Enthralling Motion Design Project: Le Motion Club - Edition IV Teaser

In today's hyper-connected world, the significance of personal connections often goes unnoticed. Sensing this gap, Benoît and Ulysse from bumo.fr embarked on a motion design mission to unite talented individuals in their beloved hometown of Toulouse, nestled in the charming south of France.

Enter Le Motion Club - Edition IV Teaser, a mesmerizing motion design project that captivates audiences with its allure.

On May 14, 2022, a truly remarkable event unfolded as the 4th edition of Le Motion Club took center stage in a prestigious theater as part of the Figuré.e graphic design festival, organized by the esteemed Collectif Pépite. The event brought together local creative professionals who enthralled the audience with captivating conferences, igniting an unquenchable fire of inspiration within the hearts of all attendees.

Recognizing the exceptional nature of the venue, Benoît and Ulysse were determined to create a teaser that would truly do it justice.

Their tireless efforts bore fruit in early May 2023 when the teaser they crafted received the illustrious Jury's Prize at the renowned Motion Motion Festival held in Nantes. Among a selection of top-tier productions, their Le Motion Club - Edition IV Teaser stood out, celebrated for its exceptional quality and creative brilliance.

At the heart of this awe-inspiring project lay Art Direction, where Benoît and Ulysse skillfully blended a diverse range of techniques, including typography, 3D animation, graphic design, and illustration. The result was a vibrant and enchanting celebration of creativity—a harmonious fusion that effortlessly captured the essence of the event. As talented individuals from various creative backgrounds converged at Le Motion Club to showcase their unique visions, the project's design beautifully mirrored the convergence of ideas, breathing life into the shared experience.

Remaining true to their artistic roots, Benoît and Ulysse embraced the influences that have shaped their creative journey. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating energy of video games, the captivating storytelling found in animated movies, and the cutting-edge technologies of our digital era, they infused the project with references that both inspire and captivate. Their aim was to mesmerize audiences, offering a delightful escape into a realm where imagination reigns supreme.

Benoît and Ulysse's Le Motion Club - Edition IV Teaser serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to fostering genuine connections and crafting extraordinary experiences. Through their remarkable artistry and unyielding passion, they have successfully united people, igniting inspiration, and forging meaningful bonds within the vibrant creative community of Toulouse and beyond.

Motion design stills

Motion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.frMotion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.frMotion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.frMotion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.fr

Sound design

To elevate the project to new heights, we joined forces with our talented friends at Buddy. Their expertise in crafting mesmerizing musical compositions and sound design added an electrifying dimension, leaving the audience spellbound during the teaser's premiere at the event.

Motion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.fr

Making of — Process

Motion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.fr

Motion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.frMotion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.frMotion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.frMotion design Edition IV Teaser brumo.fr


  • Authors: Benoît Texier, Ulysse Luque
  • Original URL : bumo.fr

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