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Brand Identity and Poster Design for Lakeside Festival

The Lakeside Festival is an annual festival for drum and bass, house and techno music and is presented by Ehrlich Bum Bum, an independent drum and bass collective from Graz, Austria. Lukas Diemling created an analog typographic artwork for the brand identity and poster.


Saigon Rainy Days through Illustrations

Let's explore Saigon, Vietnam through illustrations by a bunch of folks including: Maxk Nguyen, Thai Thanh Do, Kawako Giang Nguyễn, Nguyễn Thành Vũ, Thinh Le, Hạnh Huỳnh, Người Đá, Vũ Hải Long and Nguyễn Thành Chiến. This amazing crew has created a tremendous series by illustrating scenes from the streets of Saigon in Vietnam.

digital art

Fantastic Digital Art by Juhani Jokinen

Juhani Jokinen is an Associate Lead Concept Artist for Ubisoft. He is based in Helsink, Finland. Juhani is a concept designer, art director, and illustrator. He specializes in producing conceptual ideas and high-end artwork for clients within the entertainment industry.


Beautiful 3D Rendered of Maserati Boomerang

If there is one thing that gets me really inspired is retro sports car. I posted about this before, but who doesn’t remember those amazing Lamborghini Countach posters that were all over kids walls in the 80s?


Bolster - 3D and Visual Identity

Deep Yellow shared the commissioned work they did for Bolster to enhance their visual identity through 3D shapes. The visual language was used to improve the digital experience and print materials.

character design

Girls Series by Lera Kiryakova — Character Design

Lera Kiryakova is an illustrator based in Tula, Russian Federation. She shared a lovely series titled 'Girls' which is an illustration series highlighting fictional characters and some of them you would recognize from the movies like 'The Queen's Gambit, Brave, Moana, and more.


Surreal Illustration Style: The observatory

The Observatory is an illustration and graphic design project created and shared by Anxo Vizcaíno. It is one of those projects that make your imagination fly away. It reminds me those old school 80s artworks, like you still can see some street artist doing on plates and stuff like that.


Raw Design Inspiration — Fresh Picks on Dribbble

It's been quite a long while since my last 'Raw Design Inspiration'. The concept of this inspiration roundup is basically 'No theme', absolutely 'raw' inspiration. Being an abdz., inspiration is one of the biggest fuels in my everyday life. Whatever it is for life and work balance, it comes in many shapes and forms. For me, I do appreciate a good surf on Dribbble.


Concrete vs Nature with Blender 3D

Artur Szygulski shared a beautiful set of 3D typography work created in Blender 3D, my favorite 3D tool. The inspiration behind the 3D alphabet was nature and concrete, or as the title refers to, Concrete vs Nature. 


SimpleDelivery® App — Interaction Design

Soyuz ² is a duo of designers named Slava and Danil based in Moscow, Russian Federation. They have shared a concept app design titled 'SimpleDelivery®' which is basically an app where you can ship anything from the comfort of your home and even your work office.

cinema 4D

'2003' — Cinema 4D

Cornelius Dämmrich is a 3D artist based in Cologne, Germany. We are sharing a piece titled '2003' which is a follow-up from something he has created back in 2011. I just love the back story of this piece and the incredible level of attention to detail.


STUDIOA® - Mobile and Web Design

Diana Dubina shared a web design, including mobile design as well as UX design for STUDIOA®. MOSCOW, 2021. The studio is engaged in the full development cycle of digital products of any complexity. From research and design to development and development, from landing pages to complex digital services and systems.

motion design

3D & Motion Neons Lines by Stato ®

Stato ® is a duo of creative director Jimena Passadore and 3D Generalist José León Molfino based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have 13 years of experience in the motion graphics market as a creative duo leading a talented team of artists. They will transform your ideas into an upscaled visual experience. Push the limits.


Modern Street Demons Illustrations

Eduardo León is a graphic designer and illustrator from Mexico, Mexico. He shares a series of illustrations that really caught my eye in terms of style, concepts, and purely its execution. The results are really cool, they remind me of a series of characters from a game or an anime series. What do you think?


Stunning Solar Scripts by Jesperish

Under the name of Jesperish is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and concept artist from the Netherlands, Noord-Brabant. Founded as a sole proprietorship in May 2010, Jesperish was born out of the founder's vision and ambition to create a graphic, illustrative, design agency for international online entrepreneurs.

poster design

Poster Design Challenge Series by Jerry-Lee Bosmans

We are featuring a graphic design student based in Nijmegen, Netherlands, hello to Jerry-Lee Bosmans and his poster design challenge series simply titled: 'Printmaking Challenge' published via Behance. First of all, a graphic design student? These are great!

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