AIRPORTS - an Aerial Photo Book

We would like to share another photo book titled 'Airports' by the mighty Tom Hegen who is an aerial photographer based in Munich, Germany. We have featured his work many times on abdz, I think why his work is quite unique for two things. One, I do enjoy the fact that Tom actually takes 'aerial photography' from an actual helicopter ride, not just a 'drone shot'. It makes it even more challenging somehow. Two, the subjects that drive Tom's motivation are different from what we usually see on our social feeds.

A Photography Book: Shot on my Phone

My good pal Johan Corminboeuf has shared his photographic project on Kickstarter. A photography book titled: 'Shot on my Phone'. It's a 4-year photography project displaying his photographic journey and his adventures around the World. Now he needs your support to help put this 350+ pages & 6x9in book to realization. This book will include more than 300 pictures, hardcover, sewn binding, and printed in Italy.

New York Cyberpunk Mood Photography

Thibault Bunoust is an incredibly talented photographer based in Paris, France. He shared this set of photos titled New York that it’s simply stunning. The first time I saw I thought it was 3D. The lights, reflections, composition plus the cyberpunk style with night photography, neons and wet floors with volumetric lights. It’s the perfect combination. 

Padaung Women - Photography by Hugo Santarem

Hugo Santarem is a super talented brazilian photographer with an incredible portfolio. We’ve featured him here on the blog in the past and we will keep featuring his work because it’s simply beautiful. For this post I’d love to share some photos from his collection called Myanmar - Padaung Women. Hugo added more information behind the work as well.

Ethical & Socially Responsible Lifestyle Photography by Hugo Santarem

Hugo Santarem Rodrigues is a commercial and fine art photographer, working on projects that help to promote an ethical and socially responsible lifestyle, respect and good values, through creativity and aesthetics. His personal projects got recognition in photography festivals and awards in Brazil, NY, London, UAE, and they were shared online on platforms such as FUBIZ, My Modern MET, Behance, AL Jazeera, G1, Fotografe Melhor, etc

Iconic Fashion Forms into Floral Patterns

Raku Inoue is easily the most creative person that I have ever had the chance to meet and hung out on various occasions. Currently based in Montreal, QC (Canada), Raku Inoue is a Japanese artist with numerous creative abilities. He released a series titled: Natura Patterns, a series of floral patterns handcrafted, inspired by some of the most iconic fashion forms in the world. Fueled by creativity, passion, and inspiration; it's easy to lose yourself through the making of his creations.

Collective Photography in Solitary Times

‘Collectives’ is a compelling visual essay that offers an intriguing point of view on the recent drastic events we have all been exposed to. It invites the audience to immerse themselves into a series of complex and intricate compositions to reimagine the relationships between us and the space we live in, and how these have been challenged in the context of the pandemic.  Collectives: design by Kenzo Mayama Kramarz and photography by Cássio Vasconcellos, edited by Quarantine Books

Neo-noir & Cyberpunk Photography

Dale Anne Scogings is a photographer and creative director based in South Africa. We are sharing her photography inspired by the off-world of Cyberpunk and neo-noir culture that we dearly love on abdz. Dale does an excellent job to capture moments from the streets of Japan, a country where she spent a couple of years living and also through her traveling across Asia.

Sunset in the Bay Area - Photography

I have been following the lockdown rules with my family very respectfully. I know it’s difficult to, who could imagine that we would be doing this since March? I guess this is one of those known unknowns that happen in life. Nonetheless, we still find ways to get out of the house. What makes it easier for me is also the fact that there are beautiful places to go, just 15 minutes from my house. And that’s what we did last Saturday. 

Switzerland Photography & Wallpapers

Somewhere in the middle of Western, Central and Southern Europe; there is the country of Switzerland. Every year on August 1st, it's the celebration of the Swiss National Day. I decided to share 10 wallpapers of Switzerland in celebration of this day and also somehow share a photo journal of this stunning country that I have been calling 'home' for almost a year. You can download them via my Unsplash profile.

