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Subtle Animated GIF Collection

Chen Wu shared a colorful collection of simple but awesome animations in an endless loop. They range from smoke, to shadows, all very subtle but quite well executed. Work like this give an even longer life for the GIF format, one of the few things that have really endured the test of time.


366CansChallenge, an everyday project

This feature is for all the beer fans out there and graphic design. Studio Blackthorns is a branding & packaging design agency and they have shared with us their '366CansChallenge'. An everyday project where the challenge was to design a can per day, that happened during the infamous year of 2020.

motion design

Motion Design Experiments - Kinetic Typography

Roberto Warner  shared a set of distortion experiments with typography. Titled Kinetic Typography Case Study 03 Roberto uses different ways to animate by using distortion, reflection, bulging and others. The result is a quite beautiful set of animated posters, all with a simple black and white theme.

web design

Canvas Study - Web Design Explorations

Canvas Study WebProject is a site that JungIk Lee created while studying HTML Canvas. The ultimate goal was nothing more than just having a site where JungIk could see the progress of his studies. We, as spectators, could not be happier to witness that and use it for inspiration.


Luiza Bola Personal Brand and Visual Identity

Luiza Bola shared her new branding and visual identity projectThe challenge was to graphically represent the values of my projects. Seeking the concept of luminosity and brainstorm, the visual representation of the "brightness" was chosen, defined by the Portuguese-BR Oxford dictionary as "light that a body radiates or reflects".


A Font Inspired by Chateau Marmont

Chateau is a typeface inspired by the legendary Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont. In the autumn of 2019 Carl-Emil Storm Gabrielsen and Jesper Uttrup of Astrae Studio travelled from Copenhagen to Los Angeles for work. 


Architype Alphabet Poster

Johann Lucchini shared a really awesome project mixing architecture, illustration and typography. Titled Architype Alphabet Poster, this project explores a simple concept, combine typography and architecture to create a custom typeface.


3D and Motion Design for Döcke

LOOP shared a motion design project full of awesome 3D work For Döcke, one of Russia's leading suppliers of building materials for suburban housing construction. The team at LOOP came up with a concept of advertising the products using visual techniques that are common for cutting edge phones, sport cars, sneaker

influencer marketing

The Growth of Influencer Marketing

As we kicking ourselves into the year 2021, I truly believe that Covid-19 has been part of our discussion topics on a daily basis for the past year. Our habits have changed, we had to adapt ourselves to new ways of living. And we are not the only ones that had to adapt as well, brands have been shifting their strategy in regards to the situation thoroughly.

motion design

SkyFill Animation

SkyFill is an internal project made by the amazing folks at Trinetix Creative Studio. Based in Ukraine, they’re living with the consequences of the nuclear plant disaster at Chernobyl. So ecological problems, pollution and consumption – things that’s always on their minds.


'Glass Effect' Security Iconography

A couple weeks ago, we have been discussing about Glassmorphism on abdz. As usual, we are starting to see more and more the same visual style being applied on interfaces but also iconography. This 'glass graphical' style does a pretty decent job at pushing its purpose through icons.

poster design

Zodiac Series of Hand-printed Posters

Maciej Polak is an illustrator based in Łódź, Poland, he has shared a beautiful series of hand-printed posters titled 'Zodiac Signs' series. 12 Zodiac signs transcended into his art, colors, and silk-screen printing method. These illustrations are absolutely stunning, Maciej also added a little touch of typography to complete the entire visual direction.

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