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36 Days of Type 2020 by Dima Abrakadabra

Dima Abrakadabra shared his submissions for the #36DaysofType and thought it should totally be featured on ABDZ. Aside from the style and the aesthetics, this series totally caught my attention because I am currently the Japanese language, more specifically the 'hiragana script' for starters. As much as it is hard to learn something new as you are likely less wired as you get older. For this roundup, Dima took the visual approach to be playful on how the typography will be displayed through its kerning almost graffiti-like.

Thunder is 80s Graphic Design Awesomeness

In this time of sorrow and stress there’s nothing better than a boost of pure 80s graphic design inspiration. A lightning of energy directed straight to our hearts to lift us up. Perhaps even get me out of my lazy state and make me open Photoshop and try to recreate that effect. I am talking about the artwork that João Marques designed and shared  for "Thunder", a long-awaited track from KURA released for free on July 2019. 

Branding & Visual Identity for Artificial Intelligence in Wealth Management Conf.

I have been living in Switzerland for almost 8 months now, it's definitely a slower pace than what I am used to but I am definitely enjoying it. I just love how close to nature you really are and the momentum of stress is almost non-existent. Following up, I love to discover designers or featuring interesting things on the blog. Let's take a look at this branding and visual identity for a conference, Artificial Intelligence in Wealth Management. Designed by the fine folks from Alto Crew

Branding & Visual Identity for 121

121 is a partner agency of the DDB Group based in Lima, Peru. They collaborated with the fine folks from Hueso Studio on creating a visual identity and branding that would express and demonstrate an emotional social connection with their clients and target audience. Looking at the visual approach on this design, it reminds you of the good old' days of design by giving a nod to the 70s with the colors, lines and gradients?

Explore the Unknown - Graphic Design and Print for Days of the Past

What time we are living in. If we stop and think that a couple of months ago everything was totally different. The world has definitely changed and the biggest question is, what will be the new normal. Looking at the beautiful graphic design project that FUNDAMENTAL Studio did titled Explore to Unknown makes me think about how much we took things for granted. Going out, traveling, hanging out with friends. Perhaps this is a Mother Nature correction time for all of us.

Your 80s Graphic Design Inspiration for the Weekend

Jack Crossing is a graphic designer and image maker from London. He has an incredible portfolio, especially if you are into the 80s aesthetics of vintage chrome and neo-surrealistic subjects (if that’s even a term). One thing for sure, if you are like me, browsing through his work will bring you so many memories from the old days where the dream of a digital life was much nicer than what it turns out to be. Well, that was a bit too dramatic, but it sounded good, not as good as Jack’s.

Graphic Design: Happy New Year 2020 with an 80s Look

Romain Billaud shared an awesome graphic design and personal project on his Behance page. As we start a new decade it’s amazing to see all the different ways to interpret the 2020 year. Romain has jumped to my top 3, if not the top 1 because of the stylish 80s look and feel.  Make sure to follow him on Instagram & Facebook

Branding & Art Direction for theDesk co-working space

Let's kick it off as I would like to share the work of Toby Ng for the branding project he worked for theDesk, a co-working space based in Hong Kong. Their mission is to provide a well-designed environment to work in, built on inclusive global and local communities mindset while enabling business growth for both its members and the surrounding neighborhood. Toby has done tremendous work on its logo identity that brings total simplicity and style at the same time. Let's take a dive in.

Branding and Graphic Design for CoType™

CoType™ is the London based type foundry of Mark Bloom and Co. They design contemporary typefaces for use in digital and print applications. In addition to their retail offerings, they also offer design of bespoke typefaces and modifications of their existing font library. All of their typefaces support Latin Extended-A, Western European, Central European & Southeastern European languages. They also offer free trials across their entire font library, allowing you to try before you buy.

That 90s Look is Coming Back - BUSH

And here we are, the last month of the decade, the 2010s are over and for the next decade we still believe there will be a renaissance of the dirty/grunge lost style of the 90s. To celebrate our conviction we started the least popular series on ABDZ, That 90s Look is Coming Back. For this edition, we would love to feature the beautiful graphic design work for Budapest Showcase Hub 2019 design and shared by VAN Studio.

