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GEOMETRY 3D Product Visualization

Peter Janov shared a personal exploration of a set design and 3D product visualization. The main subjects of these renders are furniture pieces manufactured by an Italian brand Cimento.

cinema 4D

3D Typeface Compositions in Cinema 4D

Jeison Barba is and art director based in Medellín, Colombia, he shared a colorful and detailed project via his Behance. Titled 'Typeface Compositions', it's a personal experiment made in Cinema 4D.


Neon Waves Wallpaper Pack

Let's kick off this week with a change...of wallpaper! I think we all have witnessed a historic moment this past weekend. It's always a good moment to change your wallpaper at the beginning of the week, to help you with that. I stumbled across a beautiful series of 3D digital wallpapers filled with vibrant colors and neons!

digital art

SKYLINES Digital Art

We have  featured RETOKA . several times here but they always share something new and with a touch of uniqueness with a sense of experimentation. This latest project called SKYLINES - Hong Kong mixes photos with some glitches and effects that  create a digital type of look, cyberpunk. I’d love one of those to use as a wallpaper on my phone!


Nothingness: Eerie 3D Art

Nothingness is the titled of a new set of beautiful but also eerie 3D images created and shared by Murat Yıldırım. The images have a photorealistic style, which made me think they were photos, until I saw the floating boats one. The color, the mood, everything is super inspiring. The 3D software used was Maxon Cinema 4D.


iPhone 12 & MacBook Pro Mockups

It's that time of the year, Apple has wrapped up their 'One more thing' event which kind of wrap up the end of the year in terms of releasing new products. It's more or less the same from previous years, personally I am excited about the announcement of the new M1 Chip.

editorial design

Subliminal Editorial Design

Lyne Ea shared a beautiful editorial design project titled Subliminal. Cognitive sciences bring together a set of scientific disciplines dedicated to the description, explanation and simulation of the mechanisms of human thought.

app design

Alfa Bank iOS App Design Concept

We are sharing the an iOS concept of the Alfa Bank on iOS designed by Mihail Grinchuk, a digital product designer based on Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. This is officially our first case study sharing mockups with the new iPhone 12 Pro (Yay!). Back to the case study, first of all, it's a nice redesign.


Learning Blender 3D

For the past month or so I started to learn 3D. My tool of choice, Blender. I played with Cinema 4D in the past. I think it’s a phenomenal tool, however, I cannot ignore the fact that it is expensive. Well, at least for me, which the purpose right now is learn and have fun, no ROI. I also knew about Blender, but didn’t know how active the community was.

aerial photography

AIRPORTS - an Aerial Photo Book

We would like to share another photo book titled 'Airports' by the mighty Tom Hegen who is an aerial photographer based in Munich, Germany. We have featured his work many times on abdz, I think why his work is quite unique for two things.


Branding Project for The High Museum

Yeseul Oh shared the super elegant branding project she created for the The High Museum. Located in Atlanta, The High Museum is the leading art museum in the Southeastern United States. Its permanent collection includes modern and contemporary art. The graphics are based on the main building of the museum.


A Photography Book: Shot on my Phone

My good pal Johan Corminboeuf has shared his photographic project on Kickstarter. A photography book titled: 'Shot on my Phone'. It's a 4-year photography project displaying his photographic journey and his adventures around the World.


Film Poster Illustration by Cristian Eres

Cristian Eres is a fantasy and sci-fi illustrator from Valencia, Spain. His illustration style is influenced by numerous European sci-fi artists, although his main reference is the master of masters, Moebius. And one shouldn’t forget to mention the Japanese Katsuhiro Otomo, Miyazaki and Roger Dean.


Zuno Tea Branding and Visual Identity

Odecraft Studio shared a new branding and visual identity project on their Behance. Featuring bold typography and color the work for Zuno Tea is fresh but not trendy. I especially love the take on the Swiss style with some different treatments for the start/geometric look. 


New York Cyberpunk Mood Photography

Thibault Bunoust is an incredibly talented photographer based in Paris, France. He shared this set of photos titled New York that it’s simply stunning. The first time I saw I thought it was 3D. The lights, reflections, composition plus the cyberpunk style with night photography, neons and wet floors with volumetric lights.

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