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Beautiful 3D compositions in Blender 3D

Tomasz Artur Bolek shared a set of beautiful 3D images created using in Blender 3D to promote his exclusive premium content for subscribers in Behance. The content includes 3d models of the modular buildings used for this project.


Singular Illustration

We have featured the work of Flavio Montiel a few times here on Abduzeedo, most of the work we feature of him was a mix of 3D with light effects, however this time he shared quite an amazing new piece that definitely deserved to be featured here. The Singular project mixes an old-school vintage look with a nice texture and style.


100 Poster Battle 2020–2021

Sober: A poster should invite, communicate, inform, convince, and also provoke. If a viewer feels addressed, a poster is able to influence his or her decisions through text and images.


Lettering Series XL by Rafael Serra

Rafael Serra is no stranger to abdz, we are huge fans of his lettering series who are always inspiring and stand out from the crowd. For those who never heard of him, he is a type designer and lettering artist based in Porto, Portugal. We are featuring his lettering series titled 'XL' where things go a bit out of proportion but in a very nice visual way.


IBM – Project Debater Motion Design

Bruno William collaborated with the talented team of Perception NYC developing different concepts, aesthetics and motion tests for one of the ambitious projects of IBM - Project Debater, an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology capable of forming and articulating arguments based on research and facts in real-time. 

motion design

Moving Stills - Papercut Loopable Animation

Rebeka Molnar shared a beautiful motion design project where she mix paper cut with motion to create some short loopable animation for the Czech Television (Česká Televize) that can fill the gaps during live internet streaming.


Chloé Typeface by kissmiklos

I stumbled across the work of kissmiklos, she is a talented designer and visual artist from Budapest, Hungary. It doesn't seem that we have featured her work before so it was quite intriguing to dive into. For starters, her work on the typeface titled 'Chloé' really caught my eye and how it was presented as well.


Typographic series based on isometric grids

Mario De Meyer has a series of typographic artworks titled Isotype. The second installment of the series, aka Isotype 2 continues with the mission of creating compositions mixing typography and isometric grids, always with a beautiful usage of color. 


Ouroboros Graphic Novel

Royalex is a French illustrator based in La Rochelle and was kind enough to share a colorful illustration project with us. Ouroboros was a school project for my final year in design school.


Editorial Illustration - Dangerous Camouflage

Eiko Ojala shared an awesome editorial illustration post on his Behance profile. Titled as "Dangerous Camouflage", Eiko tries to provide a critical point of view of the addiction of society to electronic devices, in this particular case, the about soldiers using smartphones and how dangerous it is of reviling all sorts of information. 


Blockchains are Beautiful — NFT

The future is now, and RETOKA . join the future now. With this project RETOKA . launched their first NFT work in the Foundation App. The artwork is simply beautiful featuring a human figure type of composition made of chains with a glitchy look. 

motion graphics

Muse: an Experimental Short Film inspired by Cyberpunk

Hope everyone had a wonderful Weekend! We would like to start off this week with a Cyberpunk-feel inspired experimental short film entitled: Muse. Superb soundtrack by Morgan Willis, we are invited to watch a bunch of short sequences taking us through a journey of the imaginary future world and space.


Windows 11 Image Pack Themes

I have always been a huge fan of the work put together by the team at Microsoft Design and also the collaborations they worked with several 'external teams' as well to create wonders and game-changing visuals for Microsoft products. We are featuring another great example by this partnership for 'Windows 11 Themes'.


From Vector to 3D Debut Concepts

The amazing people over at Debut shared a cool post exploring different typography styles to promote their studio. You can see in the images below a series of graphic styles, from simple vector illustration style to more intricate 3D visualizations. 


Typography: 36 Days of Type in Perspective

The "36 days of type" challenge never ceases to inspire me. There is always a new take on how to create a beautiful mix of typography, colors, and layout. For this post, I'm excited to feature the work that Maria Giemza created for her contribution.


Brand Identity and Poster Design for Lakeside Festival

The Lakeside Festival is an annual festival for drum and bass, house and techno music and is presented by Ehrlich Bum Bum, an independent drum and bass collective from Graz, Austria. Lukas Diemling created an analog typographic artwork for the brand identity and poster.


Saigon Rainy Days through Illustrations

Let's explore Saigon, Vietnam through illustrations by a bunch of folks including: Maxk Nguyen, Thai Thanh Do, Kawako Giang Nguyễn, Nguyễn Thành Vũ, Thinh Le, Hạnh Huỳnh, Người Đá, Vũ Hải Long and Nguyễn Thành Chiến. This amazing crew has created a tremendous series by illustrating scenes from the streets of Saigon in Vietnam.

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