Logo Design & Identity for Schiffsmesse Wien

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to travel. Yeah it's becoming quite an eventful thing now with the current pandemic that never ceases to end. It was for a small vacation and we decided to visit the country of Austria, more precisely the cities of Vienna and Salzburg. I will be putting together a series of photos and wallpapers for you all. Located in the east part of the Danube, it's a charming city that owes its music heritage including Mozart, and Beethoven for example.

Brand Identity for The Camerata Salzburg

Bruch Idee & Form was commissioned to create the new brand identity system for The Camerata Salzburg. The aim was to communicate the full of the revolutionary energy and individuality and yet classically stringent style of their musicians. The new wordmark communicates the orchestras openness, flexibility and individual approach while opposing the orchestra to their audience. The two semi-circles create a very flexible space to communicate music venues, cooperations, sub-brands or everything else that comes to the orchestras mind.

Branding and Visual Identity for Waia Ushuaia

Maribel Martel shared a beautiful branding and visual identity project for Waia Ushuaia. From my bad understanding of Spanish, it seems to be for an upscale real estate/housing business, probably in Ushuaia, which is the capital of Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina. It’s considered the end of the world because of being located at the southernmost tip of South America. The design work is minimal and very elegant. Neutral color palette, beautiful grid system and serif typography. 

​​​​​​​Hawk Skateboard Branding

Hawk is a new brand of Skateboard, which has a BIG purpose. Equality and freedom are the two words that represent Hawk. The brand is for those who do not carry prejudice, but also for those who believe in freedom of expression, of being. The branding and visual identity project was created by Studio 31 and shared by Natalie Nodari

Branding for Misimi Maternity & Nursing Clothing

Fromsquare Studio, Kuba Piechota and Huge Dayz shared a branding and visual identity project for Misimi, a Polish clothing brand for pregnant women, which has quickly become one of the most recognizable brands in the country. Rebranding aimed at fundamental change of the brand's image and way of communication. We wanted to indicate that  motherhood is a moment to celebrate a new strength based on pride and fulfillment.

Branding and Design System for Fresha 

Fresha is an app that makes the connection and booking process with local spa or salon services from your mobile very easy. The challenge for The Woork Co was to create a beauty-related brand neutral enough to work first, as a white label for merchants and second, connect at user-level with a majority of a female audience without neglecting a potential male public.

Dope International Branding and Visual Identity

The amazing people over at Abstract Logic shared a really inspiring branding and visual identity project for Dope International, a music group and art company supporting work of high quality , integrity, and individuality. The work that Abstract did is  very thorough. I especially love the motion design explorations as well as the website and mobile ideas.

Simple and Super Elegant Brand Identity for Elogic

The super talented designers at created a brand new visual language for the e-commerce development company Elogic. The new visual language aims to speak to its customers on the same level as they speak with their website end-users.  Elogic is a 360° e-commerce powerhouse that is devoted to delivering bespoke solutions with the help of talented individuals and industry-specific expertise.

Ki Colorful Branding and Visual Identity

Roser Padrés worked on this colorful branding and visual identity project for a timeless lighting system that offers a huge range of playful and experimental configurations. The lamp’s structure is made of bamboo with a concrete base, with the colorful wire curving around the lamp post. 

UPSET Minimalist Branding and Visual Identity

UPSET new brand identity created by Frank Wo revolves around the shape of a canvas. It makes the feel of the brand highly flexible and playful. A minimalistic approach was chosen not to amplify artist projects and exhibitions. 

Swiss Style Inspired Branding and Visual Identity

Mehman Mammedov shared a concept project that uses the Swiss style (got me right there) and one of the best Swiss fonts, the Suisse swiss type. The project shows how convenient the logo style is with short solutions. Logo style: offers a successful brand identity solution for many technologies such as fan, watch, thermometer and scale.

Clear Typography and Playful Use of the Grid for Favilla Studio Brand

Gabriel Dzieslaw shared one of those branding and visual identity projects that made me jealous because of how awesome it is. It was created for Favilla Studio, a Danish design company exploring sustainable and unique solutions. It has distinguished itself by a playful approach and use of exclusive upcycled materials.

True North Elegant Brand and Visual Identity

True North is a company designed to help guide potential investors through the property market, based in various geographic locations. They offer professional, unbiased advice, bolstered by complete transparency following an open-book approach. Your interest is True North’s priority and the main goal of their work. That was the brief given to Bous Studio to develop their new brand and visual identity. 

Branding for the 25 Years of Medina Turgul DDB

Kaan Iscan wanted to create a new brand and visual identity that represented everyone who has been a part of Medina Turgul DDB over the past 25 years. To accomplish this, they gathered the data of over 1700 employees past and present. Some who had worked for only 1 month, some for over 10 years. The data was then arranged according to time spent and also department. This way, each colored bar represented a different and unique employee. The ultimate goal, to make their 25th anniversary celebration more meaningful for all their employees.

Branding and Visual Identity for Pure Luxe Magazine

Pure Luxe is a daily online and biannual print magazine covering luxury lifestyle. The branding and art direction is simply beautiful and the designer behind it is Lucas Berghoef After three years the brand sits among the most visited Dutch sources for inspiration in the areas of luxury living, cars, yachts and private jets, among other high-end culture. Lucas Berghoef created the new logo and visual identity for Pure Luxe to further develop the brands sophisticated style. 

Hykavy Stylish Personal Rebrading

José Augusto Hykavy really went above and beyond with his personal brand redesign. The colors for me are simply fantastic. His goal behind this project was to not be just a symbol or monogram, but a complete and striking identity that could be recognized and applied anywhere. José Augusto Designer — extensive and with little personality — I changed to my surname, HYKAVY, it reads "hikavi", of Ukrainian origin and has no specific meaning, it was given as a physiological characteristic.

Sci-fi & Cyberpunk inspired Branding for Paradigmal

Sabbath Studio is a branding studio based Monterrey, Mexico. They shared a branding project wholly inspired by Dystopian Futures, Cyberpunk, Sci-fi / Neo-noir Cult Films & Anime themed aesthetics by client request. Let's just mention that again: 'by client request'. This is so cool and the result is just perfect and true representation of that cult era that we dearly love.

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