Brand Identity for Flatey – Pizza Napoletana

BEWARE of a tasty Pizza picture in this article. On the serious side, I do miss making brand identities. The feeling of going to the printer to proof a print job for your client was a lot of fun. Somehow there "this" creative freedom where I am keep searching whenever I work on digital projects. The folks from Studio Holt gave me a great reminder of that time. Located in Reykjavik, Iceland, they are a creative studio and they have worked a brand identity for Flatey – Pizza Napoletana.

Redefining Stootie through a bold and colorful rebranding

Let's take a look at this colorful rebranding by the folks from Carré Noir, it's a branding agency located in beautiful Paris, France. They have worked with Stootie to helped make a bold and evolving identity based on the theme of "people energy". Imagine having a group of individuals available to help with your daily chores from renovations, moving, deliveries and more. I love the super clever concept of the logo and seeing animated gives a total giveaway of what the brand is all about.

Elegant Brand Identity for Hairlines by BULLSEYE

BULLSEYE - Aim on branding shared yet another beautiful brand identity project. We have featured them a few times, but they keep delivering great work. This time they worked don the hairdresser branding design, Hairlines, with a sensual and modern feel. Our challenge for this project was creating a logo and a visual identity that was expressive, yet elegant. Having in mind, the feminine world, as the brand’s target audience. 

Be Legendary. Nike Branding Concept for Tokyo 2020

Daniele Caruso is a freelance illustrator based in Swindon, United Kingdom. He is working mainly in illustration, graphic design and branding. We are taking a look at his branding concept for Nike: Be Legendary, for the upcoming and anticipated Tokyo 2020. With the tagline "legendary", Daniele included mythological creatures to create an artistic atmosphere alongside with the colour palette that totally reminds me of Dotonbori (the bright heart) from Osaka, Japan. What do you think? Would you like this kind of visual approach if it was from Nike.

Super Cool Brand Identity for Coolio Mag

Lino Russo shared a beautiful brand identity and UI/UX design  project for Coolio Mag,a new american magazine built from the ethos of popular culture. From creators to curators, influencers and innovators we understand that in today’s world attention is the new currency to brands. Those that generate the most attention, generate the most traffic, which allows brands to monetize.

The Classic Style of a Token Gift

Celebrating Christmas in July? As far as professional gifting services go, Token’s done a great job building a product around a universal truth: great gifts are tough to find. But when you mix their classic take on elegant packaging & brand that says a whole lot with just a little — well, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.  

Brace Your Dog Bowls

Back in October, while I scrambled to adjust to life with our new puppy, I got wind of a fresh new startup named Ollie — an online food subscription service for dogs.  And with a brand and packaging as nice as this one, I needed to test it out. 

Brand Identity and Poster Design for Lakeside Festival

The Lakeside Festival is an annual festival for drum and bass, house and techno music and is presented by Ehrlich Bum Bum, an independent drum and bass collective from Graz, Austria. Lukas Diemling created an analog typographic artwork for the brand identity and poster. The reference was from the location of the event, a lake, and a visual representation of the beats of the electronic music.

Brand Identity for The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency

Kissmiklos shared an awesome brand identity for The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, a firm which helps Hungarian designers to be qualified for exhibitions, programs and events all over the world. One of the most important events of HFDA is the Budapest Central European Fashion Week. Both logos are based on the coat of arms of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, where the agency has its head office.

Elegant Brand Identity for MONAJANS branding and digital agency

MONAJANS shared a very elegant brand identity project on their Behance profile. The project was done for their company, which always makes it so much more challenging, at least for me. Have you tried to create your portfolio or a logo for yourself? Maybe things have changed now, but for me it's always been very difficult. I am glad to see that the folks over at MONAJANS manage to accomplish something beautiful for theirs. 

Renewed Brand Identity for Port Restaurant

Dima Bertoluchi shared a really cool brand identity for the Port Restaurant.  The new  logotype has become significantly more stable, has gained an additional pleasant weight. In the renewed identity of the Port 2.0 restaurant, brutalism is elevated to the rank of the dominant ideal and the unique genetic code of the entire establishment, which can be traced in the interior details, where rough gray concrete, metal, wood are abundant, and the air ducts and window sills are painted in camogreen.

Brand identity Using Negative Space for Minimalissimo

Minimalissimo is one of my favorite websites, especially for everything minimalist. I love their logo and for my surprise, I found the brand identity project created by Alessandro Scarpellini for it on Behance. It is really nice to see how the different mediums converge to the same aesthetics. I had only seen the site before, but looking at collaterals and some print examples you can definitely see the consistency of the branding system created by Alessandro.

Super Clean Brand Identity for Das Flash

Das Flash It is a mini-magazine about the art of tattoo in Poland. Grzegorz Leśniewicz was responsible for creating a concept, name, brand's philosophy, logotype and all brand identity materials along with a digital image. The final design was further modified in the direction of a more raw and underground appearance.

Brand Identity: Smart Use of Striking Colors and Patterns

Gordon Reid was commissioned by two ex-advertising folks who had this great idea to create a reactive bakery to whatever social media frenzy was happening in the world. It was an opportunity for Gordon not to miss as he knew he had two people there who really wanted to create an exciting brand and fun design. So thankfully they had the trust to let him really go a bit wild with the brand identity.

Refreshed Visual Identity and Motion Graphics for SPORTV

BEELD Motion invited Danilo Gusmão Silveira to help them create a new visual Identity for SPORTV, one of the most prominent Sports Channels in South America. They experimented with several different graphic styles and forms to find a new image for the channel. The result is simply beautiful. The move from the old style which was very 3D with some chrome and other old style broadcast design style is very welcome.

Fresh New Brand Identity for Sweet Films

  Elvis Benício and Diego Bolgioni were invited to create a new brand identity for Sweet Films. The goal of this rebranding was to adapt to the new strategic position and vision of the studio and communicate the message to the market. Sweet Films is a Brazilian boutique studio specialized in video production for advertisements. The design solution that they created included dynamic visual elements made up of fresh components and a new typeface.

Elegant Brand Identity for KNNOX Lighters

Socio Design shared a beautiful brand identity project on their Behance profile. The client was KNNOX lighters, and the goal was to celebrate the simple and modern aesthetic as well as the precision handcraft of KNNOX lighters which feature contributions from fifteen different hand-selected English manufacturers. The lighters are packaged as a kit of individual components to be assembled by the consumer, emphasising the incredible detail an accuracy put into its production.

Colorful Brand Identity for Cafe Buho

Futura . is a design studio based in Mexico and they shared an awesome and very colorful brand identity project for Cafe Buho, a coffee shop located in Chile. They took inspiration from urban art and the Chilean muralist movement. Their reinterpretation is based on the "costumbrista" art and in the style of the streets and history of this country. They project it by elevating the coffee process, from the farmer who sows and harvests, as well as all those involved, to the customer who drinks a cup of coffee.

Brand Identity for The Clifford Pier Singapore

It's booked! We will be heading down to Singapore for our yearly vacation, nothing cooler than exploring designers, artists, and photographers based in this beautiful country. Let's take a look at the work of Foreign Policy and their Brand Identity for The Clifford Pier. I took this particular project because the design truly reflects the colours from Singapore after watching so many travel videos on the subject.

Brand Identity for New York City Architecture Firm Dash Marshall

TwoPoints.Net shared a beautiful brand identity project for the New York City architecture firm Dash Marshall. When designing the corporate identity they realized that architecture acts in the intersection of the old and the new, the static and the flexible, the properties of matter and the lives of people. Within these constraints, Dash Marshall creates spaces which tell the stories of their habitants and invites them to create new ones.

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