Minimalist Brand Identity and UX/UI Design for Uinetry™

Hrvoje Grubisic shared a beautiful brand identity and UX/UI design on his Behance profile for Uinetry™. You've probably noticed that we launched a new design and we focused on simplicity, so as you expect this project I am sharing with you here is another example of minimalist and still very elegant style. I love the grid system and how the whole system works so well, going from the logotype to collaterals and digital.

Brand Identity with Hand Made Personality for Berlin Genuino

Yani & Guil shared a beautiful brand identity project for Salon Berlin. The heads of Salon Berlin reached out at us to bring to life a whole new series of men’s care products from the ground up. After a deep process of investigation, proof and error with all their barbers and us, «Berlin Genuino» was born, offering a lineup of natural products designed, created and tested by real barbers.

Brand Identity & Web Design for Iceberg Hotels

We would like to share the work of Andreas Leah who is an interaction designer based in New York, USA. He shared on his Behance for Iceberg Hotels in Iceland. He worked on the brand identity, graphic design and web design which is pretty fantastic and one hell of a project to take on. Plus the client is located in the stunning and beautiful country of Iceland.

La Noria Coffee Branding and Packaging Design

Bridge Studio shared a branding and visual design project for La Noria Coffee. The project included not only the visual identity but also the packaging. The goal was to promote local coffee farmers as part of the La Noria Coffee Project brand. The secondary goal was to differentiate the brand from other specialty coffee roasters.

Modernist Brand Identity for Beat School

Alex Townsend shared a brand identity project create for Beat School,  a Houston based music publishing company comprised of music producers from around the US. The identity needed to be music related, simple and slightly urban. The result is a modernist mark with bold typography and a contrasting color palette. To inject a bit of personality into the brand, I couldn't help using a school materials aesthetic for the presentation.

Beautiful Branding Work for Adobe 99U Conference

Mark Brooks shared a truly beautiful branding and visual identity project on Behance. It was the project for the wildly popular Adobe 99U Conference.  The Adobe 99U Conference is a live experience that inspires creatives to supercharge your work and make your ideas happen. It’s an evBent where you can hear from a diverse group of thinkers and doers in a series of main stage talks over two days. 99U speakers offer pragmatic, real-world insights that transcend creative sectors.

Brand Identity for Bente Tattoo Studio in Norway

We would like to feature the work from Matheus Gomes who is a graphic designer and art director based in São Paulo, Brazil. We are showcasing more specifically his project for Bente Tattoo Studio. Founded in July 2018 by Bente Berg, a tattoo artist where the studio is based in Bergenhus, Bergen, Norway. Combined with photography, the graphic design is clean with an introductory serif font which is pretty unique for a tattoo artist. I must admit the photography really sets the tone really well.

Branding and Visual Identity for Huerta

Morocho Estudio was commissioned to redesign the visual identity and branding of Huerta. They explored the "new space" concept,. But at the same time combing decisions learned from architecture and interior design, carried out by Flora Estudio. Some of the principles behind this project were rhythms, modules, repetitions, opening and geometry. 

Branding and Visual Identity for Gocase

We come to an era where we are among a lot of fascinating and impressive brands that built products to protect our beloved smartphone. It's now becoming one of the first things you need when comes the moment of purchasing a new phone. Coming with variety comes with the competition with these brands, how do you attract customers through their product, marketing, packaging, presence on social media and etc. We are taking a look at the branding and visual identity for Gocase, a global company that specializes in phone cases and other customized accessories.

Beautiful Brand Identity for Colono

When people ask why we run Abduzeedo, our answer is always, we are always looking for things that inspire us. We are also trying to find new projects before they get featured on other publications. There are some projects that we have to share even after they get featured because they are too good. That's the case of the brand identity project created by the awesome people at atipo ®.

Brand Identity for The Creative Republic

 Mireldy shared a beautiful brand identity project they worked on for The Creative Republic, a regional creative communication festival held in Bihać, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. 

Brand Identity for Cargobot Inspired by Classical Modernism

h3l © shared a super cool brand identity project for Cargobot. The development of Cargobot's identity is inspired by classical modernism. His functionalist personality alludes to the simplicity of movement as the main identity axis. The briefing and corporate requirement raised design slogans based on concepts such as "friendly", "close", "direct" and "digital", among others.

Visually Delicious Identity and Branding for Mexican Restaurant

Anta Petrenco shared a beautiful visual identity, branding and packaging design project on their Behance profile. The project was for a small restaurant of Mexican cuisine who want to make not only delicious food, but also be visually attractive to their customers. Anta combines clean vector lines with vibrant colors to create modern look patterns. The result is quite modern but very friendly because of the color palette. I am a big fan of the style and that’s why it totally deserved the feature. 

Full-fledged Brand Identity and Web Solution for Limitato

Hannes Ahremark is a designer running Studio Ahremar,  a design studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden, aiming to create sophisticated design solutions with conceptual depth and contemporary visuals. Based on the project that Hannes shared on Behance you can attest to how much they kept their goal to deliver truly awesome products, in this case a brand identity and  responsive website for Limitato, a fashion brand that endeavors to merge the world of fashion with the art world. 

Beautiful Brand Identity for Jays Coffee Brewers

Daria Stetsenko shared an awesome brand identity project on her Behance profile. It's titled Jays : Coffee Brewers and it is for a coffee shop in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Main brand qualities are the local roast, arabica only menu, manual brewing, convenient location, and fast service. The brand philosophy is a faith in the great power of coffee that unites great people and creates a special moment of coziness by making our world a better place, one cup at a time.

Brand Identity for Flatey – Pizza Napoletana

BEWARE of a tasty Pizza picture in this article. On the serious side, I do miss making brand identities. The feeling of going to the printer to proof a print job for your client was a lot of fun. Somehow there "this" creative freedom where I am keep searching whenever I work on digital projects. The folks from Studio Holt gave me a great reminder of that time. Located in Reykjavik, Iceland, they are a creative studio and they have worked a brand identity for Flatey – Pizza Napoletana.

Redefining Stootie through a bold and colorful rebranding

Let's take a look at this colorful rebranding by the folks from Carré Noir, it's a branding agency located in beautiful Paris, France. They have worked with Stootie to helped make a bold and evolving identity based on the theme of "people energy". Imagine having a group of individuals available to help with your daily chores from renovations, moving, deliveries and more. I love the super clever concept of the logo and seeing animated gives a total giveaway of what the brand is all about.

Elegant Brand Identity for Hairlines by BULLSEYE

BULLSEYE - Aim on branding shared yet another beautiful brand identity project. We have featured them a few times, but they keep delivering great work. This time they worked don the hairdresser branding design, Hairlines, with a sensual and modern feel. Our challenge for this project was creating a logo and a visual identity that was expressive, yet elegant. Having in mind, the feminine world, as the brand’s target audience. 

A Look at the SingularityU Canada Summit Brand Identity

Puncture Design, a creative studio from Toronto, Canada has done work for the SingularityU Canada Summit brand identity back in 2017. Going with the statement of '...working on our common challenges together', I just appreciate their design and thinking behind the brand identity with a minimal approach with a gradient mixed with the 'Noe Display' font.

Brand Identity for The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency

Kissmiklos shared an awesome brand identity for The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, a firm which helps Hungarian designers to be qualified for exhibitions, programs and events all over the world. One of the most important events of HFDA is the Budapest Central European Fashion Week. Both logos are based on the coat of arms of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, where the agency has its head office.

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