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Monday Motion Graphics Inspiration: PNAU

As part of our Monday Motion Graphics inspiration series, we would love to feature the work that Luke Choice shared on his Behance profile. It was part of the visual package created by Nakatomi for PNAU 2018 Changa Tour Edition, Velvet Spectrum created a series of looping sequences. inspired by themes that delve into the Multiverse and psychedelic realms of the ineffable. Special thanks to Toby Pike and the team at Nakatomi

Motion Design & Typography Awesomeness for Adobe Hidden Treasures Bauhaus Dessau

Adobe invited Melanie Stirner to take part in the Adobe Live Event in Munich from June 19th to 21st, 2018 and to work on a motion design project on the topic of the Adobe Hidden Treasures Bauhaus Dessau Special. Original typography sketches and unpublished letter fragments from the legendary Bauhaus school of design were rediscovered, completed and digitized by an international team of students, guided by renowned type designer Erik Spiekermann.

Abstract Motion Design: Icons by Alex Diaconu

Alex Diaconu shared a beautiful motion design project on his Behance profile. The project is titled "Icons", and it is a collection of iconic and very recognizable patterns like brands morphed into abstract motion forms. It's very unique and a bit trippy for lack of better word, nevertheless it is an excellent example of motion design and it could be a great exercise to try to replicate that using the tools used, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

Typography in Motion: 36 Days of Kinetic Type

The 36 Days of Type is probably my favorite design challenge and there are a few reasons for that. The most important for me is that it requires the participants to come up with not one, but up to 36 variations of their idea and probably the most difficult part, it has to do with typography. It's definitely not an easy task but the designs people share are just amazing. A good example is the 36 Days of Kinetic type by Syddharth Mate. It goes beyond just graphic and adds motion to the mix. 

Awesome Motion Design Titles for Playgrounds Sessions

Peter van de Riet shared a beautiful motion design project for Playgrounds Sessions. They  created this playful title animation of negative space building blocks that constructs the typographic composition. It reminds me of a Mondrian artwork in the beginning, the primary colors plus the dark background. The usage of negative space is quite clever, which make the whole piece even more inspiring. 

Beautiful Visual Identity for Adobe Live

Chris Kelly and Colin Trenter shared a beautiful visual identity project for Adobe. It was for the opening sequence for Adobe Live and as you can see in the video and still below, it features some super stylish vectors, gradients and animations. I love seeing these types of project and I hope you can get as inspired as I got.

Motion Design and Typography: Liquid Calligraphy

Ruslan Khasanov shared this amazing post that blend typography and motion design with the physics. The music is by Dmitry Evgrafov. The beauty of this project is in the organic transformations that the letters go through. Looking one by one it doesn't look that awesome but when you combine them to create words the result is very powerful. Take for example the word Art. It has so much depth and so much personality that it's hard to describe in words. 

Typography and Motion Design for 36 Days of Type

We here over at Abduzeedo are fans of the 36 Days of Type typography challenge. We have been posting some of our favorite entries and every time we do we tend to say that it was the coolest. Which is not an overstatement. The problem is that the next day we go and find another entry as cool or even cooler than the previous one. In reality, that's far from a problem. It's just amazing to see how much creativity is out there and the design community is as prolific as never before.

Motion Monday is our Motion Design Inspiration

Miroslav Dimitrov and eDesign Ltd. shared an awesome motion design post on their Behance profile. As a tradition we try to post or talk about motion and animation on Mondays. We will call it from now on Motion Monday Inspiration. For this one, because, this is officially the first one I had to share this post about the super colorful illustrations and smooth animation from Miroslav and eDesign. 

Beautiful Motion Design for Altered Carbon Main Title

Altered Carbon is a new sci-fi TV series from Netflix. I haven't had the chance to watch any episode yet, however I've seen a lot of hype about it, in a good way. People I follow on Twitter have praised the show so it's on my watchlist. For this post I wanted to share a motion design post featuring the main titles of the show. It is simply beautiful, full of 3D and light effects. I does remind me of early 2000's depthCORE artworks. Anyways, check it out after the break. 

