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Thalita Garcia Arq. Branding & Visual Identity

David Silva shared a branding and visual identity for the architect and her firm Thalita Garcia Arq. The goal of repositioning the Thalita Garcia Arq brand was to allow the firm  to expand into new markets and consolidate herself as an industry leader, demonstrating her best talents and projects. 

cinema 4D

3D Studies on the 'Never-Ending Content'

A really cool 3D series by Ben Fearnley, a 3D artist and designer based in New York City, USA. Titled 'Never Ending Content', it's a 3D digital art series that reflects an abstract point-of-view of what most of us are doing during our free time especially during a never-ending global pandemic.


3D Big Sur Icons

How about a rad series of Big Sur icons made in 3D to kick off the year? Team duo Vivian Niu and Vikiiing are both designers from Beijing, China.


Delicious Ramen Illustrations by Stephan Lorse

Ramen. You may be addicted to it, have tried it, or simply heard of it... come on it's 2021, and pretty sure everyone knows about ramen, the highest and most important meal from Japan but every country has its own interpretation of this delicious noodles bowl. Same in design, everyone has their own take on it whatever it is photography, 3D design, or even typography.


Lockdown Typography by Nishit Shah15

With the new year, the lockdown is still a topic on every mouth, stay home they say, keep distance they ask, and wear your mask they required. But once your home thing we take for granted are things you depend on, seeing your loved ones, giving a hug or kisses.

industrial design

Hook Adjustable Light - Industrial Design

Huisu Jo shared an industrial design project that would solve one of the biggest issues I have today with working from home, light or the correct lighting for video-conference. 'Hook' allows people to adjust the position of the lights they need according to the situation. 


Deformation Shapes Through Geometric Proximity in 3D

This is the last one in a series of 3D animations in which Maria Pan explored deformation of simple shapes through geometric proximity. Its mesh was created with Blender, and rendered with Octane Render (blender edition).


8 Doors Distillery Branding and Packaging Design

Daniel Freytag, working closely with founders Kerry and Derek Campbell created a whisky brand for 8 Doors Distillery which feels premium but also accessible - harnessing the uniqueness of the distillery’s location and expressing this in every small detail.


Happy New Year!

It’s hard to describe the past year. Perhaps the best definition is the word change, closely followed by anxiety. The pandemic has changed lives forever. People have lost loved ones, that cannot be diminished or taken lightly. People lost jobs, businesses shuttered overnight, families had to adapt to a new routine of having their kids being home-schooled.

graphic design

Typorigami Calendar 2021 by shared an incredible printed calendar for 2021 titled Typorigami Calendar 2021. The name says it all, it mixes typography and origami. De-form designers shared a bit of the motivation behind the design saying that this year all of us have struggled a lot with Covid-19.

graphic design

Focus — Abstract Experimental Bokeh Effects

Focus is a set of abstract experimental bokeh effects shared by Chrisb Marquez. These phantasmal formations experiment with glowing chromatic blurring and focal aberrations. The simple play of depth of field gives these formations a minimal look and feel.

web design

A—Book Modular Web Design Concept

Bang Bang Education shared a web design concept for A—Book. Basically the idea was to design a site for searching, reading and listening books. The solution is to bring four key sections of the site to the main screen.


Santi Zoraidez - New Normality Reel

Santi Zoraidez shared a collection of his best 3D work done in 2020. I am personally a fan of his incredible designs. I actually try to recreate some of them to learn 3D. Disclaimer, they never look even closer to his. That’s why I really love to feature any update from Santi.


Oxio Branding and Visual Identity

Samuel T. Scofy and Saul &Co shared an elegant branding and visual identity project for Oxio. Telecom is too often associated with bad surprises, headaches, deceptions and harsh feelings.


Traveling Around Food Series by Andrew Nye

Not so far from the end of 2020. It has been a challenge we have never seen and lived in. A year full of disappointment, social distancing, and the unknown future. Many kids end up doing school remotely, parents and people working from home, frontline workers are continuously saving life and putting their own lives in danger.

art deco

Art Deco Night Series by Ann-Sophie De Steur

The future of art is based on the past but with much more accessible and innovative tools near hand to achieve what we aim but sometimes that innovation is hard to bring back the past. Stumbled across her night series, Ann-Sophie De Steur's artworks nostalgically thrust you in the face.

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