Ousa Branding and Online Store Design

Erva design, Hugo Barbosa, and Ricardo Barros shared concept design project focusing on branding and graphic design. OUSA represents the connection between years of experience in the manufacture of comfort pieces and the timeless trend of contemporary design. The name “Ousa” came along with the concept, showcasing frontality and simplicity as main characteristics.

Delegated™ Virtual Assistant Digital Platform Branding

Designed by h3l™, Delegated™ is a Virtual Assistant Digital Platform created for executives at larger companies + entrepreneurs. The project was conceived in 2 stages. The first stage of the branding was created using the symbology of the basic elements applied to the digital communication, messages, tasks, etc. In the second stage of development we focus on the regular preferences of the target provided for the brief. Travel symbology, global communication, digital banks, etc. 

CentriX Branding and Visual Identity

Jarosław Dziubek shared a branding and visual identity project for CentriX. The brand features a simple design with beautiful typography. The collaterals highlight the modern look, with the editorial style and basically black and white color scheme. 

VAI-M'À BANDA 2019 Visual Identity

Free and itinerant, VAI-M'À BANDA 2019  is a festival that exchanges the conventional stage for the most emblematic taverns of the city, in celebration of music and these places of such strong tradition in Guimaraes.

The Harbour Branding and Web Design

Gil Huybrecht shared a branding and web design project created for The Harbour, a funding agency in Belgium that makes sure companies can grow in the right way by working strategy first. Gil shared some details about the design process, like the grid system and how the brand manifests through different mediums.

Café de Palma Fresh Soap Packaging Design

Estudio Albino shared a branding and packaging design for Café de Palma Fresh Soap. In the wake of the global pandemic, entertainment venues and mass gatherings closed their doors. Café de Palma, looking for a way to be close to its customers and remind them of the importance of washing their hands constantly as a preventive measure and as a habit in the “new normal” has decided to send a gift to its customers.

Match Branding Redesign by COLLINS

Strategy and experience design company COLLINS and online dating giant Match™ have partnered to evolve the 25-year-old brand from within, growing and amplifying its mission while inviting thoughtfulness and trust back into a space they pioneered.

Hébano Branding and Visual Identity

David Espinosa IDS shared a beautiful branding and visual identity for Hébano, a small carpentry workshop located in the city of Bucaramanga, it is a space dedicated to the construction of all kinds of furniture, accessories and elements with modern, contemporary and classic designs. They are distinguished by their great finishes and by offering specialized help and advice focused on spaces.

Paloma Nieri Branding and Visual Identity

Guapo ./ shared a truly inspiring branding and logo design case study for the work they did for Paloma Nieri. The final result is really good but what caught my attention was the detailed process behind it and the presentation of it. With a technical drawing look the designers at Guapo illustrate how they went from the idea to the logo and identity. A text-book type of form simplification.

Nation Branding and Visual Identity

Good designer is long lasting. That is the best definition for me and it can be tested by looking at projects thinking they were recently designed and realizing that they are actually a few years old, like this branding and visual identity project that Vicente Sulzbach worked on for Nation is an influencer startup agency specialised in integrating the power of influencer marketing and brands. Nation works to discover new talents or to acquire consolidated people to the team.

University of California Humanities Research Institute Branding

The awesome designers over at TRÜF Creative shared an inspiring branding and visual identity project for UCHRI: The University of California Humanities Research Institute facilitates experimental, interdisciplinary humanities scholarships through research initiatives and grants. We redesigned their visual identity to be more contemporary, helping to showcase their groundbreaking research and points of view. Angles in the "H" monogram depict collaboration, movement and new lines of thought.

Mobvista Branding and Visual Identity

Van Chiang shared a branding, visual identity and web design project for Mobvista, a leading technology platform dedicated to driving global business growth in the digital age. With global technology and rich industry experience, Mobvista helps customers utilize advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and elastic cloud computing cluster management to connect China and the rest of the world, helping customers build forward-looking business models and guaranteeing effective market access for all.

ANA RED WINE Branding and Packaging Design

Studio Format shared a beautiful branding and packaging design for ANA RED WINE. A mirror can twist or distort our perception. It can cheat the eye, enhancing or fading some traits. More often than not, a mirror arises interest in the eyes of the viewer. Therefore, Studio format has chosen this perspective to design the ANA® project: a new red wine brand.

ELEVEN Branding and Visual Identity

ELEVEN is a mexican/afro-american artist and graphic designer based in Germany. Eleven shared a bit of the process behind their branding and visual identity project. I am a fan of the use of negative space, the simple typography and the usage of gradients. It gives classic but fresh look. 

Mountain Club Branding and Visual Identity

makebardo ­ shared a branding and visual identity project for Mountain Club and company that was born out of a desire to redefine the meaning of a day at the office. It’s possible to work from anywhere. But is it possible to balance work, play and community? That’s the question that led them to create a space in Queenstown, New Zealand that supports the full flexibility of today’s tech enabled work style and the needs of a vibrant, creative and engaged community.

HOOF branding by Uniforma Studio

Uniforma Studio shared a branding and visual identity for HOOF, a brand creating thoughtful solutions for office spaces.  Office interior design is all about interaction. Interaction between people and objects around. That’s why flat elements from architectural projections and elements in 3D illustrations interpenetrate creating new value. Having that in mind, a logo itself shows two seats on the opposite sides of a table – a simple illustration of a meeting.  

Plum - Branding and Visual Identity for Food Delivery

Judy Chen and Crystal Ho shared a branding and visual identity project for Plum, a lifestyle curator that shares their taste via their food delivery app. Like harvesting ripened and succulent fruit while filtering out the rest, the team thoughtfully selects products based on quality, affordability, and distinctiveness. The result is a refined collection of the best — tasted by experts, with insider prices, and customised to each individual’s preference.

Expano EXPO Exhibition Branding and Visual Identity

Crtomir Just and FRANC FRANC shared a colorful branding and visual identity project for Expano, the Slovenian pavilion building from the EXPO Exhibition in Milan, which became the regional promotional center of the pannonian Pomurje region. The visual identity emphasizes the diverse content of the place, which consists of an interactive exhibition, a promotional shop with the Tourist Info Center, an inn with local food and a business center.

Harvard Innovation Labs Introduces New Visual Identity

Founded in 2011, the Harvard Innovation Labs has nurtured more than 6,000 innovators and entrepreneurs who have started 1,668 ventures across dozens of industries, from enterprise technology to life sciences, education, and social impact. The purpose of the i-lab is to inspire venture creation and cross-disciplinary collaboration amongst all Harvard students, as well as select alumni and faculty.

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