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Café de Palma Fresh Soap Packaging Design

Estudio Albino shared a branding and packaging design for Café de Palma Fresh Soap. In the wake of the global pandemic, entertainment venues and mass gatherings closed their doors. Café de Palma, looking for a way to be close to its customers and remind them of the importance of washing their hands constantly as a preventive measure and as a habit in the “new normal” has decided to send a gift to its customers.

ANA RED WINE Branding and Packaging Design

Studio Format shared a beautiful branding and packaging design for ANA RED WINE. A mirror can twist or distort our perception. It can cheat the eye, enhancing or fading some traits. More often than not, a mirror arises interest in the eyes of the viewer. Therefore, Studio format has chosen this perspective to design the ANA® project: a new red wine brand.

Charming & Vibrant Packaging Design for Amare The Label

Alejandro Gavancho has shared this absolutely stunning packaging design for 'Amare The Label' which is swimwear brand. Designed by Alejandro who is a graphic designer (Diseñador Gráfico) based in Leeds, United Kingdom. I just like the work he has done, it's remarkable. Let's start with the colors, pure gradient galore happening here. Just to add a balance, I enjoy the color palette of the branding itself, it's clean, minimal, and add much more vulnerability to the beauty of the entire packaging set.

Mesmerizing Packaging Design for SAIREN Rum

Design by Simil shared this sublime packaging design for SAIREN, a clear spiced rum crafted by Ohara’s Rum at The Parrot Club in Sheffield, England. Taking visual inspiration from 'mythological tales', the packaging design is so vibrant and attractive. I mean it will surely 'attract' your attention on the shelves, guaranteed! Another detail that really caught my attention is the shape of the bottle which is pretty unusual for a rum (I am not a pro taster), that wood-material bottle crap just balances it all. Give it a look!

8 Doors Distillery Branding and Packaging Design

Daniel Freytag, working closely with founders Kerry and Derek Campbell created a whisky brand for 8 Doors Distillery which feels premium but also accessible - harnessing the uniqueness of the distillery’s location and expressing this in every small detail. The design is inspired by the natural environment and climate - identity, colour palette, typography and textures all combine to create a sense of the rugged isolation found at the very edge of the Scottish mainland. 

Helvetimart, a Swiss packaging design by Anagrama Studio

I feel like featuring a 5-year-old project by the incredible folks from Anagrama Studio, a design studio based in Mexico City, Mexico. The project I am featuring is the branding, packaging design work they have done for Helvetimart (For which they are now closed...) a specialty market in Lausanne, Switzerland offering a wide variety of regional food products. First of all, what really caught my eye is how the design is timeless even if it's was designed 5 years ago!

TAG Aviation Branding and Packaging Design

.Oddity Studio shared a branding and packaging design project for TAG Aviation. Basic personal hygiene becomes a luxury amenity on board private jet airlines: high quality products with a long life leather mask holder packaged in minimalistic red and white box along with silver metallic greeting cards. A perfect brand expression is scored with playful details of runway and taking off plane.

Reach Branding and Packaging Design

Kati Forner shared a super stylish branding and packaging design for Reach. The whole project is simply beautiful. The color palette, the typography and layout, it’s hard to point at any flaw on the presentation of the work. Truly inspiring. For more information make sure to check out more work from Kati Former at

reMarkable 2 Packaging Design by Goods

In close collaboration with the design team at reMarkable, Norwegian packaging studio Goods has designed a range of packaging for reMarkable 2. The recently launched device is the world’s thinnest tablet — it's only 4.7mm thick, and aims to replace your notes and printed documents with a digital notebook that feels like paper. The device is designed to be free from distractions and does not feature notifications, social media or email.

DINAMITE Brand Identity and Packaging Design

327 creative studio shared a very elegant branding and packaging design for a an unique sparkling wine collection, from the clay-limestone soils of Bairrada, Portugal. With a distinctive and bold identity, the concept of this 3 bottle edition, comes from its own name - Dinamite. 

