Samsonite Rebranding Campaign

Nowadays, I like to think that any brands/companies with an existence with more than two decades, with how advanced is today's technology and social media. They must be trying to re-invent how the users will or can interact with the future of the brand. Especially people that lands directly in the category: 'Millennials', it has been a growing demographic and changing their ways on how they pursue their buying needs.

Branding and Visual Identity for Music and Arts Festival

Student-run fundraiser 25tolife is hosting a music and arts festival with all proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society. 25toLife is a joint project between Kamal Masri's SFU Beedie School of Business Project Management class and the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). This project aims to raise funds for cancer research and to support individuals who are affected by this disease while learning project management. The event will feature a variety of live music, arts, poetry and dance performers. There will also be a raffle with some fantastic prizes to take home.

That 90s Look is Coming Back: Dear God Brand Identity

Yesterday I posted about the work of Dylan Levionnoi and the many 90s references for his work had. Today, we will keep on with the same topic, perhaps because now I am aware, but It seems to be that there are more projects with a similar style. For this post, I would love to share the brand identity project that Elvis Benício and Lostctrl published on their Behance profiles titled Dear God. It does indeed have that 90s graphic design look.

Branding Inspiration: Lisbon School of Design

UMA Brand Studio published an amazing new branding project for the Lisbon School of Design. This is a brand project with the ambition to inspire all students to be creative. With a changeable path concept represented by the S of School, which translates to the different design courses, the diversity of its students and of course, creativity.

Sanatorija Gin Bar Branding and Visual Identity

Holy Affair was approached by gin aficionados who wanted to open the best gin bar in the country. Their ambition needed the corresponding identity for the new brand. In recent years Vilnius city has seen a major rise in the HoReCa market. A vast quantity of newly opened bars, cafes, and restaurants have engaged in a ruthless competitive fight. To shine in this environment a new bar needed a distinctive brand identity and a strong message that could reach customers who have seen it all.

Branding and Visual Identity of La Diplomate

La Diplomate celebrates tea offers 60+ teas from all over the world. Rice Creative, a design agency from Vietnam, created the visual identity, and packaging solutions for the gorgeous 18th century storefront which sits on a quaint pedestrian lane in the center of Bordeaux, France, a newly labeled UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Branding & Art Direction for theDesk co-working space

Let's kick it off as I would like to share the work of Toby Ng for the branding project he worked for theDesk, a co-working space based in Hong Kong. Their mission is to provide a well-designed environment to work in, built on inclusive global and local communities mindset while enabling business growth for both its members and the surrounding neighborhood. Toby has done tremendous work on its logo identity that brings total simplicity and style at the same time. Let's take a dive in.

Branding for Edison Botânica & Bar

Diego Carneiro shared this branding project more than one year ago and to my surprise we somehow missed it. But it’s never too late to feature inspiring projects like this one. Edison Botânica & Bar is a concept bar inspired by Thomas Edison, created by the 134office crew, to deliver a fantastic experience inside of the São Paulo's madness. We mixed the awesome Edison lamps and the cozy ambient of botanical gardens.

Branding and Graphic Design for CoType™

CoType™ is the London based type foundry of Mark Bloom and Co. They design contemporary typefaces for use in digital and print applications. In addition to their retail offerings, they also offer design of bespoke typefaces and modifications of their existing font library. All of their typefaces support Latin Extended-A, Western European, Central European & Southeastern European languages. They also offer free trials across their entire font library, allowing you to try before you buy.

Brutalist Branding for Synticate©

Stepan Solodkov shared a branding and graphic design project created for a Moscow based CGI studio that has a portfolio of very large clients. The target audience of the studio are creative and art directors of large advertising agencies, therefore, the identity wanted to invoke a bright, modern and memorable look. The name of the Synticate is a symbiosis of the two names Synthesis and Syndicate.

Reimagining Branding and Web Design for Photo Studio

Tom Chrostek, Krzysztof Gwóźdź, and the folks over at Ollestudio shared a project they did for Przemek Szuba that focused on reimagining the branding and web design. From the very beginning of the work, they knew that all those amazing photographs should speak for themselves. Every photo has a story to tell so we wanted to keep the visual language clean, neutral and narrative - mentioned Ollestudio designers.

Beautiful Branding for Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is a brand new franchise that will begin play in Major League Soccer in 2018. Backed by a star-studded ownership group that includes Magic Johnson, Will Ferrell, Mia Hamm, and Nomar Garciaparra, LAFC promises to be a major force in the global game. Plans for 22,000-seat stadium are underway, with groundbreaking scheduled in 2016.

Le Condé, Punch & Cocktail Bar Branding

Marçal Prats shared a super complete and beautiful branding project on Behance. As Marçal describes the project it was done for the Hyatt Regency Chantilly Hotel, the home to Le Condé, Punch & Cocktail Bar. Le Condé is a felted lounge with extravagant touches, where to chat, have fun and share signature punches and cocktails. The drink menu has unique and surprising recipes which vary according to the seasons.

Warner Bros. New Branding by Pentagram

Pentagram always does a fantastic job redesigning popular brands. The focus is always on simplicity or simplifying these identities from the visual point of view in a way that only Pentagram can do it. I am not questioning the quality of the work but I do love the storytelling power to walk us and everyone through the story behind the redesign. Below you can see a bit of the work done for Warner Bros.. Learn more about the project

Fresh Brand Identity for Uber Money

As you may have heard or not, the folks from Uber have introduced a while back, their own take on financial products and technologies that deliver additional value for the community. It's kind of their take at the Apple Card basically. Whatever you see a value or not, we are showcasing the brand identity work they shared on Behance. Designed by the Uber Design.

Studio Emme Furniture Design - Branding

Hana Neuman shared a branding project for a furniture design agency based in Cairo, Egypt called Studio Emme. The brand’s logo is designed based on an isometric grid in order to highlight the three-dimensionality of the product offered - mentioned Hana. She also adds that the logo represents a fusion between the chair icon and the name of the brand.

Elegant Branding Work for Red Circle by Oddone

My old friend Roger Oddone has been quiet for a long time and now I understand why, he’s been working on some killer branding projects and the latest one is for RedCircle, a platform designed to empower the podcaster community to grow, earn money and be heard through free podcast hosting and a cross-promotional marketplace.

Introducing the Book of Branding, a guide for startups and beyond

It's always inspiring to see our friends, from the industry, creating and making cool stuff to inspire others. It's a reward that we will never take for granted and we will will always be supporting. We are featuring the book release of our dear friend Radim Malinic and his Book of Branding.

Brand Identity & Web Design for Tofu Design

We would like to share the work from Daphnie Loong and Daniel Tan who are creative directors from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They recently shared the design of their studio that specialized in UI/UX, web design, interaction, copywriting and more. It's quite trendy seeing more and more illustrations integrated into UI designs which is quite amazing. It's really adding some character especially since nowadays UI designs are starting to look all alike. What do you think?

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