Illustration for Adobe Animate CC Splash Screen

For some reason I missed this but Plasticbionicshared an amazing illustration created for the Adobe Animate CC splash screen. In addition to that they shared a set of artworks that look like they are part of the exploration for that final work.

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motion design

Motion Design: Nike Kiss My Airs Campaign

Nike Kiss My Airs Campaign is a mixture of motion design and animated coolness designed by Shotopop. A studio based in London, UK focusing their work typography, installation, CGI, stop-motion and more. You will love these videos, there seems to be a viral factor on this style of video.


Bauhaus Inspired Typography Quad Typeface™

If you follow the blog you will notice our shift, or at least, a bit more focus on the 90s decade, departing from our passion and admiration for the 80s. The reason for that is just some little clues we see everywhere, especially in the movies. A good example will be the new Marvel movie Captain Marvel, which is supposed to take place in the 90s.

paper craft

Cali Lifestyle Paper Craft

Paper craft artwork is probably my favorite style. I believe the reason is simply because I would never be able to create something nice with this technique, at least not as nice, or I'd say amazing as the work that my fellow Brazilian Arthur Régis put together titled Cali Lifestyle.

character design

The Art of Richie Mason - Character Design

Richie Mason is a Visual 3D Artist located in United Kingdom. His art, world is surrounded of robots, creatures, monsters and from the near future. Among his tools of trade, Richie will be working with ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Keyshot and more. Impressive creativity, check him out and his incredible character design work.


Typography and Optical Illusion for New York Time For Kids

A couple of days ago I posted an article about some graphic design explorations using lines and other simple elements on a grid, like plus signs or dots. There were tons of really awesome ideas, however all of them were very abstract. One could ask me, how can we apply that to a real project.

industrial design

Industrial Design for Pixel 2 by Vincent Claudepierre

If you love industrial design you should follow Vincent Claudepierre on Behance. He has been sharing some incredible projects he has done while his time at Google. One of these projects is the Pixel 2 industrial design, probably one of my favorite designs for Android, especially the XL with the “panda” color scheme.


Contemporary Sculptures by Deane McGahan

I wanted to change the pace a little and share the incredible work by Deane McGahan, a sculptor based in Seattle, WA, USA. Her incentive foundation is coming right from that region where natural beauty lies everywhere. The simple color strikes me clear beauty and almost feel like the piece of Fortress of Solitude.

graphic design

Ode to Simplicity in Graphic Design Playing with Lines

I am a fan of simplicity and for this post, I would love to share some artwork that inspired me for some recent personal projects. These are graphic design explorations using simple elements like lines and adding some deformation. It is a super simple effect, you can basically create it in Photoshop using the Displacement Map. The same goes if you want to animate it in After Effects.


10 original portfolios that will thrust you to actually redo yours

10 original portfolios that will thrust you to actually redo yours It's been a long time we haven't shared a roundup of anything. We all work against our schedules but I have been going personally through a lot of portfolios for inspiration. We have been setting web standards with our trends, experience standards, design systems, Pantone color of the year and etc.


Illustration and Graphic Design: Amour and Cacao

I stumbled across this beautiful illustration and graphic design project by Imédia Firme Créative, especially the work from Marie-Joëlle Lemire, Nicolas Lambert, Valérie Pilotte and Claudie Déry. It’s one of those things that you’ll giveaway as a gift and for this present case is so well done. I also really enjoy the print work with the shiny vinyl.

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