Tommy Touch: Rethinking the retail experience with Tommy Hilfiger

Momkai shared on their Behance a collaboration between the clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger to reinvent the retail experience by placing interactive screens right on the physical display to enhance the in-store experience. There is definitely a cool factor that would eager people to give it a whirl. I would also think this will be a good placement for advertisements of some sort through promotions, branded content and more.

Web Design Inspiration - Work of Adrián Somoza

I have been posting more often about web design. There reason is, of course, I am in the process of redesigning the blog and I need some web design inspiration. For this post I'd love to feature the work of  Adrián Somoza, a senior designer @MediaMonks, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Web Design Concept

Oliver Gareis has shared with us through our Facebook, a cool web design concept for U.S. Women's National Soccer Team. Oliver has worked on projects like the web design for the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. He has this great ability at adjusting text, layout, and imagery with style to enhance our desktop experience. For U.S.

Minimalist UI/UX Design for Avaya

Munseong Yeom and Seongmin LEE shared an awesome UI/UX design post on their Behance profile. It is titled Avaya and it includes much more than just the interface, it's actually a full branding project, including the logo. For this post, I want to feature it more because of the website and the interface, but below you can see the full description of the project. 

Pure Design Inspiration: A roundup Zoeyzz, Vitalii Khomenko and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup! Following up from last week, I decided to take a dive into user interfaces and pushing my addiction for illustrations. As always, everything is handpicked on Dribbble, Hope you will like it! Today we have illustrative covers by Zoeyzz, bank concept for mobile by Vitalii Khomenko, a 3D of a Route 66 Diner by Roman Klčo and more.

Undivided Rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry

holy ™ is an agency of all sorts of services, from branding all the way to the user interface design. Based in Athens, Greece, they shared on their Behance, a major rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry. They have revamped their entire look from visual identity, UI/UX, iconography, illustrations, animations and even copywriting. Useberry is an intuitive user-testing tool, which provides codeless prototype analytics.

Color Inspiration: Spotify 2018 Wrapped

If you are a Spotify user, you must remember their insanely beautiful 2018 Wrapped where each year, this initiative will attract quite a buzz on social media. I personally loved the UI layouts and especially getting the data on which songs I listened the most during the past year. Imagine crossing 20+ millions of fans visited the campaign site on the first day alone. That's beautiful!

Android Q Beta: First Impressions - a UX perspective

Google I/O is fully kicking right now and they have announced a couple of exciting announcements including the new line of Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, a "cheaper" version of the current Pixel 3/ 3 XL. Also, Google has shared a couple of cool new features for the Android Q Beta 3, that is what we will be covering for you today.

Browsing experience room ideas for Overstock.com

Back from my #ABDZinShanghai trip and slowly getting into things here on ABDZ. Wanna kick right back in with the UI/UX browsing experience concepts for Overstock.com. Designed by Aleksey Stiques and Stan Rapp who took this popular shopping site into a delightful experience. I love their concepts for browsing by colours and style and the subtle transition when navigating through the menu navigation. Check it out!

Visual Design Concept for Dribbble

Gregoire Vella shared a very interesting visual design concept project on his Behance profile. He tried to reeinvision Dribbble, one of the most popular places for designers to share snapshots of work. I remember when they launched, the value proposition was to be the Twitter for designers. It became a bit fancier than that with time, in the beginning people would share drafts and explorations, now everything is quite polished. I am not saying it’s bad, just an evolution of the initial idea.

Mobile App Design: NYC Taxi App Concept using Adobe XD

An interesting mobile app design case study by Yaroslav Lozovoi, a UI/UX designer based in Odessa, Ukraine. He shared on Behance about a concept of a NYC Taxi App, we are commonly used to the Uber experience but how about for cab drivers? Following his design process from research to the UI design, he also has done a tremendous job at building the presentation as well. 2 more points on the presentation!

Interaction Design of Payday, a personal finance app

With the announcement of the Apple Card earlier this week. You will notice new waves of designers trying to tackle the financial health space with new concepts and how can they craft a good personal finance experience. It's no easy task! Let's take a look at Max Podolski who is a product designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Responsive Web Experience for Design Canada Documentary

I would like to feature the site design for Design Canada, a documentary film celebrating the golden era of Canadian graphic design. Designed by fellow Montrealer folks from Locomotive, a digital design agency based in Montreal, QC, Canada. The site design is clean and simple but putting a smacking effort at animating the historic logos with playfulness and elegance. It's quite charming to go through, makes me really proud that we somehow played importance to the history of graphic design.

An Insight at the User Interface for Everyday Wifi

Let's take an insight at the user interface for Everyday Wifi, a design by Linwu Wang. A designer based in Hangzhou, China. Unlike any Wifi helper application, the Everyday Wifi has been revamping the entire experience to facilitate the connection to a secure network without any effort. Especially knowingly when you are living in a country like China where there are billions of people, having a connection tool for the Wifi must a be plus.

Redesigning the Alfa Bank mobile app

Designers Stas Aristov, Alya Prigotska and Thanh Do decided to redesign the Alfa Bank mobile app. Let's take a closer look! I like the transition of the account overview, it's expressed through two different views with what we would call the "dashboard" and another view where you can select a specific account, send money to someone and your transaction history.

AR Mural: design, build and paint by Ustwo Sydney

We are sharing this cool conceptual AR mural designed, built and painted by the folks from Ustwo Sydney. A small team including the work from Olivia King have put together a challenge AR mural for their studio in under two weeks. In their words: "With an almost impossible task at hand, we set about working as quickly as possible - rapidly ideating and prototyping as we went. " You should definitely check out the video, to get a little glimpse of the experience.

Web Design for Maxima.tech, a Public Wi-Fi for metros and railways

We are featuring the work of Misha No, an art director and UI/UX designer based in Singapore. He has worked on a web design project for Maxima.tech. A company that built public wi-fi networks for metros and railways to make all passengers connected, the design is eye-catchy with a set of familiar colours for us to recognize the site's sections. I personally love the design of the icons, they are quite straight to the point and at the same time unique in its form.

Interaction Design: Ninety Nine Seconds Game Prototype

This is a game prototype that I would love to share on ABDZ, it's a prototype (soon-to-be-released) designed by Sylvain Theyssens, Anthony Meric and Oleg Pashkovsky. First, the game is all about timing as I quote: "You are given only ninety nine seconds to succeed. The more you play, the fastest you become, and further you can go". Interesting concept right? Now let's take a closer look at the interactions, they are quite subtle especially on the UI but it gets quite creative with the game itself. It will be interesting to give it a try when it will become available.

Lipault™ E-Commerce Responsive Web Design

Lipault™, a French luggage brand based in Paris, France. We are following their recent redesign of their e-commerce front by Werkstatt. More specifically the role of Pierre-Jean Doumenjou as Lead Art Director on the team. At first glance, it's a lovely design with a tremendous accent on the image portion. They are promoting the products with so much flair, you can tell that Lipault™ is a luxury brand.

Web Design: Aunited - United States History

Kulik Oleg is a graphic designer and a UI/UX designer based from Kharkiv, Ukraine. We are sharing his web design concept for the United States history. It's an interesting approach especially with his colours, bright orange! Do you think it does compliment the images well? I do love his choice of typography and the text layouts are intuitive plus easy to read. One particular thing that I do like a lot is how it is presented. Because of the projects we see all the time on ABDZ, I have rarely have seen this approach and it's quite good.

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