That 90s Look is Coming Back - Eter CD Album

It’s time for our eagerly anticipated entry in the series about that 90s graphic design look coming back. I am sorry if you are not a fan but the idea is just to try to spot a new trend and if that is really coming back or it is just a few 90s warriors keeping that flame alive. For this entry I would love to share the awesome work that 247 Studio did for a CD record cover design. The work was done for the album Eter by Hemp Gru.

That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois

For the past few years, or I dare to say decade, we saw a resurgence of the 80s in fashion, movies/TV and design in a way. Look at the work of amazing people like James White for example. However, I have noticed a slow shift to a new trend. We are moving ahead and beginning to see an influx of 90s inspiration. There are a ton of references already in plain site.

That 90s Graphic Design Look is Coming Back - Pitchfork Music Festival

It’s been quite a while since the last time I posted about my favorite decade in graphic design. Yes, I am talking about the 90s and the series of posts we have been publishing titled “that 90s graphic design look is coming back” - I think that’s the name. So for this post I would love to share the editorial workshop work that Margaux LALLART created for the Pitchfork Music Festival. As you can see below, all the major characteristics of the 90s are there.

LATE - American IPA Beer Art Direction & Graphic Design

Benoit Hody, Anthéa Ferreira, and Atelier Minuit shared a beautiful art direction and graphic design on their Behance profile. The project is not super recent, but for some reason, I simply missed it so, better late than never. Basically, they were asked to design the label for LATE - American IPA beer. The four letters' type is a custom-designed typeface.

Modernist Take on Poster Design by Max Rompo

Max Rompo shared a set of incredible posters he created for Fito Paez tour in Brazil. The poster design style is quite modernist taking advantages of the primitive shapes that form the Brazilian flag. In addition, the colors and typography are equally well designed. 

That 90s Look is Coming Back - E.42 by Nicolas Lopardo

After the unexpected success of the previous posts we are happy to bring another installment of the series That 90s Look in graphic design, this time featuring the beautiful work that Nicolas Lopardo shared on Behance titled E.42. There are many things to love and talk about this project and why it deserves the feature as a good representation of that 90s look.

Brand Identity for Future Future, a moody & contemporary restaurant

Fun story that is making the news lately, the original Blade Runner movie was released back in 1982 but here is the fun fact. The movie was set in the imaginary world of 2019, therefore in a few weeks we will ACTUALLY be in 2019. It's pretty cool to relive how they envisioned the future back in the early 80s. In relation to this story, we are sharing the brand identity for Future Future, a low-spirited & contemporary restaurant combining Japanese and Melbournian heritage.

Graphic Design Inspiration: GRYFFIN's album

Anxo Vizcaíno has been commissioned by Red Yellow Blue to create this collection of cover artworks for the first GRYFFIN's album (Interscope Records). Under the concepts and creative direction of Jordan Miles Rosenheck, they designed a series of portals that "are metaphors for having access to anywhere and anything we want, because we're made of everything". Each piece is related to a track that has been released separately, previous to the main album 'Gravity Pt.

Brand Identity for Bente Tattoo Studio in Norway

We would like to feature the work from Matheus Gomes who is a graphic designer and art director based in São Paulo, Brazil. We are showcasing more specifically his project for Bente Tattoo Studio. Founded in July 2018 by Bente Berg, a tattoo artist where the studio is based in Bergenhus, Bergen, Norway. Combined with photography, the graphic design is clean with an introductory serif font which is pretty unique for a tattoo artist. I must admit the photography really sets the tone really well.

Branding and Visual Identity for Gocase

We come to an era where we are among a lot of fascinating and impressive brands that built products to protect our beloved smartphone. It's now becoming one of the first things you need when comes the moment of purchasing a new phone. Coming with variety comes with the competition with these brands, how do you attract customers through their product, marketing, packaging, presence on social media and etc. We are taking a look at the branding and visual identity for Gocase, a global company that specializes in phone cases and other customized accessories.

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