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Redefining Stootie through a bold and colorful rebranding

Let's take a look at this colorful rebranding by the folks from Carré Noir, it's a branding agency located in beautiful Paris, France. They have worked with Stootie to helped make a bold and evolving identity based on the theme of "people energy". Imagine having a group of individuals available to help with your daily chores from renovations, moving, deliveries and more. I love the super clever concept of the logo and seeing animated gives a total giveaway of what the brand is all about.

Revisiting the devices from 'Backup Days', brutalist, acid graphics and contemporary

Attico Trentasei has been giving me pure nostalgia with his 'Backup Days' series where he is revisiting graphical (yes graphical) explorations on storage devices from the past like the floppy disk for example. It's such a cool initiative since it is reminiscing the good old days where you had an appreciation for the typography, visuals and actually taking the time to pay attention to all the details. Check them out, they are really great and this might spark your inspiration somehow.

A Look at the SingularityU Canada Summit Brand Identity

Puncture Design, a creative studio from Toronto, Canada has done work for the SingularityU Canada Summit brand identity back in 2017. Going with the statement of '...working on our common challenges together', I just appreciate their design and thinking behind the brand identity with a minimal approach with a gradient mixed with the 'Noe Display' font.

Vibrant & Abstract Packaging for Laroché Chocolate

Martin Naumann and Andrius Martinaitis have shared a colorful and abstract-feely packaging for Laroché Chocolate. They posted their full project on Behance, make sure to give it a look. Other than loving this visual direction to express a chocolate product but I do like that they shared a snapshot of the development.

Play Dead Takes Deck of Cards Illustration to the Next Level

Riffle Shuffle approached Steven Harrison to design and illustrate a deck of playing cards based off his previous personal project titled ‘Go for it’. Evolving the original image to work in this format and further developing this style to work throughout the deck. The outcome is awesome deck of cards with a radical look, I would love to see skateboard decks with that style of illustration. If you love them like I do, pick up a deck at

Colorful Packaging Design for coffee liqueur Hywilde

Chad Michael Studio has shared such a lovely packaging design for the coffee liqueur titled: Hywilde. Coming with 100% Arabica beans and natural flavors, the client Artist In Residence Distillery must have loved the bilingual typographic approach finish with a 'red-ish' brand logo filled with an accent of gold everywhere. This is the kind of packaging that definitely stands out on the shelves and will make you notice and admiring the art. What do you think?

Refining Pinterest's Brand Design and Visual Identity

Pinterest, a social media platform has registered 300 million monthly actives, a 30% increase on a year ago. I personally thought people were not using this platform anymore but they still do, great news for Pinterest. On this note, I stumbled across a project that Kurppa Hosk shared on their Behance a little year ago about their brand design refresh they worked on the visual identity for Pinterest.

Raio Super Awesome Album Art by Carpe

Lázaro Júnior "Carpe" designed a super awesome album art cover titled Raio, which means lightning bolt in english. As you can see on the awesome images that Lazaro shared, he mixed a 3D lightning symbol with astronauts and space theme. The result is pure awesomeness! 

Snapchat's Typographic & Illustrative Sticker Packs by Scott Biersack

As we continue to see progress from collaborations between artists and tech giants to create these social 'sticker packs' that you can share inside your stories. We wanted to share another series, this time the work from Scott Biersack and what he worked with Snapchat in order to develop with two series of 'sticker packs' with the respective flair and style. These are great! Scott does an incredible job at nailing every single use case of sharing a moment and adding a sticker.

A classic & modern brand identity for Pflege&Co

Unifikat Design Studio is a graphic design studio based in Warsaw, Poland, we are featuring the brand identity they shared on Behance for Pflege&Co. It's an insurance company located in Germany, nevertheless to say the entire brand identity is lovely. First of all, it's becoming rare seeing studios specializing only in graphic design bringing excellence into their client projects.

That 90s Look is coming back - Another Poster Design by Roman Post

Roman Post is a graphic designer based in Dedovsk, Russian Federation. We have featured Roman's work before on ABDZ and I am totally borrowing Fabio's series 'That 90s Look is coming back' for this one. I totally do agree that the 90s nostalgia is definitely back through TV shows and fashion. Roman is going again a full force on its textures, typography and its overall design.

Everything & Nothing Poster Designs by Mitya Andrievskiy

Wanna keep the 'poster design' love today with Mitya Andrievskiy's Everything & Nothing poster series he shared on Behance. First of all, Mitya is skilled at many mediums from graphic design all the way to UI/UX design. It may sound cheesy to some but nowadays designers are so focused on a certain area of design and it's getting hard to stay afloat with the diversity of things you can do within our industry.

Transformer The Movie has a Nostalgic Screen Print Poster Design

César Moreno published an super nostalgic and awesome project on his Behance profile. The project is the licensed screen print poster for "Transformers - The Movie" released during San Diego Comic-Con 2019. In addition to the poster itself, Cesar shared a bit more of his design process with details and a time-lapse video showing each step taken to get to the final result. The tools used were Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq. The work was done for Mondo and Hasbro.

Gorgeous Tea Packaging by Sabina Loacker

Imbibing tea is a relaxing activity so consuming the packaging should match that same feeling. We're steeping in the beauty of Austrian-based Sabina Loacker's concepting, art direction and graphic design work for a local tea brand and reminding us all that inspiration is always right in front of us. The simple typeface matches the super minimal design and we're just loving every bit of the resulting look and feel.

Pure 90s Vibes with the Super Collection Notebooks for Write Sketch &

When a time comes with TV shows like Stranger Things and the slow comeback of BH90210 bringing the 90s nostalgia to a broader and newer audience. Office Milano is sharing their new Super Collection of notebooks Write Sketch &. Everything is here, the colours, the style, the patterns and that nostalgia.

Branding for Lilo™, a brand for men's shoes 100% recycled leather

We would like to feature this fashionable branding for Lilo™ designed by Federico Sanchez, a designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The brand behind its design is for men's shoes 100% recycled leather. I love the simplicity of its design and the choice of colors with a little accent with the Yellow. What caught my eye for this project is the logo, the bigger 'O' somehow balances it all well together. The overall design kept its sustainable vision of the brand rightfully to its philosophy.

Editorial Design: Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson

This is an editorial design by New Zealand-based Creative Director Tim Donaldson, it's a design of cookbook entitled: Cazador. The print material reminds me of an old cookbook which brings a great load of nostalgia. Once inside the book you are introduced to a few images which again keeps that vintage concept but you will notice the big beautiful fonts for the "chapters" and also use for a two-spread designated for quotes. Simple, lovely and quite efficient.

Graphic Design Inspiration: Espectros

Silvino González Morales shared a quite beautiful post on graphic design featuring a set of abstract illustrations titled Espectros. The idea is simple, it basically blends shapes with a radial gradient. However the composition makes it very unique. As the wise man say, the simple things are always the most difficult to achieve. Silvino proved that to be right. I wouldn't mind having one of those in my house.

Product Design Love: Bodega Los Cedros by Anagrama Studio

Bodega Los Cedros is a Mexican vineyard located in the mountains of Arteaga, Coahuila. The origins of the name derive from a passion and dream of a family to produce high quality wines within a region more than 100 years old named "El Cedrito." Enter the talented team at Anagrama Studio to bring the branding vision of this magical place to life by tapping into the geographical location of the vineyard for inspiration.

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