynamic and even live prototypes, this might be a great weekly series to bookmark! This week, we are kicking it off with a very cool combination of colours and UI components designed by Slava Kornilov.

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