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Ceramic Therapy in 3D using Cinema 4D

Miles Hellyer shared a quite inspiring 3D project titled Ceramic Therapy. The reason I say that is because it’s a simple example of working with 3D. Not hyper realistic or crazy renders.


Carácter Branding and Visual Identity

Lutton Gant, a photography studio in Valladolid (Spain), which specializes in weddings and family portraits, reached out to Azote. Studio to work on their new brand and visual identity with the goal of diversifying into a new identity that would answer photography queries for companies and professionals.


Squishy Rocks in Blender 3D

If you, like me, are trying to learn a bit more of 3D and chose Blender as the tool of trade I recommend that you check out the work of Matti Tauslahti. This project also links to a nice tutorial on how to create a similar effect.


Rron Branding and Visual Identity

Rron Berisha shared the branding and visual identity project he created for himself. The redesign of his personal brand had the main goal of reflecting the values he stands for.


Pop & Surreal Digital Art by Kota Yamaji

Kota Yamaji is a digital artist based in Tokyo, Japan, he just shared his art contribution for the 2020 Adobe MAX Conference. Seeing his colorful and surreal style, I decided to share some of the few things he shared on his Behance.


#AdobeMAX THE Creativity Conference. Get ready to be inspired.

Adobe MAX IS the conference to attend when you are part of the industry as a designer, an artist, a creator, and basically anybody who promotes 'creativity' in their workflow. Adobe is being known to always bring quality expectations for its events, even during a global pandemic.


21 User Interface Inspired 3D Animations in Blender3d

Derek Elliott created a series of 21 3D animations inspired by user interfaces. They all stick to a theme of white and orange, with simple, machine-inspired animation. The work was done in my newest favorite tool, which I am trying to learn, Blender 3D. 


Technogym Live Branding in Motion

The talented designers at hup studio shared the branding work they did for Technogym Live, a fitness streaming platform offering live classes on Technogym’s smart equipment. They chose to explore a bold typography with very simple elements like rectangles with clever animations. The result is a modern and elegant system.

3d art

Geological Maps into 3D Art

Dmitriy Vorontzov is an art director and motion designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. He shared an intriguing project titled: 'Geological art' and it's basically geological maps turned into 3D art. They look quite amazing and so creative!

digital art

Everyday Digital Art by Kurt Chang

Kurt Chang is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, he has been sharing pretty illustrations via his Behance. With this never-ending pandemic, I have noticed an increase in 'digital art' projects being shared.

blender 3d

Blender 3D Inspiration

At abdz, we are on this 'rampage' to learn Blender 3D which is an amazing 3D tool and it's free! Fabio has been doing lots of cool stuff and me I am more learning the ropes at the moment.


Círculo 1 Branding and Visual Identity

Polar, Ltda. created a beautiful branding and visual identity for Círculo 1, a motorcycle club and workshop that gathers friends, families, collectors and enthusiasts of varied motorcycles, whether urban or sportive models.


William Morris Design Line Brand Identity

Arthur Stovell shared a brand identity project for William Morris Design Line. A local community focused design route through the streets of Walthamstow that runs as part of London Design Festival.


Branding and Visual Identity for Haiku Design House

Haiku Design House self-branded Haiku Design House to reflect their core design values. The branding and visual identity created was built on the spirit of collaboration, Haiku aims to work with talented, like-minded creatives to create unique, exciting projects for clients.

print design

Foil Print Experiments by Sean Ford

Sean Ford is a graphic designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, he has shared with us a cool print experiments he has been doing with foils and textures via his Behance. I really dig those experiments and It's really cool to see 'graphic design' making a solid comeback.


Crimson Thematic Illustrations about Japan

Titled: 'Japonismes', we are featuring a series of hand-drawn illustrations with Japanese motifs by Lucas Reis. He is the head of Art at Mother based in London, United Kingdom, we have featured his work 'The Bible of Barbecue' before on abdz. It's great to feature this project who reflects Luca's style and the same high-quality standard.

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