Designer Spotlight: Micah Lanier

Times are definitely changing, the bull market which was one of the longest is over and we are all heading to a global recession. I know this sounds super grim, but in order to help everyone to promote their work, we will start featuring designers from all over the world in a series we call Designer Spotlight. For this one bring to you the amazing work of Micah Lanier. 

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Designers and artists come together to spread the message - Stay Home

Day 18. I am starting to lose count, I would be totally transparent, yesterday it was a hard day to go by. Spring is here and you do miss the time spent outside, hanging out with relatives, friends, and colleagues. But we have the right reasons to stay inside, it's not easy but it's the right thing to do to stop the spread and actually save lives.


Stay Home & Create New 3D Images in Cinema 4D

I’ve never seen an event that affected so many countries in such a negative way. It’s sad to see what’s going on across Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, pretty much everywhere. What is even more incredible in my personal opinion is that the only way to slow it down is that we all try to create social distancing, if possible staying home.


Learn to Create a 3D Sci-fi Environment in Blender

If there is one thing that we can say that is positive about staying home is that you can have time to learn new things. On top of that, we have so much information at our disposal that makes learning quite accessible for those who have access to the internet. A good example is if you want to learn 3D using the free 3D software Blender.


It was the Future... series by Benjamin Bardou

Day 14 of Confinement. Was it the future we all wished a couple of decades ago? One thing for sure, the entire planet is currently experiencing an 'invisible thread' that has touched many for the past weeks. Our advice to you? Listen to your leaders and make sure to take proper hygiene measures to stay safe.


MINSK3049: A quarantine homage from Belarus

What can I say, the recent news is really taking its exaction on the entire world. It has been touching us somehow and it's really important to keep the spirit up during these very hard times. Try to keep yourself informed during 'allowed timeslots', don't you just spend the entire day watching the news. It's unhealthy for your mind.


Art Deco 3D Typography for Shell House

Like Minded Studio has shared are really cool project on their Behance page. Titled Shell House, the project rocks a composition using 3D Typography and a beautiful Art Deco style.

motion design

80s Inspired Motion Design - CONTROL

Vasiliy Oleshko shared a beautiful motion design project titled CONTROL. What can I say about it? Well, look at the stills and you will know exactly why I am sharing it here with you all. The 80s look, feel and colors are all there. The tools used were Maxon Cinema 4D and After Effects.


Netflix's Altered Carbon 2 Key Illustration

Since most of us are spending lots of time at 'home' and statistically speaking about 20% of the planet is in lockdown at the moment. How crazy is that? I hope you are finding the time to traverse new things and occupy all this time, maybe some Netflix? Speaking of that, did you watch the new Altered Carbon 2 Netflix series yet?

motion design

Motion Design for DC Lottery "Roaring Cash"

Inspired by the golden palette and art-deco designs of DC Lottery’s Roaring Cash game, LOOP . took the viewer on a ‘20’s thrill ride - playing with the idea that our ticket “opens the door” to thrills, excitement, and the Great Gatsby high-life.


3D Animal Portraits by Maxim Shkret

This is the best opportunity to share some colours into your feed. Nothing to bring joy and inspiration than the work of Maxim Shkret with our constant admiration of his 3D animal series. Maxim is a digital artist that is super-talented and it's always refreshing.

digital art

Reimagined Post-Apocalyptic inspired by 2020

With all that has been happening lately, the overcome feeling of uncertainty about the future is always present. What will happen tomorrow, it's a day-by-day question that we just keep asking ourselves. There are downsides and upsides as well, I think we should face our reality and find ways to embrace this moment somehow.

web design

Monospace Inspiration - Oikon Hospitality

Oikon Hospitality is responsible for the financial management and development of hotel units. What Loonatiks Design Crew found in their research, was that the competitors’ websites looked like hotels websites, large beautiful images of well-designed lobby pools and rooms, something that confused us as observers about what was their work object.

light painting

Dave Pollot: Bringing New Life to Old Art

As we’re all living in a current reality that feels more like a fictional book or movie we’re doing our best to share content that we hope will help uplift spirits, if even for a brief moment. We’re amongst those sheltering in place here in the Bay Area and concurrently I’ve been researching more good news to share with our readers.


ABACERIA Branding and Visual Identity

Brand Identity design for the artisanal food store and restaurant in Goiânia, Goiás. The founders of the reputed Las Nenas Bistro in Goiania, idealized bringing innovation in the production and presentation of artisan foods, creating Abaceria.

app design

Calmaria - Focus/ Breathe / Relax /

How can I even start talking about what we are all going through at global scale? If we think that a few months ago everything was fine and now it’s hard to see the end of the tunnel. I don’t want to sound too dramatic, the reality is that we are living in a unique period of time in our lives that will have a profound impact on pretty much everything.

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