Nike Adapt Huarache Campaign

Our friends from Ars Thanea have shared the project they have worked with Nike. What is it this time? They were part of a campaign to promote the new Nike model: Adapt. Claiming its next-generation of tech and sports footwear. Here are a few keywords: self-lacing system, mobile app. Does that sound great? Let's give it a look!

Nike Adapt is an innovative self-lacing system which, via a mobile app or using buttons located on the midsole, loosens or tightens cables around your foot. You can choose different modes or even create your own and set the one that fits you best at a particular moment.


About Ars Thanea

Ars Thanea is a design & craft studio based in Warsaw, Poland. With offices in Poland and New York; they have worked with so many brands in the industry whatever it is tech, fashion, entertainment and you name it. Make sure to follow their work through all channels.


  • Senior Creative Director: Mike Wood
  • Design Director: Anders Svensson
  • Design Director: Ryan Noonan
  • Designer: Yi-Fan Lu
  • Senior Producer: Perry King
  • Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
  • Art Directors: Bartek Kalinowski, Maciej Mizer
  • Studio Supervisor: Mikolaj Valencia
  • Producer: Karolina Sidorowicz
  • 3D Lead Artist: Bartek Kalinowski
  • 3D Artist: Bartek Kalinowski, Paweł Filip, Michal Serafin, Mateusz Bargiel, Piotr Wołoszyński, Bartek Dabkowski Compositing: Łukasz Stolarski, Mateusz Bargiel, Katarzyna Strzelczyk

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