Simple and Elegant Motion Design for CNN Parallels

Linn Fritz shared a super cool motion design project she did in collaboration with CNN for their new Parallels series about Alcohol. The illustrations are simple, yet very stylish, add some clever and subtle motion work and you have the recipe for an inspiring project. 

Motion Design & Illustration: A Dream Within a Dream

I have recently watched Blade Runner 2049 and woah! It was such an incredible film to watch. Every single frame pays an homage to the original somehow and it's quite beautiful. Going into the same lines, we are taking a look at the collaboration work between designers 灰 昼 and 行行珂 Hunk Xing and their motion series: A Dream Within a Dream. I would say this is the perfect tribute to the Blade Runner World added with their own Neo-Noir approach.

Stylish Motion Design for Linkedin Profinder 

Linkedin Profinder is a service provided by Linkedin that helps local businesses hire top freelance professionals. Together we crafted this visual direction and narrative that would live across a variety of platforms. To promote the service James Heredia, Casey Laiolais, Drew Nelson and Jeff Moberg create a beautiful set of motion design work featuring 3D and super stylish art direction that makes everything look like were made out of paper with photo realistic lightning. The result is simply beautiful. Check out after the break.

Motion Design: Why Incompetent People Think They're Amazing

The WWW (Wonderful Women at Wednesday Studio) invited Eze Matteo to collaborate animating some bits of this piece for Ted that explains why incompetent people think they’re amazing. It's a quite awesome piece of motion design and illustration.

Motion Design - Okomito Animated Typeface

It's time for our Motion Design Monday. Today we bring to you a beautiful animation titled Okomito with the type design created by Hanken Design Co and the animation and illustrations by Jesper Bolther.

Motion Graphics for the full CG Animated Short Film Other Side

Other side is a motion graphics project created and shared by Thom Haig, Ondrej Zunka, Tom Stratford, Ben Watts and Gordon Spurs on their Behance profile pages. Inspired by recent paradigm shifts in global politics, Other Side is a full CG-animated short film exploring the increasing divide between social groups and ideologies.

Motion & Set Design: 2047 Apologue - Weaving Maсhine

2047 Apologue is a show by the Chinese director and visionary–Zhang Yimou. Presented on last June at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing. We follow the work from Radugadesign about their involvement in motion and set design. I love how the concepts comes to live following the incredible vision and direction from Zhang Yimou. Check out the video as well, it's well worth it.

Motion Design Behind the Short Film Epic Fail

The short film and video art Epic Fail is a really cool motion design project created and shared by Greg Barth on his Behance profile. It is an avant-garde essay that questions how we perceive truth, information and politics, seen through the dual lenses of our real and virtual identities.  Moved by the political events that shook 2016, the film is inspired by Jean Paul Sartre’s “Nausea”; or how we can develop visual embodiments of our emotions as a catharsis on how to deal with reality.

Motion Design Awesomeness for Bravo China

Bravo China is a motion design and brand identity project created and shared by Donerzozo on Behance. It's hard for me to understand exactly what it's for, my assumption is that it is for the Bravo TV channel. I might be completely wrong, but the important thing is that the motion design work is top-notch. I love the isometric perspective, the color palette and especially the mood with the textures. It feels natural and realistic, not like the super flat and clean vector style we see most of the time.

Motion Design: Tron Legacy Opening Titles

I remember the hype behind Tron Legacy, there was so much anticipation and excitement for the sequel of the classic Tron. The movie was good, I really like it but of course I am biased because I was amazed by the visual effects. The opening titles had this incredible motion design work of the grid that becomes a city all with the neon style. It was and still is incredible. I always wondered the team behind that motion design work and today for my surprise I saw this post on Behance shared by Bradley G Munkowitz giving a lot of details.

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