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Bureau of Architecture Minimalist Branding

Wayne Season shared a branding project for Bureau of Architecture featuring a simple and minimalist design relying on beautiful imagery and typography to create some inspiring compositions. I am a fan of the style and have been using it as reference for the design of for over a decade.


NFT Spotlight — Stunning Abstract Art of Alycia Rainaud

You probably have seen her work before and when you did. The world has stopped around you, just to admire a piece of her art. From its execution, your senses have been triggered and complementing the imaginable color combinations ready to be unleashed. Well that's the art of Alycia Rainaud.


Farm Before Pharm Branding and Packaging Design

invade design shared a branding and packaging design project for Vivo a Medellín-based restaurant which offers healthy preparations using ingredients that were very carefully planted and harvested, from seed to crop to then be transported to the city.


Deliciously Fat Gradients in Photoshop

The other day I saw a tweet by Ryan McLeod  asking an easy way to create what he called deliciously fat gradients. I remember doing a similar effect back in the day I used to play and write Photoshop tutorials every week so I decided to create a simple example.


'Người Mẹ sông Hồng' Illustration Series

We are featuring the work of Fevik ., an illustrator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. His illustrations we are sharing are part of a book titled: 'Người mẹ sông Hồng' which means 'The Mother of the Red river'. After a few searches, it's a principal river also known as the Hồng Hà and Sông Cái in Vietnamese.


#NFTs of the Week

The NFT hype is definitely invested and here to stay. Most of our social feeds have been since submerged with so many digital works that it's getting hard to keep track of it all. Most of them are honestly brilliant, stunning, meaningful, and some others...well, that's why we are here!


Black Archives Sweden - UX & Web Design

Lina Forsgren shared a stylish web design project for Black Archives Sweden, a contemporary archive centered around the experiences and narratives of Afro-Swedes and black people in Sweden, run by Jonelle Twum, Ulrika Flink and Anthia Nibitegeka.


Dawn よあけ — Cyberpunk NFT Photography

Francois here from abdz. I am excited to share that I just listed my first NFT on Foundation. It's the first of a 3-part series of 'animated photographs', introducing 'Dawn よあけ'. In all transparency, I am still discovering the world surrounding NFTs, I think we all do.


Casa 128 | Brechó Slow Fashion — Branding

Trauma Studio | Lucas Oliveira shared a branding and visual identity for Casa 128. The company was born from the desire to promote fashion consumption in a calm way, against all the rush of the seasons and excessive offers.


CHARACTERZ — The Biggest 3D Characters Library

CHARACTERZ is the biggest single library of 3D diverse characters in the world. You can use them in your products or for marketing purposes (social media posts, landing pages, blogs, newsletters, etc.). Or if you want - for your personal use.


App Design for Tracking the Best Rated Video-Games

Adrian Red shared a UX project for a games app called Play. Having worked on similar problems in the past, it’s nice to see some similar concepts and ways to solve a problem. Perhaps it’s because we both have been playing games for a long time. 


Lettering Series XXXIII by Rafael Serra

Rafael Serra shared a collection of lettering work created for clients as well as personal projects. I really loved the overall style and the interpretation of some common and popular brands like McDonalds, Pepsi, Apple, Windows 95. They captured the nostalgic feeling with a modern and cleaner vector style. 

motion design

Motion Design Case Study — Sky Sports rebrand

Andrew Popplestone shared an awesome motion design case study for the Sky Sports rebrand. As part of the successful Sky Sports rebrand, Sky Creative Advertising tapped Territory to design new opening titles and content for the dedicated Super League channel. 


OGV Design Simple, yet Elegant Branding

Ognjen Gligorijevic shared a simple and very stylish branding and visual identity work for OGV Design, a contemporary graphic design studio based in Nis, Serbia and Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a strong focus on typography, editorial design and branding. 

editorial design

What the Hackney Zine

Arthur Petrillo shared an awesome project focused to help the design community in London. What the Hackney is an independent zine made by East London artists to promote artistic expressions in the neighbourhood. The zine format features three local projects together with a poster on the backside.


Handsome New Foundation for Global Architecture Firm, Page — Case Study

The amazing team over at handsome shared a case study of the new web design for Page, a global multidisciplinary architecture and engineering firm, has partnered with branding and experience design agency handsome to evolve their brand for the digital age and redesign their website into an experience tha

motion design

Motion Design Spotlight — Sam Burton

Sam Burton is a freelance motion designer and animator. For the last 10 years, he has worked across a large variety of projects including animated commercials, broadcast design, music videos and pretty much everything in between. If you look at Sam’s work you will understand why we love it and feature it here on the blog. It has that nostalgic/retro feeling, especially his NFTs.

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