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Theory11 x James Bond Golden Card Deck

With the delayed James Bond No Time to Die movie that is coming soon enough to our streaming collection. We have been seeing cool imagery and obviously trailers. But nothing like what Russ Gray has shared, a talented illustrator based in Salt Lake City, UT, USA.


ANA RED WINE Branding and Packaging Design

Studio Format shared a beautiful branding and packaging design for ANA RED WINE. A mirror can twist or distort our perception. It can cheat the eye, enhancing or fading some traits. More often than not, a mirror arises interest in the eyes of the viewer.


ELEVEN Branding and Visual Identity

ELEVEN is a mexican/afro-american artist and graphic designer based in Germany. Eleven shared a bit of the process behind their branding and visual identity project. I am a fan of the use of negative space, the simple typography and the usage of gradients. It gives classic but fresh look. 


Interaction Design for Frisbee App, a team management tool

Ruslan Kulikov is a UX/UX designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation, he has shared an interaction design for Frisbee, an in-depth team management application where you can set up your team, control budget, communicate and more. Taking a closer look at his concept, there are a few very interesting ideas that Ruslan has conceptualized.


Mountain Club Branding and Visual Identity

makebardo ­ shared a branding and visual identity project for Mountain Club and company that was born out of a desire to redefine the meaning of a day at the office. It’s possible to work from anywhere. But is it possible to balance work, play and community?


App Design Workout, Stay In

Elvis Benício shared a visual proposal for a WFH ("workout" from home) fitness app that helps people to build healthy habits. Both visuals and typography were inspired by the concept of the body movement creating a narrative across branding and product.


Serif Saturday - Taiyo™ Serif

Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro and KOBU Agency shared a beautiful serif font. Taiyo™ Serif is a digital typographic font with seven weights - light, regular, medium, semibold, bold, extra bold and black - and two styles - normal and italic.

web design

Web Design with a Penchant Typhography

Studio Fabio Biesel is an independent Design Studio based in Ravensburg, Germany. They create visual concepts and designs with a penchant for typography. “Whether it's corporate design, animation, web design or type design – as long as it thrills us – we are interested” - they mentioned in the project description.


Dimensional Typopgraphy Experiments

It’s the weekend and if you like me, like to spend your weekends trying to learn something new here’s a little motivation, to be more specific, some 3D and typography motivation. Rishabh Gandhi shared a 3D project aimed to explore type forms in a distinctive medium, experimenting with 3 dimensional motion graphics.


HOOF branding by Uniforma Studio

Uniforma Studio shared a branding and visual identity for HOOF, a brand creating thoughtful solutions for office spaces.  Office interior design is all about interaction. Interaction between people and objects around. That’s why flat elements from architectural projections and elements in 3D illustrations interpenetrate creating new value.


Modern Take of a Classic Book Cover

Mario De Meyer shared an incredible illustration work as for a book cover. He was approached by Penguin Books to design the cover for the Deluxe Edition of the American classic “The Great Gatsby”.


Chance Architecture in 3D

Noelia Lozano STUDIO shared a 3D project exploring the idea of magical architecture places mixed in an environment full of visual metaphors highlighting the textures and light in this surreal wonderland. All compositions were made using Cinema 4D.


Miro Paintings Turned Into 3D Art

Alina Druzhaeva shared a collection of 3D artwork that is her free interpretation of the painting of the Spanish artist Joan Miró. Inspired by the graphic richness of his work and some typical techniques, she made two 3d compositions in which Miro's quirky characters became three-dimensional figures.


Okane "Echoes of Japan" Illustration

I wanted to share this stunning illustration made in Cinema 4D by XEBIUS ++ aka Manuel Camino, a visual artist based in Málaga, Spain. It's a combination of a 3D model, some photo textures, and brushes together into this beautiful piece. "Echoes of Japan", that's how Manuel calls it.


Typography Inspiration by Roy Cranston

Good design is long lasting, that’s the best definition for me and it’s clear when you see projects that were published more than 2 years ago like this collection of posters that Roy Cranston shared on his Behance profile. They were daily designs created in 2019 but look as stylish and fresh as if they were created today.

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