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MUSIC TIME — Texture and Lighting experiments in Cinema 4D

TianChen Deng is a 3D artist based in Shanghai, China. Having a background in 3D and motion graphics; TianChen will find himself pushing the limits of Cinema 4D. We are featuring his series titled 'MUSIC TIME' which is a nostalgia recap of some of the Sony products and their iconic industrial design.

industrial design

Touch smart door lock - Industrial Design

Dimtry Lee shared a super stylish industrial design for a smart door lock. Touch smart door lock soft and round shape with hard material surface make the smart door reliable, firm and friendly. At the same time, it also provides a comfortable touch - describes Dimitry.


Ensin — Empathetic Branding and Visual Identity

Kuudes Helsinki & Stockholm shared a branding and visual identity project for Ensin, a new B2B service company that aims to be the Finnish market leader in outsourced customer relationship management. The designers at Kuudes created a brand for Ensin that would communicate their heartfelt and modern approach to customer service.


Kocbek Branding and Packaging Design

Kocbek approached Visual Brain Gravity with an extraordinary problem. How to push his renowned pumpkin seed oil to high-end and demanding customers? His family has been producing pumpkin seed oil for over 80 years, when his grandfather, Anton Kocbek, started producing pumpkin seed oil in 1929.


Alignment to Air - Motion Design & Typography

As personal experimental projects, when starting with the alphabet "A" for the typography animation, J2Motion(Jin Jeon) just came up with the conflicting words in some way such as "Alignment" to "Air" which is the title of this project. With that in mind, the animation presents more precise and elaborate moments for the first word.


NFT Support — Help India Toy Face

As much we have spoken about the global pandemic during the last few months, nevertheless to say we are far away from being done. Speaking further, I don't know if you have seen it in the news but India has been suffering their 'highest single-day total of cases globally'. The hospitals are on the verge of collapsing, we need to support them somehow.


#NFTs of the Week

How you feel about the rise of NFTs? Most of our social feeds have been since submerged with so many digital works that it's getting hard to keep track of it all. Most of them are honestly brilliant, stunning, meaningful, and some others...well, that's why we are here!


Volcano - 3D Experiments in Cinema 4D and Octane

Soz Maya shared a stunning 3D project titled VOLCANO. Soz used Cinema 4D and Octane render to create this mix of human forms with lava type of effect. The dramatic look and the contrast of light and dark are for me what really sets the compositions apart. Definitely on my list of things to learn how to do.


Association Architecture Bioclimatic Branding

Creanet shared a branding and visual identity project for Association Architecture Bioclimatic, an international association of the world’s leading architects expert in bioclimatic structures. Actually there are 497 members from 39 countries.


OP Launch Film - 3D & Motion Design

T O L M shared a beautiful 3D and motion design project for OP Launch Film. They invited us to come along to a visual exploration of light and dark, of what is present and what is not. A studio film and an opening sequence to a weekly cultural magazine wrapped in one.


Mohd. That’s More — Branding and Editorial Design

Alessandro Giua shared a branding and editorial design for Mohd, a worldwide leading company in luxury furniture and design, offering the best selection of international design and exclusive interior design services, both online and through their physical showrooms in Italy. 


Studio Es x PRESENT PERFECT Branding

The Vienna based design agency Studio Es developed the branding and visual identity for PRESENT PERFECT, a photo production for all kinds of content in the fields of culture, tourism, architecture, interiors, fashion, lifestyle, and reportage.


PayPal Sleek Redesign Concept

Maxim Kuznetsov and Nick Strunkis shared a very cool concept design trying to imagine what Paypal could look like. Their goal was to show Paypal as a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution where all financial needs are met by a single product. The outcome is a much more upscale visual design.


Nexible - Branding and Typeface

Nexible is an insure-tech company from Germany that focuses on smart, digital interactions with customers through user-friendly interfaces that make the insurance process as easy as possible.


The Shards of Triptych. Observable Universes — NFT

Sergey Maslov shared a 3D project and NFT titled The Shards of Triptych. Observable Universes. The collection is a creative visualization of a real multiverse theory, which describes the probability of the existence of countless different universes with the same laws of gravity and physics, but with slight differences.


‘Donate Your Eyes’ Initiative Raises Awareness for Childhood Glaucoma

We’re here to share a heartwarming project brought to life by Studio Anorak in collaboration with David Lawrie, creative director at London-based ad agency Anomaly, called “Donate Your Eyes.” The mission behind the initiative is simple - to raise awareness about childhood glaucoma and hopefully a bit of cash for the @moorfields_eye_cha

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