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Collected Coffee Branding

New York based Collected Coffee seeks out the world’s finest growers and specialty roasters to deliver a carefully curated coffee experience to the doorsteps of subscribers around the world. Fivethousand Fingers was the design studio behind the challenge to create the perfect representation of that mission and in my opinion they succeeded. The branding and the package are simple and elegant giving this feeling of exclusiveness and premium quality.

SAMURAI Packaging

I mostly do think a lot about our waste and how we should recycle things that we use every day. Not to a level of being an extreme cheap stake but to be aware of common good practices for a better future. This is why I am totally digging this package design by Fanny Löfvall, Nanna Basekay and Oliver Sjöqvist. They made the package design with the design thinking of being more eco-responsible, playful and practical at the same time.

Vognmargergade Packaging Design

For a fresh change we start the week with some packaging design inspiration. The project we share today is from Muggie Ramadani and Nicolas Fuhr from Copenhagen, Denmark. The package is for grooming products from a traditional barbershop, The Vognmargergade. They launched a series of products and from the branding and packaging, I can definitely say it looks perfectly on point for their particular audience.

Family Distillers Packaging and Branding

There's never enough posts about branding, especially when there's packaging design involved. Hired Guns Creative was hired by the Family Distillers to help them bring their product to the market. We are talking about moonshine. By reading about the project and the history behind I can't even imagine how much fun they had during the design process.

Paleo Nut Butter Packaging Design

This project was created by Brazilian design agency Hamo. They designed this amazing package for a super foods company that is coming out with a new series of nut butters. The designs are very energetic and colorful, giving the perfect feel for the product. For more from Hamo visit

Packaging Design by Casa Amella

Casa Amella is a family business from Barcelona, Spain with the aim of providing solutions in food quality and craftsmanship of plant origin. Designer Andrés Requena created some amazing packaging for their products which reflects the idea of quality and craftsmanship. For more from Andrés Requena visit

Myiu Tea Packaging Design

Miyu is a small shop in china selling homemade Honey-Fruit Tea. There tea is said to help getting smoother skin with each cup. British designer Tom Jueris took on the challenge to design a combination between modern art and a organic-natural look. Check it out! For more from Tom Jueris visit .

Rawganique Identity and Packaging Design

Peltan-Brosz Roland is a designer from Hungary who was commissioned to design an identity for Rawganique and also design all their product packaging, the result is absolutely amazing. Check it out! For more from Peltan-Brosz Roland visit

Packaging Design: Old St. Pete Craft Spirits

Old St. Pete is a craft line made by St. Petersburg Distillery. Designer Grant Gunderson wanted to capture the spirit of the sunshine city in the 1900's without making it too cheesy because it is still a premium product. Each Spirit has a custom recipe neck tag and custom shipping carton with old post cards of iconic spots in St. Petersburg Florida. For more from Grant Gunderson visit

IndHED™ Beer Identity & Package Design

This isn’t our first time that we are featuring about IndustriaHED and we just can’t help it. The process of their visual identities are just simply beautiful, inspiring and wanna make us learn more about their aesthetic guidelines. IndustriaHED is a branding studio based in Porto Alegre, Brazil and Denver specializing in branding, art direction and graphic design. All Rights to IndustriaHED

An Ode to Greg Martin

Yesterday I read that Greg Martin, the illustrator behind some of the most iconic video-game boxes ever made, has passed away. Greg was responsible for some of the most famous designs in gaming including Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series characters and Namco's Pac-Man, in particular. Many Sonic the Hedgehog games released in America during the Sega Genesis and Game Gear era have Martin's cover art, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD, and Sonic Spinball, among others. This post is to pay a little homage to Greg, he was an inspiration to us all.

Fun with Barcodes by Steve Simpson

A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached. That's Wikipedias definition and Steve Simpson, a illustrator from Dublin, Ireland makes sure that the representation is very accurate to the brand of the product by creating super cool illustrations with the barcodes. Barcodes grace almost every product we sell.

Vintage Packaging Design Inspiration

Packaging design is one of the most important fields of design, it's holds direct communication between the product and the consumer and it is always nice to see the evolution of the field.

Spiff Branding & Identity by Oliver Lo

This is a great school project made by a student from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. A branding & identity for a men's shaving products inspired by the 1950s, introducing Spiff by Oliver Lo.Branding and package design marketing traditional men's shaving products to a wider, contemporary male audience. Packaging features a 1950s-inspired look, partial reveals, and a memorable opening ceremony.

Inspiration: Packaging Design

Some people really pay attention to it, some really don't notice it, but doesn't always go as the saying "you can judge the product by it's box" and sometimes we end up getting something because of the box and here are some really good samples of it.

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