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Highlife Branding

Angello Torres shared a branding design work for the Highlife festival. There are a lot of cool references in the work, from the composition that works in different directions and configurations as well as the whole branding material with illustrations and patterns. Some inspired by ancestry African art. 

book suggestion

Must Read - The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger

This weekend I finally finished Robert Iger’s book The Ride of a Lifetime - Lessons Learned from 15 years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. I must confess, I remember seeing a lot of people suggesting this book, including Bill Gates. I was a bit unsure, I don’t know why. Perhaps because I didn’t even know who Bob Iger was.

motion design

Motion Design Monday - Rising ASEAN Opening Title

A Malay Docu series that explores the multi-faceted communities living in the Southeast Asia countries that form ASEAN. Kelly KTKL shared this motion design and 3D project a couple of years ago, but it’s the first time I see it, otherwise I would have featured it here on abdz.


Transforming from a Paper to a Digital World

Adrian & Gidi x Adobe AEM is a visual story for Adobe AEM's website. The ultimate goal was to show the transformation from a paper to a digital world. The result is quite elegant. The colors, subtle textures, shadows. It has that “real” look that is rarely achieved in 3D. They achieved this using Cinema 4D and Redshifit.


Beyond—Stunning Outer Space Textures

Chrisb Marquez shared this project called Beyond—Stunning Outer Space Textures by Chroma Supply. Basically, it is  a set of 12 outer space textures in high resolution. They are 6000 pixels on the long edge, perfect for screen and print.

graphic design

New World Face Masks

Toby Ng share a graphic design and packaging project he did for Love Without Border for a global initiative formed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. In response to a mask shortage in Hong Kong, NWD saw the need to support the community by producing and supplying ‘Made in Hong Kong’ face masks.


Paradox by Kyungrae yu

Kyungrae yu one day got inspired by the word Paradox and made an awesome motion design and 3D work using Cinema 4D and Octane Render. The result is simply beautiful. 


Padaung Women - Photography by Hugo Santarem

Hugo Santarem is a super talented brazilian photographer with an incredible portfolio. We’ve featured him here on the blog in the past and we will keep featuring his work because it’s simply beautiful. For this post I’d love to share some photos from his collection called Myanmar - Padaung Women.

poster design

Typographic Poster Studies by Xtian Miller

Xtian Miller is a designer from Detroit, MI, USA and he is back another typographic poster studies, I really dig his style and his sense of graphics. Having featured his work before on abdz, you just can't help to appreciate his creative senses and his willingness to constantly keep exploring through discovery.

logo design

Logo Design Folio by Álvaro Studio

Álvaro Studio is a creative studio based in Barcelona, Spain specializing in art direction, graphic design, and illustration. They have shared a logo design folio I thought would be worth sharing on abdz. 'Logo design' has been a little obsession even since I designed a logo for a friend of mine who is starting a business.


Hometime Minimalist Branding Redesign

Bruno Canales shared a  new project, this time it’s the branding redesign for Hometime, a residential management company in Dallas, Texas. Their main objective is to be a one stop shop for home maintenance, reparation and remodels.


Nike's Take on Sustainability - Trash by you

Mark Aver is a Sr. Creative Director at Nike based in Portland, OR, USA, he shared a pretty awesome advertising for Nike about sustainability. Featuring the floral art by Manu Torres, the purpose of this ad is to show the Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit is made from at least 50% recycled content by weight.


MasterCard - Believe in Experiences

Wernersam Studio and Latina Studio shared their beautiful work brand work for MasterCard. The campaign is focused on the message that at MasterCard, they believe in experiences, in the awe of the simple things.

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