Black Archivist - A project by Paul Octavious

Black Archivist is a new project by the talented creator Paul Octavious and aims to spotlight the power of the Black narrative by providing tools to tell stories of their community. I’ve had the personal honor of meeting Paul and he’s as beautiful a human as the work he creates. Paul began exploring the world of photography in 2005 and it changed his life trajectory.

Say Cheese: Photography for beginners

Say Cheese is an amazing project by Arthur de Almeida, a brazilian designer based in São Paulo. It's a long-read website that focus on teaching basic photography concepts for people who wants to start in this area. Photography has always been a passion for Arthur. It all started in his early days of learning about photography,  he recalls that the photography triad (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) was one of the few things that he could understand, but even so some important details were always confusing.

Hasselblad x Stockholm Open for a Corona Fundraiser Match

The fine folks from Hasselblad have shared with us their latest endeavor and they selected Björn Ceder to document Tennis Against Corona, an aid initiative to support those heavily affected by the pandemic organized by Stockholm Open, the world’s oldest Association of Tennis Professional’s indoor tournament. Björn is a Swedish photographer and a creative director 25 years of experience in the industry.

Awe-breathtaking aerial scenes of the coronavirus lockdown

Our good pal Tom Hegen has shared with us this incredible and awe-breathtaking aerial scenes from he simply titled: The Lockdown Series. For those who is not familiar with Tom, he is a super talented photographer based in Munich, Germany. He takes pride and has a clear passion for us to view the world from his perspective and also through the lens of his camera. I am always stunned by the beauty and the technique used to capture such unknown sights of the globe.

Portfolio Spotlight: Clement Merouani

We would like to kick it off with a 'folio spotlight' by Clement Merouani, a digital art director based in Paris, France. Clement recently released his photography work from the past year and it's quite astonishing. We took the liberty to share a 'showreel' and a full sneak peek for your viewing. Although I would definitely suggest you check out his live site and experience it for yourself.

Cinematic Street Photography by Victor Cambet

Victor Cambet is a freelance graphic designer and an amazing photographer currently based in Montreal, QC. What initially caught my eyes on Victor's work is his perspective of how he sees things through his camera lenses. It's pure, raw, and cinematic street photography. That's one of the reasons why we decided to feature his work on ABDZ. Being a personal fan of Victor's, I have always enjoyed his shots from my hometown of Montreal (and still do). I have lived in this city for more than 30 years and it's quite a pleasant sentiment.

Dark Waters, for Dark Times, Great Dark Wallpapers

Photography for me is a hobby and for some reason I love taking photos of the ocean. I have been trying to capture its beauty for a long time and honestly failure has been a constant theme. There’s something about the context, the environment, the magic of nature that gets lost once that becomes static, digital. Perhaps it is the sound and millions of forms of life that are all around us, I don’t know. It’s beyond my knowledge. My ignorance keeps pushing me to try again and I follow its order. 

Photos of the Week - Alameda & Beijing

Continuing with our series of free high-resolution photos I have been taking and sharing on Unsplash. This week I’d like to share some photos I took in Alameda, Bay Area and Beijing, China. The photos were taken with the Sony A7 III with the cheap (not so great) Sony FE 50mm F1.8 as well as with the amazing Sony FE 85mm F1.8. I will talk a bit more about these lenses in a future post.

Photos of the Week - Lake Tahoe and Oakland

Continuing with our series of free high-resolution photos I have been taking and sharing on Unsplash. This week I’d like to share some photos I took in the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. The photos were taken with the Sony A7 III with the cheap (not so great) Sony FE 50mm F1.8 as well as with the amazing Sony FE 85mm F1.8. I will talk a bit more about these lenses in a future post.

Hasselblad Heroines continues to feature talented female photographers

It's always honorable seeing brands like Hasselblad create initiatives to celebrate women at making their mark into the photography industry and that is pretty male-dominated. They are back with Hasselblad Heroines that will be kicking off the second-year installment on 8 March 2020, International Women’s Day. For 2020, they will be featuring seven (7) photographers and we have taken the liberty to feature them here.

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