Introducing ProtoPie 5.0 - Interaction Recipes and more

Our good pals from ProtoPie have just released their 5.0 which is packed with new features and one that has been in demand for quite awhile. Being an avid user of ProtoPie myself. I totally understand this will be on-demand and it makes to introduce 'Interaction Recipes'. It's basically a way to share your designs in its entity. This is quite good, I will definitely give it a try. If you haven't heard of ProtoPie yet, make sure to give a look. There is also a trial if that's needed for you to be convinced, it's a good product and the team behind is also very pleasant and involved in the community.


Interaction Recipes

This is so much more than a handoff. Now you can record and share your interaction designs with full, visual documentation—every action, detail, and spec. Protect your design vision and keep everyone on the same page.

Add dynamic interactions to your team’s libraries and make them instantly reusable by everyone. Say hello to quicker, more consistent and more productive prototyping.

Focus on designing, not redesigning

With interaction libraries, there’s no more time wasted redesigning existing assets. Now your whole team always works as one team.

iOS and Material Design UI, effortlessly

Instantly use the industries’ most popular design systems right away. Browse and select standard interactions to use in your prototype, and get back to designing your vision.

And a lot more.

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