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LCGA — Branding and UX Design

Larry V. shared a visual identity, UX and web design project for LCGA. Founded in 2013, LCGA primarily engaged in architecture and interior design providing solutions for residential, commercial, and office spaces in addition to spatial planning and conceptual design. 


Breathing Nature - Abstract 3D Breathing Wildlife

Marcio Flausino shared a beautiful 3D project titled Breathing Nature. In this set of 3D compositions, Mario explores natural environments with abstract breathing wildlife. Take a moment to pay attention to your breath. The tools used were Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift in addition to Adobe After Effects.


Drop Out — Anamorphic Painting

TRULY DESIGN Studio and Crew shared a beautiful project called Drop Out which is one of their latest anamorphic paintings. Their tailor-made pieces are the perfect way to enrich your home while complementing both space and architecture. I have to agree with them.


Sol — Branding and Visual Identity

As a Brazilian expat living in London, quarantine has made it especially hard being away from family and friends. Lilia Quinaud wanted to do a tribute to her home country and that's how Sol was born.

design tools

Normform — a generative grid-based design tool

The Normform is a generative grid-based design tool that helps create digital content like vector patterns really fast and with a great variety of results. Once a day, we publish a pattern artwork on our site which is available for free download and use under Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).


Elegant Cloth — 3D Art by Vinicius Araújo

I think most of us have seen the release of the new Windows 11, whatever you like it or not. I think it was a bold release in terms of visuals and branding. I also think we all noticed that 'elegant cloth' texture, this is why this personal recreation by Vinicius Araújo caught my eye.


LEGO x Adidas Originals Superstar Set

We are following the sublime work from Leta Sobierajskii who is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. For the launch of the LEGO x Adidas Originals Superstar Set, she was approached to create a remix of this iconic design. First of all, what an honor to think about working on such an iconic design that was originally created in the 1960s.


Hermes Mazali’s take at 36 Days of Type

Hermes Mazali has shared his take of the series 36 Days of Type and thought it would totally deserve its own feature on abdz. You know how much we are personally fans of this initiative and it's always inspiring, intriguing, and exciting to see how much people are talented and proud to share their work.


UPSET Minimalist Branding and Visual Identity

UPSET new brand identity created by Frank Wo revolves around the shape of a canvas. It makes the feel of the brand highly flexible and playful. A minimalistic approach was chosen not to amplify artist projects and exhibitions. 


3D Pixel Retro Electronics by Joanna Ngai

From Seattle, Johanna Ngai is an illustrator and UX designer at Microsoft. She proved to us that you can be filled with skills, and it definitely shows in her artwork. These pixel 3D illustrations are just hit right in the spot, and they are nostalgic too.

web design

Reinventing the 'graphic design' handbook

We are taking a look at which is a platform designed for 'Shillington Graphic Design course'. An experience designed by the fine folks from Standing By Co. where they have built an ultimate digital guide to learn the basics of graphic design.


Dribbble Spotlight — Illustrations by Isaac LeFever

It's been quite a while since I last spent time looking for inspiration on Dribbble. Not to brag but things are most or less the same which is unfortunate, to be honest. But on the good side, I stumbled across the work of Isaac LeFever, which by the way is a badass name to start with.


Designer Spotlight — Guillaume Azadian

It's been a little while since our last 'Spotlight' series and it's always rewarding to feature designers, leaders who are excelling in what they do but usually are just part of the behind-the-scenes of a major brand overhaul or product releases. It's great to share their work and learn more about their background, passion, and more.

photo manipulation

Surreal Quarantine Photo Manipulations

Let's be clear. I really don't miss the days of home quarantine from the past year. I did appreciate the time spent with the loved ones but glad we all get to live some kind of a 'normal' summertime. With that being said, it's always rewarding to see how others had to cope with this pandemic and what needed to be done to actually stay sane.


Playful Minimalist Branding for Twig Learning Center

When I think of Singapore, I think of really hot weather and colors somehow. It's a beautiful country mixed with concrete and also nature landscapes. Along those lines, I wanted to share the work of the Darling Visual Communications which is a design consultancy firm that specializes in branding, print, typography, and web.

3ds max

Nissan Fairlady Z in Autodesk 3ds Max

Yuri Rodchenko is a 3D automotive modeler based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. He shared on Behance, a stunning creation of the 'Nissan Fairlady Z' made in Autodesk 3ds Max and also with Vray, and Phoenix FD. The result looks completely stunning almost like a photograph.

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