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Banana Split LEGO Star Wars by Pé Grande Animation

A little bit of a fun project to share by Pé Grande Animation' from Porte Alegre, Brazil. Imagine a 'Lego inspired Star Wars' animation video showcasing a battle in the middle of a 'banana split party'? Yeah that's right, make sure to check it out in full on Behance.


Impero's Bold Identity Rebrand and Site

Recently Impero has unveiled a new and fresh rebrand of their visual identity and web experience. Released near the end of 2020, we are welcomed with a refresh that is bold in typography and seduced by a vibrant accent color.


Stunning Solar Scripts by Jesperish

Under the name of Jesperish is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and concept artist from the Netherlands, Noord-Brabant. Founded as a sole proprietorship in May 2010, Jesperish was born out of the founder's vision and ambition to create a graphic, illustrative, design agency for international online entrepreneurs.


Fashion Illustrations 2020 by Alex Tang

The fashion industry is one of the hardest industry, to keep up on-trend, clothes creation and demand, and always to be 'avant-garde'. There's so much work involved from the beginning to the end of each piece of clothing or collection. It always starts with an idea, sketches it out, and throwing in changes.


Paper Olympics Athletes by Raya Sader Bujana

This is the time of the year, all the super athletes from around the world sprint to the mega world organization, the Olympics. An event that creates competition, teamwork, and years of testing their body to the max for that day. Now with the pandemic, the World is on standby and no one is exempt from it, even those athletes that bet everything they have for this day.

motion design

3D & Motion Neons Lines by Stato ®

Stato ® is a duo of creative director Jimena Passadore and 3D Generalist José León Molfino based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have 13 years of experience in the motion graphics market as a creative duo leading a talented team of artists. They will transform your ideas into an upscaled visual experience. Push the limits.

graphic design

Gift Guide - 'F*ck2020 Lateral 2021 Calendar

Lateral Creative Hub, a creative studio based in Milan - Italy, working worldwide and specialized in identities, campaigns, commercials, graphic design, packaging and social media content  are very proud to introduce the Lateral 2021 Calendar: 'F*ck2020’. 


Thoughtful Illustrations by Audrey Prokopenko

Some artworks are very straight-forward, it tells you the story behind them the second you looked at them. Some you'll need to think harder about its meaning. Some that will make you love or hate and then love or maybe hate again. Art isn't set into one vision for one's perspective, it reflects the emotion you had right in the moment.


Branding and Design Guidelines for Atmovum

Sabbath . shared the branding and design guidelines they created for Atmovum, a company that develops new & alternative technologies in sustainable mobility, focused on needs inside and outside of cities.


UX & UI Design for Musi Music Streaming App

The humbleteam shared the UX/UI design work done for Musi, a free music streaming app for iOS and Android that pulls content directly from YouTube, offering users a huge collection of songs as well as unofficial remixes, mash-ups, covers, not available on other streaming platforms.

poster design

Poster Design Challenge Series by Jerry-Lee Bosmans

We are featuring a graphic design student based in Nijmegen, Netherlands, hello to Jerry-Lee Bosmans and his poster design challenge series simply titled: 'Printmaking Challenge' published via Behance. First of all, a graphic design student? These are great!


Switzerland Landscapes llustrations by Pierre-Abraham Rochat

Ever since moving to Switzerland, we didn't wait long to start exploring this marvelous country. we took thousands of pictures and it seems it's never enough. Even tho this country is quite small compared to what we used to live in, but I think the country is so huge in height like you look up and there those mountains, valley, waterfalls, above and below the cloud.


3D Movie Illustrations series by Roman Klco

Since the pandemic around the world, staying home and working from home is pretty much what we are all doing nowadays. Have you ever wondered how every person managed to live and work around their house? This tiny cubic house trend is everywhere, from 3d to illustrations to photographers, and architecture for small spaces is genuinely pleasant to look at.

gift guide

Editor's 2020 Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again, we have been pretty busy with the end of the year coming soon, how are your preparations coming? Are you traveling or simply staying home for the holidays. I can't help to ignore these past few months, with this global pandemic that never ceases to end; has been giving us hardships that we are trying to shift around. Let's stay hopeful and stay safe.


Sacred animals by Abanam Ma

There's something about illustrations and painting altogether, it gives the illustrations another dimension and painting another depth that we have seen and can't stop to enjoy every time.

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