An Innovative Car-Sharing solution concept - Interaction Design

Ok, Intellias shared a very interesting UI/UX case study on a solution of what would be an 'innovative car-sharing solution'. Let 's explore this concept. For starters, right off the bat, I took a genuine interest to feature their project, not because of the layout presentation, UI work and/or interface transitions. But for the process. They kindly share what they have learned from the process as for the feature per se, personas, a customer journey map, use cases list and a lot more.

Designing a Streaming App for Kids, Hello KiddOs - Interaction Design

Hannes Ahremark shared an interesting UI/UX case study about 'KiddOs', a streaming app for kids and features for parents like 'parental lock'. I wish there was more exploration on that end, but overall it's a very refreshing take. I do appreciate the colors used on this design, and there seem to have a 'dark theme' version too. But one thing I needed to share is the 'over-use' of the gradients and they are everywhere (noted!).

GitHub Open Source Collection of Animated Micro-Interactions

Cuberto . is a UI/UX and development studio based in San Francisco, CA. I might be a little late in the game but they have shared an inspiring and interesting collection of 'open source' of animated micro-interactions for your mobile app design. Trust me, these are great! It's a combination of transitions combining small animations but also more 'complexed' results where you will have many actions like 'dragging a value' with a flair, 'revising the UI shadow' merged with an intuitive interaction on 'tap'.

Crafting the AVDC Simulation Driving Experience - Interaction Design

T. Sevén is an interaction and experience designer based in Shanghai, China. He shared an interesting project on Behance about 'AVDC Simulation Driving Experience' which is basically a driving simulator re-adapting road conditions to improve steering responsiveness. At a quick glance, this feels more like gaming experience and yet this is a step forward from this 'conventional' simulator that we will see in the aviation for example.

Using AR/VR to rewrite the history of forgotten women - Lessons in Herstory

This is one story/feature I truly enjoy making and sharing on ABDZ. Ricardo Uribe is Associate Creative Director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners from San Francisco, California. He shared on his Behance, an augmented reality app with a really great purpose. I didn't know that 89% of stories in U.S. history textbooks are about men. Introducing the Lessons in Herstory uses AR to bring to life forgotten stories of women, right on the pages of your history textbook.

Case Studies Inspiration: A Roundup by aida pacheva, Henry Kunjumon and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off for the Weekend? Why not! For this week, I decided to pull together a collection of 'case studies' inspiration. Mainly the idea came after publishing my own case study and decided to go for a surf on hand-picked shots from Dribbble.

Redesigning the UI & Shopping Experience for Uniqlo HK app

Zion W is a brand & UI/UX designer based in Sydney, Australia. He shared a great redesign of UI and the shopping experience for one of my favorite clothing brand out there: Uniqlo HK app. I am currently using its North American version and it's a disaster in terms of its entire experience (ūüí°). There are several things from Zion's concept that I dearly appreciate. First and foremost, its user interface is simplified and there is a consistency in the patterns for an e-commerce shopping experience.

UI Design Inspiration: A Roundup by JIANGGM, Halo Lab and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off for the Weekend? Why not! For this week, I decided to navigate through more 'UI Design' because I needed some inspiration myself for personal work so I might as well share them on ABDZ. It's good eye practice and always great to find new ideas in the 'wild'. We have several great prototypes featured in this roundup, hope you will enjoy this week's collection.

Playful Web Design & UI/UX for Superlative Store Concept

We are taking a look at the concept by designers Stugbear and Shota Xaxaleishvili on a store concept called: Superlative. They have worked on the web design, UI/UX and also the interaction design. The desktop experience is clean and I love the interactions especially on the menu. It totally enhances the shopping experience.

How much does a UX designer earn around the World?

Did you ever ask this question? How much a UX designer earn around the World? I did 'Google' that very same question recently for a personal/career life change that is about to happen. I decided to share this reliable source I have found from PingPong who have built a site titled: uxdesignersalaries.com. It's a helpful overview to learn more about how our job is recognized all over the globe. It's very insightful and I would like to add a note they are other factors to consider other than the salary.

Mobile Design Inspiration: A roundup by Arman Rokni, Cao Hao and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off. For this week, I decided to explore 'Mobile Design' as we are saying a higher trend of rounded corners just like our previous article on 2019 Biggest UI Design Trend and further the rise of transitions treated like 'tabs' or collapsible hidden sections who are waiting to be triggered. What do you think? Is it something we will see more in the future?

Playstation Minimalist App Design Concept

Minimalist app design seems to be more than a trend but a expected evolution for interface design. Before people were not familiar with these new touch devices, it was important to make sure things had a connection with the real things, therefore the hyper-realistic design full of shadows, depth, texture and colors. I am not saying that it's not important to highlight what is tappable or not and trust me, I am very familiar with the subject. But the more used people get with the devices the basic interface starts to take the passenger seat and let the content drive the user attentions.

Product Design Love: Bodega Los Cedros by Anagrama Studio

Bodega Los Cedros is a Mexican vineyard located in the mountains of Arteaga, Coahuila. The origins of the name derive from a passion and dream of a family to produce high quality wines within a region more than 100 years old named "El Cedrito." Enter the talented team at Anagrama Studio to bring the branding vision of this magical place to life by tapping into the geographical location of the vineyard for inspiration.

Tommy Touch: Rethinking the retail experience with Tommy Hilfiger

Momkai shared on their Behance a collaboration between the clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger to reinvent the retail experience by placing interactive screens right on the physical display to enhance the in-store experience. There is definitely a cool factor that would eager people to give it a whirl. I would also think this will be a good placement for advertisements of some sort through promotions, branded content and more.

Web Design Inspiration - Work of Adri√°n Somoza

I have been posting more often about web design. There reason is, of course, I am in the process of redesigning the blog and I need some web design inspiration. For this post I'd love to feature the work of  Adrián Somoza, a senior designer @MediaMonks, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Web Design Concept

Oliver Gareis has shared with us through our Facebook, a cool web design concept for U.S. Women's National Soccer Team. Oliver has worked on projects like the web design for the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. He has this great ability at adjusting text, layout, and imagery with style to enhance our desktop experience. For U.S.

Minimalist UI/UX Design for Avaya

Munseong Yeom and Seongmin LEE shared an awesome UI/UX design post on their Behance profile. It is titled Avaya and it includes much more than just the interface, it's actually a full branding project, including the logo. For this post, I want to feature it more because of the website and the interface, but below you can see the full description of the project. 

Pure Design Inspiration: A roundup Zoeyzz, Vitalii Khomenko and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup! Following up from last week, I decided to take a dive into user interfaces and pushing my addiction for illustrations. As always, everything is handpicked on Dribbble, Hope you will like it! Today we have illustrative covers by Zoeyzz, bank concept for mobile by Vitalii Khomenko, a 3D of a Route 66 Diner by Roman Klńćo and more.

Undivided Rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry

holy ‚ĄĘ is an agency of all sorts of services, from branding all the way to the user interface design. Based in Athens, Greece, they shared on their Behance, a major rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry. They have revamped their entire look from visual identity, UI/UX, iconography, illustrations, animations and even copywriting. Useberry is an intuitive user-testing tool, which provides codeless prototype analytics.

Color Inspiration: Spotify 2018 Wrapped

If you are a Spotify user, you must remember their insanely beautiful 2018 Wrapped where each year, this initiative will attract quite a buzz on social media. I personally loved the UI layouts and especially getting the data on which songs I listened the most during the past year. Imagine crossing 20+ millions of fans visited the campaign site on the first day alone. That's beautiful!

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