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Simple and Elegant Motion Design for CNN Parallels

Linn Fritz shared a super cool motion design project she did in collaboration with CNN for their new Parallels series about Alcohol. The illustrations are simple, yet very stylish, add some clever and subtle motion work and you have the recipe for an inspiring project. 

Tendril, a Canadian creative studio shared their stunning campaigns for VIZIO

Our good pals from Tendril is a design-driven animation, VFX and digital innovation studio based in Toronto, Canada. We have featured their work before on ABDZ and it's always a nice surprise when they are sharing new work with us. Their latest awesomeness they shared is Tendril's production partners collaboration with Psyop & PARTNER, an agency behind the marketing efforts for VIZIO.

Mesmerizing Light Effects and Motion Design for R.P.M

RETOKA ., a designer based in Barcelona, Spain, shared a really awesome digital art and motion design project on Behance. The project is titled R.P.M. and it reminds me of Photoshop explorations I used to to when we started Abduzeedo. I love everything about this project, the colors, the light effect and especially the motion. I would love to have a wallpaper for my phone, perhaps that is something RETOKA could share with us ;)

O Team Brasileiro Beautiful Motion Design for Nike

Eduardo Oliveira is a Motion Designer and Editor currently working at Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo. He has an amazing portfolio of motion design work and we would love to feature this project because I am from Brazil and of course it’s quite beautiful. I particular love the visual language mixing illustration and a sort of vintage look.

Art Direction & Motion for Watch 11 - Maxon Cinema 4D

Javier Tommasi is an art director & 3D Animator currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He shared on Behance, a lovely project for Watch 11 for which involved art direction and motion design. Using Maxon Cinema 4D, you just gotta appreciate the details on the lighting and textures. One more thing I do appreciate is the effects used to reflect on the character at hand. I think you will like it too.

Monday Motion Design Inspiration - Symbiose

Bring back another edition of our sometimes forgotten series, Monday Motion Design Inspiration, we are excited to feature the  project that Benjamin CROCHET shared on his Behance profile. Titled Symbiose, this project is a fictive AI device, creating and transmitting sounds by bone conduction to help user feel better. Shapes and colors graphically represent the current state/mental health of the user, and its evolution after using the device. 

Motion Design and Typography: Liquid Calligraphy

Ruslan Khasanov shared this amazing post that blend typography and motion design with the physics. The music is by Dmitry Evgrafov. The beauty of this project is in the organic transformations that the letters go through. Looking one by one it doesn't look that awesome but when you combine them to create words the result is very powerful. Take for example the word Art. It has so much depth and so much personality that it's hard to describe in words. 

Motion Design Inspiration - MTV /// Hits

Marco Serracca, Marco Meloni and Alkanoids _ shared a beautiful motion design project they created for MTV titled MTV Hits. Everything about this project is nostalgic for me, it brings so much of the look and feel and style of the early days of MTV, at least my early days. That would include bold colors a mix of 80s and 90s aesthetics.

Illustration & Motion Design for Google Next by FOREAL

FOREAL, a design studio based in Germany with a creative focus on illustration, animation and art direction founded by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster, teamed up with VSA to create 36 animated visuals for Google’s biggest conference in 2019: Google Next in San Francisco. The outcome is a beautiful example of illustration and motion design project aligned with the company’s brand.

Motion Design Inspiration: Preloaders

Juan C Fresno share a set of motion design concepts for preloaders, you know, the good old spinning icon. The idea behind this project was to explore animations using the same set of objects, in these samples, simple circles. There are different variations, from linear to quite organic concepts. Some of remind me of Google and Microsoft loading animations. Nevertheless an inspiring collection of motion design inspiration.

Stylish Motion Design for Linkedin Profinder 

Linkedin Profinder is a service provided by Linkedin that helps local businesses hire top freelance professionals. Together we crafted this visual direction and narrative that would live across a variety of platforms. To promote the service James Heredia, Casey Laiolais, Drew Nelson and Jeff Moberg create a beautiful set of motion design work featuring 3D and super stylish art direction that makes everything look like were made out of paper with photo realistic lightning. The result is simply beautiful. Check out after the break.

Creating Holograms for the KIN Movie - Motion Design

The mighty Bradley G Munkowitz has shared a tremendous project on his Behance and it was the work has done for the Kin Movie that I have yet seen but will do right after this article. The movie plot is surrounded by a mysterious weapon and we are focusing on the design work of the epic Rifle Scope the main character finds during the film.

GIF Collection of Animation and Motion Design

One thing that amazes me is that after 20 years in the industry, GIFs are still the best way to share animation or motion design on the web. This is something to think about, especially the reasons for not having a better way, however, it’s always inspiring seeing what people can do with the constraints presented to them. Tigran Manukyan shared a collection of really cool animations on his Behance profile illustrating what I just wrote, enjoy it.

Amazing Captain Marvel End Title Sequence

I got the chance to watch Captain Marvel a couple of days ago, at home not at the movie theater. Honestly I was underwhelmed by the movie in terms of story, however I love that it takes place in the 90s. They do an excellent job recreating the look and feel of that decade. Another thing that was awesome was the end title sequence. It reminded me of a bunch of super cool digital art from folks like Beeple.

FabricHeart Campaign, living the heartbeats - Animation & Cinema 4D

G R A Z A ™ has shared a cool animation & 3D project via his Behance. Titled: FabricHeart / El corazón de todos, it's a full campaign he worked for Cerveza Cristal in goals to create an animated motion video where the concept where 'FabricHeart' is the result of a collection of heartbeats coming from fans from the Peruvian Soccer team. Coming together into a unique Soccer T-shirt, the result is quite amazing.

3D & Motion Design for Microsoft Build Developer's conference

We are featuring the 3D & motion design work of Cody Sorgenfrey, a visual/motion designer working at Microsoft. He and his team worked at developing 3 branding directions for Microsoft's developer conference Build. Cody was in charge of the design & motion, make sure to watch the video below, it's quite stunning. I love how the video would inspire us through every single touchpoint that users will encounter. It totally enhances the experience especially for a conference hosted by Microsoft.

Motion Design: PASSAGE Short Film - Must Watch

We are thrilled to share this motion design collaboration between director, design, illustrator, artist Ash Thorp with director, concept artist, designer Friendly Robot for the short film entitled: PASSAGE. Together, they have made this film expressing a series of subconscious thoughts between what we think is real vs the human experience. The film is gorgeous and I loved every second of it.

Animography Amazing Motion Design for 36 Days of Type

For the 2019 edition of 36 Days of Type, the amazing people over at Animography . decided to play around with Lovelo's many customizable features to create 36 different styles. Lovelo is an animated typeface that consist of 6 strokes that be individually animated along the outlines of the letterforms.

Motion Design & Film Project for Shopify Summit 2019

I am a fan of Shopify, you can check out the ABDZ store there as well. But also I always love to share some motion design work and this one is awesome! Tendril was called upon to create a film for Shopify’s 2019 Summit. 

Wild Tales Insanely Abstract Motion Design by Lizer

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the best movies of all time, at least for me. I am talking about The Matrix. If you haven’t watched, please stop everything you are doing and go watch it. If you did watch it, I’d love for you to check out this incredible motion design/film project that 李泽 Lizer shared on Behance titled Wild Tale. It seems to bring some of the references from the classic sci-fi movie from the 90s, including some of the robot like forms. 

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