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Retro Inspired Illustrator for Lightspeed EP

João Marques shared this retro inspired illustration and motion design project for the Lightspeed EP. In September of 2019, DJ/producer KURA released a new EP on Spinnin' Records entitled 'Lightspeed'. A really energetic and fierce EP, especially the title track ‘Lightspeed’, a big room production with a hard drop and cool sample snippets. 


Branding & Full Visual Identity for La Mala Pub

Estudio Nuar shared a beautiful branding project for La Mala Pub. Right in the heart of Palermo, La Mala Pub leads Buenos Aires nightlife. Only a few months after opening, it became so trending that generated the need for more space. In consequence, an extra space was attached and Malita was created.


Music of the World: Design that is high on techno

Graphic designer Roma Erohnovich, whomakesit, released new branding and visual identity for the electronic music project ‘Music of the world is a music of the hemispheres’ for Dr.Spy.der, a legend for electronic music, and an entire generation with a fine taste for high-quality sound has grown up listening to his DJ sets and compositions.

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PAGE Gallery - Graphic Design Inspiration

Seachange Studio is  a full-service design studio producing meaningful work that engages and endures. Their work is defined by bold conceptual simplicity, whether it's applied to a brand, a digital experience or a book. That can clearly be seen in the work they did for PAGE Gallery.


Quarantine Selects - Beautiful 3D Work by Santi Zoraidez

Santi Zoraidez, like many of us, has been using design and personal projects to alleviate the anxiety and stress of this weird year. Santi put together a beautiful collection of abstract 3D work. All super stylish and full of color. I am definitely using these as reference for me to try to recreate them in either Adobe Dimensions or Blender. 

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Logo Design & Identity for Schiffsmesse Wien

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to travel. Yeah it's becoming quite an eventful thing now with the current pandemic that never ceases to end. It was for a small vacation and we decided to visit the country of Austria, more precisely the cities of Vienna and Salzburg. I will be putting together a series of photos and wallpapers for you all.

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Simplicity in Design for Pleno Natural Juice

There’s something about juice packaging that really makes designers really excel at simplicity and pure gorgeous ideas. I’ve posted countless projects here on abdz. about this particular subject but the source seems to be unlimited. For this post I’d like to share the project that Guilherme Vissotto created for Pleno Natural Juice.

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PROJECT 411 - A Tribute to the Porsche 911 Spyder

Despite the later successes and established iconic design, the 911 Spyder remains for Porsche and the whole automotive landscape, some sort of unicorn; an unreplicated, dreamlike beast. This, along with the overall challenge of rethinking the Porsche design led to Project 411.


NVIDIA Marbles at Night RTX is Simply Incredible

I am a fan of games. I am also looking forward to the next generation of consoles coming as well as an avid Stadia gamer. For me there’s something about the simplicity of the cloud. However, last night I saw this video of a demo game to showcase NVIDIAs real time graphics with Ray Trace and all the bells and whistles and WOW.


Brand Identity for The Camerata Salzburg

Bruch Idee & Form was commissioned to create the new brand identity system for The Camerata Salzburg. The aim was to communicate the full of the revolutionary energy and individuality and yet classically stringent style of their musicians.


Calmaria SwiftUI Source Code

You are by now probably aware of I know I keep posting about it and there are a couple of reasons for that. One, breathing exercises are something I’ve been doing a lot and have really helped me deal with anxiety and stress.


Branding and Visual Identity for Waia Ushuaia

Maribel Martel shared a beautiful branding and visual identity project for Waia Ushuaia. From my bad understanding of Spanish, it seems to be for an upscale real estate/housing business, probably in Ushuaia, which is the capital of Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina.


Glassy 3D Refraction Effects over Typography

You have noticed I’ve been sharing quite a few projects featuring 3D compositions that mix the use of glass/crystal objects, most of the time in abstract form, over simple text. The result is some beautiful typography and some unique chromatic effects. I don’t know much about 3D. I played with Cinema 4d in the past, but it’s much more complex that my brain can follow.


3D Architecture - The ‘Japanese Garden’ Series

Six N. Five is an art direction and imagery studio based in Barcelona, Spain. They shared an experimental 3D art mixed with architecture titled 'the Japanese Garden' series. It's a full CGI illustration series about a culture that is truly fascinating to me.


Playing with Shadows in SwiftUI

This was the most recent SwiftUI experiment. Nothing fancy just trying to understand how to work with shadows. I’ve done similar effects using CSS if you remember here on the blog. But as I am learning this new language, I thought it would be fun to try to design a poster like image using typography and shadows. It was also useful to learn how things animate using states. 


​​​​​​​Hawk Skateboard Branding

Hawk is a new brand of Skateboard, which has a BIG purpose. Equality and freedom are the two words that represent Hawk. The brand is for those who do not carry prejudice, but also for those who believe in freedom of expression, of being.

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