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digital art

Abstract & Stylish Digital Art by Malavida

Alycia Rainaud aka Malavida is a digital artist & graphic designer based in Paris, France. I am quite surprised that we haven't seen her work before because it's so stylish, unique and the colors are so protruding vibrant. There is no description on the project but it's a mixed process of Maxon Cinema 4D, Processing, Paint and more.

line icons

Line Icons of the World's Most Famous Landmarks

Makers Company is a design studio from South Africa that created this awesome set of 12 line icons for some of the world's most famous landmarks. Each icon is very simple but right on point, it's beauty within the lines. Check it out! For more from Makers Company visit themakers.company.


Sci-Fi 3D Illustration and Artworks by Wei Weihua

Space: The final frontier. The place that inspires infinite dreams and visions for artists to come up with stunning artworks. Wei Weihua, a Chinese designer, comes up with fantastic 3d sci-fi artworks and illustration, in a series called "Planet Green Valley".

fan art

Avengers Endgame Fan Art Collection

Don't worry, this is a spoiler-free article. With the release of Avengers Endgame, we wanted to put together a collection of fan art by amazing artists from Dribbble and Behance in celebration for the movie release.


Visual Identity Inspiration: Monument

Umer Ahmed shared an incredible visual identity project he worked for Monument, which was built around an online magazine (www.mnmt.no), a wide range of informative and entertaining podcasts, event series and club culture.


John Wick 3 Awesome Poster Design

Billelis 💀 shared an incredible artwork and poster design project on Behance. They were approached by Lionsgate, LA Associates and the creative team of John Wick 3 to create official key artwork for the launch of the latest Blockbuster installment in the John Wick Franchise- John Wick 3 Parabellum.

web design

Bold Web Design Concept for Discovery Channel

Artem Litvin shared a beautiful web design concept project he created for the Discovery Channel. The amount of work is nothing less than astounding. I particularly like the editorial look and feel with big typography and excellent imagery. It feels almost like that could be the Discovery TV app, if they even have one.

graphic design

Monochrome Album Design for WARP - Steve Aoki and cie

Let's kick it off with a monochrome album design for WARP for The Bloody Beetroots featuring Steve Aoki. Designed by Carosello Lab, a creative agency based in Milan, Italy. They have a working collaboration DIM MAK, Steve Aoki’s label from California. They designed a special package to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of WARP.

automotive design

Automotive Design: Tesla Pickup Concept

I have found this automotive design concept of what could look like the next Tesla pickup? The beloved Elon Musk did mention that there will be a Tesla Pickup Truck coming in their lineup and as I quote: "a really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner design". How cool is that?


Amazing Abstract Wallpapers by Dante Metaphor

Dante Metaphor shared an awesome set of beautiful wallpapers. They have all the elements of  great wallpaper: abstract art, 3D, light effects. That’s the reason to deserve the feature here on ABDZ. The cool thing about this project is not just the outcome, but the reason behind it.

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