Rebranding for footwear company Ikos

Maryan Ivasyk shared a branding and UX design for IKOS, a Ukrainian family shoe company based in Lutsk. Some time ago, they came to Maryan with a request for rebranding. After the brand session and workshop, the design team decided to slightly change the logo and completely redesign the visual language of the brand. Also, they developed a new tag line for the company "The value of each pair of shoes is in the responsibility"

Long story sh–rt. — Branding and Visual Identity

Nicklas Hellborg shared a branding and visual identity for sh–rt. a short presentation format for all creative minds seeking inspiring stories from all areas of innovation and design. The conference invites everyone interested in interactive- or moving media to an evening of 4-6 quick 10-minute short talks from studios and individual artists in the industry. As interactive- and moving media continue to intersect, we want to gather and encourage conversations around our constant changing industry.

Branding for TFCO

Ted Oliver shared a branding and visual identity project for TFCO. (The Foaming Co.). TFCO developed a self-levelling foamed cellular concrete, an extremely useful solution in the modernization of the Civil Construction sector, ensuring efficiency in the final result of flatness, leveling and adherence, in addition to optimizing construction time and cost.  Design The visual identity developed for TFCO has solid forms with a notch in the 30º angle, giving personality and originality to the brand.

MANTARAY Hydrofoil Craft — Branding and Visual Identity

Acid and Marble ® shared a super elegant and fresh branding and visual identity project for MANTARAY Hydrofoil Craft – The worlds leading hydrofoil technology and the future electric boats. Featuring beautiful typography and vibrant color palette, I am quite a fan of the overall visual language created. 

Mindfully™ — branding and social media content

h3l Agency shared a branding and social media content for Mindfully™ a product/service that solves any and all problems derived from the lack of intentional behavior and routine through music, including but not limited to sleeping irregularities, poor stress management, and blocks toward self-actualization. We take a clinical approach to creating music for utility primarily making use of healing frequencies. This music is versatile in its use for fostering sleep, meditation, and general wellbeing.

Finarte — Branding and Visual Identity

FIB | Fábrica de Ideias Brasil shared a beautiful branding and visual identity for Finarte, a Brazilian company established with the objective of helping collectors to better manage their art patrimony by offering credit products, insurance and valuation services. Thus, collectors can better understand the economic value of their works of art, protect this important asset and manage it more dynamically, having access to liquidity to meet other needs and opportunities or even to acquire new works.

Vila 953 - Branding and Visual Identity

Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro, KOBU Agency, and VIVUS - Gonçalo Cevadinha shared a beautiful and elegant branding and visual identity for Vila 953, a traditional restaurant with a contemporary approach, located in Vila do Conde, Portugal. As they delved into this branding project, researching for the narrative and designing the brand’s visual identity became a time trip and a thrilling challenge.

Archimat — Branding and Visual Identity

byHAUS studio shared a branding and visual identity project for Archimat. About to open its showroom to individuals and contractors, Archimat, a company specializing i finishing products, seized the opportunity to better define its personality and create a recognizable and engaging brand image. The brand has an inspiring brand manifesto that culminates in two signatures: one promotional and the other corporate - making Archimat a true "partner of choice".

Gusztav.architecture studio — Branding and Visual Identity

Lazly Bateman shared a super simple and elegant branding and visual identity project for Gusztav.architecture studio. The project is a brand identity concept made for Gusztav Veres architecture and interior designer. The design was developed under a close working relationship that represents professionalism, minimalism and quality. The logo was made with a swiss typographic taste, the whole project reflects the principles of Bauhaus.

Blotter Atelier - Visual Identity and Web Design

Blotter Atelier is a textile design duo inhabited by a passion that federates creative people and production workshops around a common goal: to create exclusive and innovative clothes. Their collections arise from artistic collaborations, combining tradition, experimentation and independence.

LCGA — Branding and UX Design

Larry V. shared a visual identity, UX and web design project for LCGA. Founded in 2013, LCGA primarily engaged in architecture and interior design providing solutions for residential, commercial, and office spaces in addition to spatial planning and conceptual design. 

Sol — Branding and Visual Identity

As a Brazilian expat living in London, quarantine has made it especially hard being away from family and friends. Lilia Quinaud wanted to do a tribute to her home country and that's how Sol was born.

African Bloom Holdings - Brand Identity & Presentation Design

Si Maclennan shared a branding, visual identity and presentation design for African Bloom Holdings, a consumer goods company in the cannabis product market. African Bloom manages a diverse brand platform, and creates value by giving consumers access to best-in-class products, designed to satisfy key segments within the medical, wellness, and recreational markets. The company needed a corporate identity and various elements to support fundraising efforts.

UPSET Minimalist Branding and Visual Identity

UPSET new brand identity created by Frank Wo revolves around the shape of a canvas. It makes the feel of the brand highly flexible and playful. A minimalistic approach was chosen not to amplify artist projects and exhibitions. 

Reinventing the 'graphic design' handbook

We are taking a look at which is a platform designed for 'Shillington Graphic Design course'. An experience designed by the fine folks from Standing By Co. where they have built an ultimate digital guide to learn the basics of graphic design. What a great way to reinvent the digital experience of a handbook, I hope the students will enjoy this unique experience. Through the overall experience and the transitions; what I think I love the most about the experience is how adaptable it is.

Brand Identity & Packaging Design for Yaro Sushi Experience

Duo Daniela Barrio de Mendoza and Maria Boada are respectively brand designer and illustrator based in Lima, Peru. They have worked together to design this grand brand identity & packaging for Yaro Sushi Experience which is also based in Peru. I think what caught my eye is the use of the red color mixed with the beige and let's not forget about the gold foil which brings a premium finish to the overall packaging.

Playful Minimalist Branding for Twig Learning Center

When I think of Singapore, I think of really hot weather and colors somehow. It's a beautiful country mixed with concrete and also nature landscapes. Along those lines, I wanted to share the work of the Darling Visual Communications which is a design consultancy firm that specializes in branding, print, typography, and web. They worked on the new branding for the Twig Learning Center which is for students to improve their learning skills towards chemistry and also offering a supportive learning environment.

Visual Identity for Dailygreatness, a growth planner

As of late, I have been freelancing back to my roots with branding, and building a visual system for a client. It's been such a long time ever since my graphic days and most of us have switched to 'product design'. I was stumbling across the work of the fine folks at Bunker3022., a branding & designs studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Beco Creative Studio - Branding and Visual Identity

Beco Creative Studio shared the branding and visual identity that they created for their own studio. They are a multidisciplinary design studio doing all things creative. It was founded by Beatriz Ramos and Constanca Soromenho in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s worth highlighting the materials and color treatment. Definitely super well-crafted and elegant.  Our design approach is to find the right balance between meaningful and beautiful reaching for the extraordinary.

Fonima Vol. 3 — Branding and Visual Identity

Manifiesto shared a branding and visual identity for Fonima. Fonima seeks to dissolve the line between visuals and sound through rhythm, time and silence. The festival connects the audience through sensory experiences in an audiovisual concert that brings together musicians, animators and VJs in a live session of visual and musical improvisation.

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