Kocbek Branding and Packaging Design

Kocbek approached Visual Brain Gravity with an extraordinary problem. How to push his renowned pumpkin seed oil to high-end and demanding customers? His family has been producing pumpkin seed oil for over 80 years, when his grandfather, Anton Kocbek, started producing pumpkin seed oil in 1929. From generation to generation the knowledge was passed on and hand-made production itself has not changed at all, with all the respect towards the tradition.

Association Architecture Bioclimatic Branding

Creanet shared a branding and visual identity project for Association Architecture Bioclimatic, an international association of the world’s leading architects expert in bioclimatic structures. Actually there are 497 members from 39 countries. Its members have been collectively responsible for the architecture design of most of the world's top environmental buildings. The Design is simple and very elegant, with a special shout-out to the editorial design.  

Mohd. That’s More — Branding and Editorial Design

Alessandro Giua shared a branding and editorial design for Mohd, a worldwide leading company in luxury furniture and design, offering the best selection of international design and exclusive interior design services, both online and through their physical showrooms in Italy. 

Studio Es x PRESENT PERFECT Branding

The Vienna based design agency Studio Es developed the branding and visual identity for PRESENT PERFECT, a photo production for all kinds of content in the fields of culture, tourism, architecture, interiors, fashion, lifestyle, and reportage. In addition the platform showcases a careful selection of independent photographers, from emerging talents to established artists.

Nexible - Branding and Typeface

Nexible is an insure-tech company from Germany that focuses on smart, digital interactions with customers through user-friendly interfaces that make the insurance process as easy as possible. “No boring paperwork, and plenty more time to enjoy the good things in life.” Morphoria and Design studio B.O.B., put their heads together and came up with a flexible identity that is fun, bold and highly recognizable in its simplicity through distinctive shapes and vibrant colors. 

Wknd Nation branding by ROOK/NYC

Wknd Nation, started by stylist Sofia Karvela and fashion industry veteran Phuong Ireland, is a casual loungewear clothing line designed with comfort to make you feel good. 

ORG-YOU Branding and Visual Identity

Studio Fabio Biesel shared a super elegant branding and visual identity project for ORG-YOU, an organization application for small and medium-sized companies. The folks over at Studio Fabio Biesel had the great task to support ORG-YOU creatively from the beginning. They have developed a corporate design, interface designs for web applications, apps and also the website.

Visual Identity for the Big Picture Gradshow

Shanti Sparrow Design had posted this branding and identity project they did for The Shillington School of Graphic Design graduation show. The visual identity was created during the Coronavirus lockdown. Students and faculty may have been separated in their own little boxes during quarantine but they are ultimately connected and part of a bigger picture.The identity celebrates the incredible and diverse work of New York, London, Manchester. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane graduates produced during unprecedented circumstances. 

Bureau of Architecture Minimalist Branding

Wayne Season shared a branding project for Bureau of Architecture featuring a simple and minimalist design relying on beautiful imagery and typography to create some inspiring compositions. I am a fan of the style and have been using it as reference for the design of for over a decade.

Farm Before Pharm Branding and Packaging Design

invade design shared a branding and packaging design project for Vivo a Medellín-based restaurant which offers healthy preparations using ingredients that were very carefully planted and harvested, from seed to crop to then be transported to the city.

Casa 128 | Brechó Slow Fashion — Branding

Trauma Studio | Lucas Oliveira shared a branding and visual identity for Casa 128. The company was born from the desire to promote fashion consumption in a calm way, against all the rush of the seasons and excessive offers. It started as a thrift store, then the idea matured and embraced the chance to add new products made with purpose and high quality, to last a long time. 

OGV Design Simple, yet Elegant Branding

Ognjen Gligorijevic shared a simple and very stylish branding and visual identity work for OGV Design, a contemporary graphic design studio based in Nis, Serbia and Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a strong focus on typography, editorial design and branding. 

Concept Branding for Climate Change Conference

Shangning Wang shared a personal project/ concept project/ student thesis project for the branding for COP 25 UN Climate Change Conference. Shangning discloses that this is not the official branding design of the event. This one was not selected by the event. This was only designed for education and communication purposes (designed in 2016). This project has no affiliation with UN COP's brand.

Branding Concept for Next Generation Transportation

Braz de Pina shared a super complete branding project for a fictional company called HyperCommute. The project was part of an interview process, but for me what is more important to highlight it is the step by step design process, from problem definition, references/inspiration, concepts to the final solution. On top of that, the whole presentation has an impeccable visual design, which highlights the Braz specialization in branding, marketing and more traditional graphic design work.

Alive Parts — Branding and Visual Identity

DEBUT's design team shared a beautiful branding and visual identity project for Alive Parts. With the motto “We believe technology is at its best when it feels alive”, the designers from DEBUT looked from inspiration in the 80s, my favorite decade and by now you know where this is going. The clever idea of making two letters with pixelated parts was genius in my opinion and kept the ID fresh but still with that retro feel. 

Muko© Los Angeles Branding & Web Design

Vitali Zahharov shared a really stylish branding, product and UX design for Muko© Los Angeles. Vitalin hasn’t shared much information about the project, but we really love the overall look and feel with the beautiful typography and layout compositions. The project was commissioned by MODDEN

Moneta — Branding and Web Design

Dot Creative shared a branding and web design project for Moneta, an imaginary financial news brand with the mission of informing its audience about the critical and important actions of the global financial scene. The UX team at Dot Creative challenged themselves and designed a news portal that offers an original and interesting journalistic tone with a vigorous in-depth expertise in the background.

TEDx Brescia - Branding and Visual Identity

OSMO DESIGN shared a branding and visual identity for TED. Having a role in organizing a TED event is simply a rewarding experience. We are big supporters of what TED is all about so with this type of project, there is a lot of pleasure in just being part of the team. In 2020 our friends from Basilico organized the TEDx event in our city for the second time and asked us to take care of the art direction and visual design. The challenge? Organizing such a crucial event during the Covid pandemic’s first lockdown.

The Alvar Aalto Library Branding and UX

Ilya Kovalev shared a branding, visual identity and web design project for The Alvar Aalto Library is the central library of Vyborg. Designed by a famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, the library building is the only building in Russia designed by a Finnish architect. The library is an object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.  ‌‌‍‍​​​​

Design-driven Banking For Financial Innovators

The team shared a branding and visual identity project for ff. next. Customers are turning towards alternative solutions like neobanks, because traditional financial institutions aren’t keeping up with their needs. ff. next offers design-driven mobile banking solutions for financial innovators with a special focus on younger customers, including off-the-shelf, boxed solutions that are all easy to integrate and white-label as well as an end-to-end service from UX research, through UX/UI design to implementation. ff.

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