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The journey of a coma through digital art

I wouldn't start imagining what it feels like to be in a 'coma', a deep state of prolonged unconsciousness is a scary feeling. I never met anyone who lived this kind of experience before but artist Abdulrahman Alhusainey has created an incredible series through art simply titled: 'Coma'.

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Beautiful Branding for Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is a brand new franchise that will begin play in Major League Soccer in 2018. Backed by a star-studded ownership group that includes Magic Johnson, Will Ferrell, Mia Hamm, and Nomar Garciaparra, LAFC promises to be a major force in the global game. Plans for 22,000-seat stadium are underway, with groundbreaking scheduled in 2016.


Procreate announced its 2019 Art Prize Winners

The kind folks from Procreate have announced their 2019 art winners where they challenge artists to explore the concept of ‘Contrast’ in all its complex shades, and light, of meaning. With ground-breaking canvas the resolution, 136 incredible brushes, and more.


TOOLS - 3D Digital Art

Luis de la Barrera-Montenegro is a visual artist, 3D, motion artist based in Madrid, Spain. He has been making an interesting 3D digital art series about our everyday tools as we all commonly know them about.

motion design

Motion Design: Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini

The kind of THRIVE that we enjoy sharing here on ABDZ, this is direction and motion design work by Unit Motion Design, a creative motion studio based in Paris, France. This project is the clash between two brands, Roger Dubuis and of course Lamborghini.

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That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois

For the past few years, or I dare to say decade, we saw a resurgence of the 80s in fashion, movies/TV and design in a way. Look at the work of amazing people like James White for example. However, I have noticed a slow shift to a new trend. We are moving ahead and beginning to see an influx of 90s inspiration. There are a ton of references already in plain site.

motion design

Motion Design: Pepsi Fresh Campaign

ManvsMachine is a multidimensional creative studio with offices in London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA). They have recently released a superb motion design project for a Pepsi campaign spots entitled: Taste & Refresh. They were tasked to create a tangible connection between Pepsi and Music.


Le Condé, Punch & Cocktail Bar Branding

Marçal Prats shared a super complete and beautiful branding project on Behance. As Marçal describes the project it was done for the Hyatt Regency Chantilly Hotel, the home to Le Condé, Punch & Cocktail Bar.


Lomography x Elen Winata Illustration Collab

I really do enjoy when brands work on a collaborative partnership that triggers creativity and also finding ways to make us work with our hands more. Since almost everything can be achieved digitally, it's great to be reminded of basic principles.

web design

Lipault™ E-Commerce Responsive Web Design

Lipault™, a French luggage brand based in Paris, France. We are following their recent redesign of their e-commerce front by Werkstatt. More specifically the role of Pierre-Jean Doumenjou as Lead Art Director on the team.


Warner Bros. New Branding by Pentagram

Pentagram always does a fantastic job redesigning popular brands. The focus is always on simplicity or simplifying these identities from the visual point of view in a way that only Pentagram can do it. I am not questioning the quality of the work but I do love the storytelling power to walk us and everyone through the story behind the redesign.

brand identity

Fresh Brand Identity for Uber Money

As you may have heard or not, the folks from Uber have introduced a while back, their own take on financial products and technologies that deliver additional value for the community. It's kind of their take at the Apple Card basically. Whatever you see a value or not, we are showcasing the brand identity work they shared on Behance.

black friday

Early Black Friday Love with ProtoPie

It's starting to look-alike like? A cheerful time of the year and our friends from ProtoPie is sharing an 'early Black Friday' deal that you shouldn't resist. First of all, what is ProtoPie? It's one of the most underrated prototyping tool on the market at the moment, within the application.


Web Design: Aunited - United States History

Kulik Oleg is a graphic designer and a UI/UX designer based from Kharkiv, Ukraine. We are sharing his web design concept for the United States history. It's an interesting approach especially with his colours, bright orange! Do you think it does compliment the images well?


Studio Emme Furniture Design - Branding

Hana Neuman shared a branding project for a furniture design agency based in Cairo, Egypt called Studio Emme. The brand’s logo is designed based on an isometric grid in order to highlight the three-dimensionality of the product offered - mentioned Hana.

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