Stylish Mooncake Gift Box Packaging Design

Bracom Agency is a branding and creative agency based in the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They have shared via their Behance, a beautiful packaging design project for Bracom. Obviously, when speaking about 'mooncake' they must be 'moon' involved. It shows appreciation towards how you see things and whatever you see them fit in your career, your family, and even your friends. I really dig the foreground color of the packaging design which is dark to enrich the actual centerpiece.

Simplicity in Design for Pleno Natural Juice

There’s something about juice packaging that really makes designers really excel at simplicity and pure gorgeous ideas. I’ve posted countless projects here on abdz. about this particular subject but the source seems to be unlimited. For this post I’d like to share the project that Guilherme Vissotto created for Pleno Natural Juice. As I mentioned before, it’s simple, elegant and just really beautiful.

Packaging Design - Gift for You

I am a coffee person. I rarely drink tea, however I have to admit, tea has much nicer packaging design. Like this one suggested to us by Lung-Hao Chiang. He says that due to the COVID-19 epidemic, he hopes that the vision of the Moon Festival gift box this year can bring warmth, hope and vitality to consumers and give each other best wishes at this time of family and friends reunion.

Minimalist & Timeless Branding + Packaging Design of Sydney Juice Bar

Aleksandra Iakimchuk shared a beautiful branding and packaging design project for Sydney Juice Bar. I am not that fun of juices to be honest but with a design like this one that Aleksandra created I would be more than inspired to have a few of those a day, at least just to enjoy the simplicity of a clear and elegant typography. No splashes or cheesy images of flying fruits, just good old black text over white label. 

Unique Branding & Packaging Design for Volume Portable Cocktail

Yura Park and Ching-Fa Lung shared a quite unique branding, packaging design and visual design project for Volume. Volume a portable cocktail experience. The name for this brand was inspired by alcohol by volume(ABV). Alcohol by volume is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given amount of an alcoholic beverage.

Poster Collection inspired by VHS packaging

Xavier Esclusa Trias has created a poster series that is bringing a bit of a nostalgia moments to be honest. Pure throwback from the days where we didn't care about going to rent movies at the video store, where the packaging was just part of an item that you will eventually learn to appreciate. From what Xavier created, I just dig there aren't any 'special effects' like gradients, shadows, or whatnot. It's all graphical shapes and typography; there is something about having to work within these past constraints.

FRISKA - Fresh Packaging Design for your Digestive Health

Today we want to talk about your wellbeing. You’ve heard me talk about breathing techniques in the past but today I want to focus on another trending topic known as your gut health and a new brand that just launched called FRISKA.

Libation Label Love... and Support your Local Businesses!

Times they are a-changin wrote Bob Dylan in the 60s. Every decade has its ups and downs, but the 2020’s started with a big low. If you’re anything like me right now, you’re experiencing heightened stress levels, less than quality sleep and an over-indulgence in things like caffeine and alcohol. While I’m less than proud to admit this fact I’m also happy to say I have been inspired! Inspired by all the beautiful wine and spirit labels that I’ve been enjoying thanks to Jessica Lasky Catering.

Beautiful Branding and Packaging Design for SnackBytes

Modisana Hlomuka published a beautiful branding and packaging design project for SnackBytes, a South-African-based pet treat brand by Nutribyte. The range currently has two flavors, Chicken and Peanut butter named ChickByte and PeanutByte respectively.

Packaging Design Awesomeness: Abrogratto

Abrogratto 18 is a brand of premium, ready-to-drink bottled cocktails. As it is a small company, they have chosen to create collections of small batches of classic cocktails, the first one being Negroni. The visual identity of Abrogratto 18 is versatile and neutral so that it can adapt to each of the collections without losing the essence of the brand. Afterwards, the packaging was designed, which was inspired by the name of the brand and history of alcoholic drinks around the world.

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