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NFT Spotlight — RWR2 Bizarre and Surreal Work

Rodrigo Rezende AKA “RWR2” is a Brazilian artist and graphic designer working for the design, illustration and animation industry over the past 15 years. Currently working as a full-time Art Director at Tendril studio, based in Toronto, Canada.


The Alvar Aalto Library Branding and UX

Ilya Kovalev shared a branding, visual identity and web design project for The Alvar Aalto Library is the central library of Vyborg. Designed by a famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, the library building is the only building in Russia designed by a Finnish architect.


Design-driven Banking For Financial Innovators

The team shared a branding and visual identity project for ff. next. Customers are turning towards alternative solutions like neobanks, because traditional financial institutions aren’t keeping up with their needs. ff.

graphic design

Alternative film poster project Double Bill Posters

Double Bill Posters is a self-initiated project by Belgian graphic design couple Sarah Schrauwen & Mathieu Vancamp. They started this collaboration in November 2018 as a way to combine their mutual interests (graphic design and film) away from client briefs and as an exercise in quick thinking and doing.


Discover #NFT Artists to follow on Instagram

This is the beginning of a new era! On abdz, we have been featuring 'digital art' since the early days of the blog, right around the early 2000s. With time, the 'digital art' scene has shifted and some of us have to focus elsewhere to support a career or even a living.


The Anatomy of Light - NFT Series

Gabriel Rocha is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada, currently working as a director at With a focus on motion graphics and 3D, Gabriel released recently an NFT series called "The Anatomy of Light" where he explores two of his passions: science and art.


Liggo Branding and Visual Identity

byHAUS studio shared a branding and visual identity project for Liggo, a production management platform that orchestrates the success of small and medium-sized manufacturers. No more obscure terms, opaque processes, threatening numbers, broken promises: Liggo is technology with a practical meaning.

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Flying Hotels, a new series of surreal art by Matthias Jung

We're delighted to introduce Flying Hotels, a new series of surreal art by Matthias Jung. Jung has held a fascination for collages since childhood beginning in the photo lab of his father. With a simple pair of scissors and glue, he was inspired to create his first fantastic buildings and has been doing so ever since.


Viable — Wellness Supplement Branding & Packaging Design

Julia Miller shared a branding and packaging design project for Viable, a brand that produces high tech innovative supplements. Viable supplements are made from natural ingredients with the help of innovative technologies. They are used to support healthy body composition.


Endless Possibilities in Teasing Typography Book

Slanted publishers, a German based publishing house for various magazines, books and other printed products presenting interesting ideas about design, art, photography, and other pleasures in life, shared a new book project: “Teasing Typography” by Juliane Nöst.   


Abstract 3D Compositions by Lee Griggs

Lee Griggs shared a 3D project featuring some beautiful abstract compositions. The title of the series is Bifrost Strands 2. There’s not much info about the way Lee created these forms, what software, render engine but that doesn't really matter. 


OCD+A STUDIO Branding and Visual Identity

Mubariz Yusifzade shared a branding (rebranding) and visual identity for OCD+A Studio, a project with more than 10 years, which has several spaces created in the areas of housing, urban renewal and interior design. It was a complete rebranding, which included a new name, a new graphic identity and a new communication strategy.


Hamburg Noir Photography by Apo Genc

Apo Genc is a Turkish born self-taught photographer with straight urban focus. Professional videographer since 2013. Former student of Christian-Albrechts-University (CAU, Kiel, Germany) with Magister Artium in Modern German Literature, Psychology and Sociology.Sci-fi inspired street scenes at night.


R&D II - Intricate 3D Compositions

Walid Aziz, a digital artist based in Canada, shared a set of incredible 3D compositions titled R&D II. I have a hard time trying to describe the 3D images, they remind me a lot of coral reefs and how they grow on objects in the ocean creating intricate forms.

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