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Sanatorija Gin Bar Branding and Visual Identity

Holy Affair was approached by gin aficionados who wanted to open the best gin bar in the country. Their ambition needed the corresponding identity for the new brand. In recent years Vilnius city has seen a major rise in the HoReCa market.

digital art

Vapordreams'97 with Aaron Campbell

We have featured the work of Aaron before on ABDZ, I truly love his work especially this latest series titled: 'V A P O R D R E A M S • '97'. If you are a kid from the 80s (like me), you will probably be familiar with some of these items shown and/or scenes in this series are pure nostalgia.


Branding and Visual Identity of La Diplomate

La Diplomate celebrates tea offers 60+ teas from all over the world. Rice Creative, a design agency from Vietnam, created the visual identity, and packaging solutions for the gorgeous 18th century storefront which sits on a quaint pedestrian lane in the center of Bordeaux, France, a newly labeled UNESCO World Heritage site. 

motion design

Winter 2020 Registration NOW OPEN at School of Motion

I am a motion design fan and it’s one of my goals to learn more about it. Because of that, I would love to share that the registration is open for the Winter 2020 Session at School of Motion, the world’s leading online school for motion designers. Be sure to pick your preferred course — before it sells out!


DD dot — Bespoke Display Typography & Typeface

Marçal Prats sent us his latest project and as usual, it's an inspiring typography and typeface project for Dot, an art magazine that serves as a platform to explore ideas and to showcase talent. It is intended to inspire, spark conversation, and feed the imagination.


Branding for Edison Botânica & Bar

Diego Carneiro shared this branding project more than one year ago and to my surprise we somehow missed it. But it’s never too late to feature inspiring projects like this one.


Branding and Graphic Design for CoType™

CoType™ is the London based type foundry of Mark Bloom and Co. They design contemporary typefaces for use in digital and print applications. In addition to their retail offerings, they also offer design of bespoke typefaces and modifications of their existing font library.


Brutalist Branding for Synticate©

Stepan Solodkov shared a branding and graphic design project created for a Moscow based CGI studio that has a portfolio of very large clients. The target audience of the studio are creative and art directors of large advertising agencies, therefore, the identity wanted to invoke a bright, modern and memorable look.

interaction design

Interaction Design: Ninety Nine Seconds Game Prototype

This is a game prototype that I would love to share on ABDZ, it's a prototype (soon-to-be-released) designed by Sylvain Theyssens, Anthony Meric and Oleg Pashkovsky. First, the game is all about timing as I quote: "You are given only ninety nine seconds to succeed. The more you play, the fastest you become, and further you can go". Interesting concept right?

Motion Design Monday - Dominik Tarabanski Website

Adencys shared a really awesome motion design and web design project for Dominik Tarabanski, a New York-based photographer. Dominik’s interests and inspirations revolve around visual arts and its relation with fashion, yet photography is the ultimate form of reflection.

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That 90s Look is Coming Back - BUSH

And here we are, the last month of the decade, the 2010s are over and for the next decade we still believe there will be a renaissance of the dirty/grunge lost style of the 90s. To celebrate our conviction we started the least popular series on ABDZ, That 90s Look is Coming Back.

black friday

Black Friday Madness for Designers & Makers

It's that time of the year again. It's that much needed time off with your family and friends. Coming with that free time well come also the deals from Black Friday. I guess we all know the concept of what Black Friday is. My email has been hammered and social feeds with outstanding deals that just can't go overlooked.


Grafier Serif Typeface

We have the running conversation that a serif typeface isn't generally the strong opinion when speaking about 'product design' because of its readability and constraints. But who cares!

graphic design

That 90s Look is Coming Back - Eter CD Album

It’s time for our eagerly anticipated entry in the series about that 90s graphic design look coming back. I am sorry if you are not a fan but the idea is just to try to spot a new trend and if that is really coming back or it is just a few 90s warriors keeping that flame alive.

digital art

Digital Art: PROTECTORS Series by ZUSCROFA _

ZUSCROFA _ shared a cool project on his Behance, I remember when I was a kid and I would create this monster kind of gruesome-looking but he was nice and he was my bodyguard from my nightmares. Have you ever did something similar or I am just being weird!

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