Web Design Conference generate Returns to the Big Apple

generate returns to the Big Apple between April 24-25 and promises to be bigger and better than even before. Held at the TKP New York Conference Center, the two day conference will feature a packed day of practical workshops followed by an inspirational single-track conference.

Here's a preview of some of the world-class names that’ll be speaking at Generate New York 2019 – and we'll be updating you with even more conference speakers in the coming days.

Some of the world-class names that’ll be speaking at Generate New York 2019

Web design conference

Stellar conference lineup

Kicking off the conference is the founder of Big Medium, Josh Clark, who will deliver the day's keynote: AI is your new design material.

Josh's lively and inspiring talk will explore the technologies and practical techniques that you can use right now. Learn to use machine-generated content, insight, and interaction as design material in your everyday work.

The challenges and opportunities of AI and machine learning are plenty; Clark's insight will help you discover your own influential role, and learn to handle this powerful new design material with care and respect.

Jen Simmons is a designer and developer advocate at Mozilla, where she advocates for web standards and researches the coming revolution in graphic design on the web. She is also executive producer and host of The Web Ahead podcast and has her own YouTube channel Layout Land.

Her talk at generate - Everything You Know About Web Design Just Changed – reveals how we’re standing at the threshold of an entirely new era in digital design—one in which, rather than hacking layouts together, we can actually describe layouts directly.

Irene Pereyra is the co-founder of the Brooklyn based design studio Anton & Irene. She has led work for an impressive collection of clients including Kickstarter, Wacom, USA Today, EA, Spotify, Google, Nickelodeon, BBC and Red Bull. Her talk is all about Getting Personal Projects Made. Irene will talk about how to put out personal work as a small studio while sharing her experiences including all the successes and failures they went through along the way.

Miriam Suzanne is an author, performer, musician, designer, and web developer working with OddBird, Teacup Gorilla, Grapefruit Lab, and CSS Tricks. 

Suzanne's inspirational conference talk, Dynamic CSS: Layouts & Beyond, will cover Basics for understanding Custom Properties & Calc(); practical examples and use-cases for data-infused design and integrating with CSS Grids to build layouts on the fly.

Suzanne is also the author of Riding SideSaddle* and The Post-Obsolete Book, co-author of Jump Start Sass(Sitepoint), and creator of the Susy and True open source tools.

Sam Richard, better known as Snugug throughout the Internet, is currently working at Google to help companies build and deliver their applications for Chrome and Chrome OS.  

Richard's talk Design System Magic with Houdini will focus on a handful of key browser specifications being developed under the CSS Houdini Task Force umbrella, with key interest given to features that can start to be leveraged today in design systems. Richard will cover what CSS Houdini is and describe these key technologies in relation to common design system problems and patterns, and how Houdini can greatly improve the flexibility, power, performance and maintainability of these patterns.

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