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Vila 953 - Branding and Visual Identity

Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro, KOBU Agency, and VIVUS - Gonçalo Cevadinha shared a beautiful and elegant branding and visual identity for Vila 953, a traditional restaurant with a contemporary approach, located in Vila do Conde, Portugal.


Archimat — Branding and Visual Identity

byHAUS studio shared a branding and visual identity project for Archimat. About to open its showroom to individuals and contractors, Archimat, a company specializing i finishing products, seized the opportunity to better define its personality and create a recognizable and engaging brand image.

graphic design

Ergot Zine — Graphic and Editorial Design

Guido Dal Prà shared a beautiful graphic and editorial design project with beautiful typography. Ergot is a self-produced zine, designed with Mattia and Nicola Bertolo, sprang out from overwhelming spaces and times, dragging us through ergonomic thrones and dystopic landscapes.

graphic design

Graphical and Abstract Art for your Home

Creanet shared a collection of art prints to brighten your home. The selection of graphical and abstract art with beautiful color palettes adds an elegant touch to any home interior. Personally speaking I am a fan of super simple compositions and geometric shapes.  


Abstract 3D Illustrations by Mathieu Le Berre

Mathieu Le Berre is an art director into motion and 3D based in Paris, France. We are taking a look at his series titled 'Andromeda' which is a 3D abstract piece as I quote: 'objects of the natural, real or imaginary world, but only shapes and colors for themselves.' It's purely imaginative, creative, vibrant, and I really dig the art direction.


8 Favorite Rappers in 3D

Carlos Antón Varó used his 3D design skills to pay tribute to his 8 favorite rappers of this century. The 3D models have a quite playful look, looking like emojis. For this task Carlos used Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift for rendering. The images are in no particular order.


Surf Locos Illustrations

It's cool how the season can shift your perspective on your day-to-day. I have been feeling more lively with the summer and how things are very slowly coming back to some normality. This is what I felt seeing the work of Magdalena Kaczi, an art director and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland.


Gusztav.architecture studio — Branding and Visual Identity

Lazly Bateman shared a super simple and elegant branding and visual identity project for Gusztav.architecture studio. The project is a brand identity concept made for Gusztav Veres architecture and interior designer. The design was developed under a close working relationship that represents professionalism, minimalism and quality.


Blotter Atelier - Visual Identity and Web Design

Blotter Atelier is a textile design duo inhabited by a passion that federates creative people and production workshops around a common goal: to create exclusive and innovative clothes. Their collections arise from artistic collaborations, combining tradition, experimentation and independence.

cinema 4D

預言 Prophecy Series — Cinema 4D

Recently I was watching this novelty on Netflix titled 'Wish Dragon', it tells the story about a 'wish-granting dragon'. I would definitely recommend it. As I was searching for inspiration for kick-off the week, I stumbled across the work of KaoMing. He is a motion & CG artist based in Taipei, Taiwan Region.

digital art

The journey of a coma through digital art

I wouldn't start imagining what it feels like to be in a 'coma', a deep state of prolonged unconsciousness is a scary feeling. I never met anyone who lived this kind of experience before but artist Abdulrahman Alhusainey has created an incredible series through art simply titled: 'Coma'.


Konica Pop - 3D and Motion Design

In November 2020, Thibaut Crepelle came across an eye flashing lil compact film camera, the Konica Pop, the yellow one (coolest one). Thibaut completely fell in love with its design, its vibrancy and instantly bought it, because he knew a little bit about that camera.


Norway's National Recycling Iconography

We are taking a look at Norway's National Recycling 'Symbols' and also its usage as a system throughout various use cases. Behind the conceptualization, we follow the collaboration work of Heydays Design Agency and also Goods ⠀.

editorial design

et al vol.2 - Editorial Design Inspiration

THINGSIDID STUDIO shared an awesome editorial design and graphic design project titled et al vol.2 There's very little information about it however it’s definitely worth sharing because I am a fan of simple editorial design. The big typography contrasts the use of imagery and in this case the very elegant use of gradients.


LCGA — Branding and UX Design

Larry V. shared a visual identity, UX and web design project for LCGA. Founded in 2013, LCGA primarily engaged in architecture and interior design providing solutions for residential, commercial, and office spaces in addition to spatial planning and conceptual design. 


Breathing Nature - Abstract 3D Breathing Wildlife

Marcio Flausino shared a beautiful 3D project titled Breathing Nature. In this set of 3D compositions, Mario explores natural environments with abstract breathing wildlife. Take a moment to pay attention to your breath. The tools used were Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift in addition to Adobe After Effects.


Drop Out — Anamorphic Painting

TRULY DESIGN Studio and Crew shared a beautiful project called Drop Out which is one of their latest anamorphic paintings. Their tailor-made pieces are the perfect way to enrich your home while complementing both space and architecture. I have to agree with them.


Sol — Branding and Visual Identity

As a Brazilian expat living in London, quarantine has made it especially hard being away from family and friends. Lilia Quinaud wanted to do a tribute to her home country and that's how Sol was born.

design tools

Normform — a generative grid-based design tool

The Normform is a generative grid-based design tool that helps create digital content like vector patterns really fast and with a great variety of results. Once a day, we publish a pattern artwork on our site which is available for free download and use under Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

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