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Editorial Design : New Brutalism Controversial Concrete

Tim Tijink shared a personal editorial design and graphic design project titled New Brutalism: Controversial Concrete. This self initiated project explores, researches and designs with and around the concrete structures of the architectural movement called New Brutalism, which emerged during the 1950s and currently finds itself in a critical time.

SKYLINES Digital Art

We have  featured RETOKA . several times here but they always share something new and with a touch of uniqueness with a sense of experimentation. This latest project called SKYLINES - Hong Kong mixes photos with some glitches and effects that  create a digital type of look, cyberpunk. I’d love one of those to use as a wallpaper on my phone!

Subliminal Editorial Design

Lyne Ea shared a beautiful editorial design project titled Subliminal. Cognitive sciences bring together a set of scientific disciplines dedicated to the description, explanation and simulation of the mechanisms of human thought. The subliminal revue is interested in many phenomena such as perception, intelligence, language or emotion through the prism of cognitive sciences and the different disciplines that make it up, thus combining a variety of articles offering the reader a less scientific but more open approach.

Sleep Paralysis — Single launch

Sleep Paralysis is @wearepoppa’s new release. It's a song about the dimensions of the dreams, and how they shape our reality and become part of our stories. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms.

Branding and Visual Identity for the Menomadin Foundation

The fine folks from Designit are back with another case study covering their collaboration on the branding & visual identity for a non-profit The Menomadin Foundation and their 'mission-based' approach to social impact. Another project where Designit shines on how they approach through research to learn more through field research and our co-creation workshops. First of all, what strikes me the most from this brand identity is the logo for the Menomadin Foundation.

Y_Desenhar Portugal Exhibition

united by shared an incredible branding, graphic design and visual identity project for the Y_Desenhar Portugal exhibition, an expo of Portuguese Design based on the conviction that Design schools are existential laboratories and observatories focused on the technology, sociology and aesthetics of Design, which demonstrate the diversity of perspectives and values in Design teaching. 

Globe + Pantone Limited Edition Box Sets

Boardsports heritage brand, Globe, today announced the upcoming release of 2 limited edition box sets; the Pantone® Color of the Year series. For more than 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions across fashion and furnishings, as well as product, packaging, and graphic design. As creatives, we speak the language of color and Pantone is our dictionary. In tribute, we offer fellow design and color enthusiasts the ability to skate or collect a piece of color trend history.

Foil Print Experiments by Sean Ford

Sean Ford is a graphic designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, he has shared with us a cool print experiments he has been doing with foils and textures via his Behance. I really dig those experiments and It's really cool to see 'graphic design' making a solid comeback. We are all about our interface designs, visual systems, and standards but let's not forget how it started for most of us. Even for us at abdz., I feel the blog has shifted towards that interest all over again.

Troptical Hypnotic, Energetic Multilinear Typeface

Chrisb Marquez and In-House shared a beautiful typography project titled Troptical, a hypnotic, energetic multilinear typeface that’s all rhythm and movement. Featuring concentric lines and angular construction, Troptical is inspired by the dazzling dynamism of op-art and the clever geometry of Latin American design, with a dash of 8-bit video game playfulness. Powered by YWFT

Stylish Mooncake Gift Box Packaging Design

Bracom Agency is a branding and creative agency based in the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They have shared via their Behance, a beautiful packaging design project for Bracom. Obviously, when speaking about 'mooncake' they must be 'moon' involved. It shows appreciation towards how you see things and whatever you see them fit in your career, your family, and even your friends. I really dig the foreground color of the packaging design which is dark to enrich the actual centerpiece.

Again Spring Poster Design

HWAL shared this poster design 5 years ago. Yes, you heard it right, it was back in 2015 but it looks as fresh as if it was done yesterday. It goes back to the principle that good design (in this case graphic design) is long lasting. The complementary colors, subtle gradient and beautiful composition are a perfect recipe for that. 

New World Face Masks

Toby Ng share a graphic design and packaging project he did for Love Without Border for a global initiative formed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. In response to a mask shortage in Hong Kong, NWD saw the need to support the community by producing and supplying ‘Made in Hong Kong’ face masks. Partnering with various NGOs across the city, masks are distributed to low-income families and disadvantaged groups.

Typographic Poster Studies by Xtian Miller

Xtian Miller is a designer from Detroit, MI, USA and he is back another typographic poster studies, I really dig his style and his sense of graphics. Having featured his work before on abdz, you just can't help to appreciate his creative senses and his willingness to constantly keep exploring through discovery. His work is a mixture of the pure graphic design from the 90s, and even beyond that.

Logo Design Folio by Álvaro Studio

Álvaro Studio is a creative studio based in Barcelona, Spain specializing in art direction, graphic design, and illustration. They have shared a logo design folio I thought would be worth sharing on abdz. 'Logo design' has been a little obsession even since I designed a logo for a friend of mine who is starting a business. I think it's a kind of project that we do less now being 'product designer' but it's always nice to change things for a while. The process is somehow the same in terms of design thinking but somehow the medium is different.

Leaps in Space 2020 Calendar

What can we say about 2020 so far, let's just put this way. It was quite an eventful year and we are still not done. An outcome though is we saw a strive from many initiatives to raise the bar even during what we can call it 'weird times'. As I was surfing for 'studio inspiration', I stumbled the work from the fine folks at Bureau Oberhaeuser, a studio based in Hamburg, Germany. Other than looking like cool people to work with, they have shared a calendar that you can purchase and download as a wallpaper.

PAGE Gallery - Graphic Design Inspiration

Seachange Studio is  a full-service design studio producing meaningful work that engages and endures. Their work is defined by bold conceptual simplicity, whether it's applied to a brand, a digital experience or a book. That can clearly be seen in the work they did for PAGE Gallery. Pure and simple typography in a grid system or in other words, amazing graphic design.

Art Direction + Graphic Design for The Tide

I have been quite inspired by how light reflects and refracts lights and objects creating quite stunning visual effects. For this post I bring this project designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro , The Tide includes a network of parks and spaces along a flowing pathway that follows the Thames. In collaboration with Droga5, the kinetic logo mark was designed, iterated and perfected to represent the variety of ways in which the location can be experienced while maintaining its free-flowing and liquid nature.

That Painful Necessity of Thought

Following my new passion of posting about things that show light refraction or holographic type of effects. For this one I bring this old but quite beautiful graphic design project created by the amazingly talented folks over at molistudio ™ in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This project mixes typography and some 3D effects of bubbles of oil or something that distort the text when passing over it. 

xScan Recreating Analog, Raw distortion

You’ve probably noticed that I am a bit into the chromatic distortion effect. Why? I have no idea, but it does look awesome. For this post I’d like to share this project titled xScan, which is a digital attempt at recreating analog, raw distortion created by Studio 2am. You can purchase the fully editable PSD templates for personal or commercial use via Creative Market.

Clam you dig it? Brand Identity for the Salt Line Oyster + Ale

While we dream of casually dining out one day again we’ll just sit right here and salivate over The Salt Line’s groovy brand identity work by the talented Ioana Balasa. The Salt Line Oyster + Ale is an oyster-focused seafood restaurant that artfully “merges the historic fishing cultures of New England and the Mid-Atlantic.” Balasa drew inspiration from vintage oyster cans, baseball scorecards, and sea monsters.

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