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Rain and Life Illustrations by Vipin Das

Vipin Das is an artist and illustrator based from Bangalore, India. I wanted to share the work of Vipin in response to the recent 'climate change' events that have been happening all over the globe. I am speaking especially about the 'heavy rain and even flooding' happening in Europe and Asia.


Generator — Illustrating the creative process in 3D

Generator shared this beautiful 3D project that is a digital artwork which illustrates an attempt to present their vision on the process of making a creative idea. Where creativity transforms from routine factory production to a day in an amusement park.


Rebranding for footwear company Ikos

Maryan Ivasyk shared a branding and UX design for IKOS, a Ukrainian family shoe company based in Lutsk. Some time ago, they came to Maryan with a request for rebranding. After the brand session and workshop, the design team decided to slightly change the logo and completely redesign the visual language of the brand.


Don’t Go Towards the Light - Surreal 3D Compositions

Tomasz Artur Bolek is a 3D artist based in Łódź, Poland. His works are inspired by the brutalist architecture of the second half of the 20th century. In his art, he tries to evoke the impression of being overwhelmed, lost and isolated, but at the same time find beauty and a sense of spirituality in it.

visual identity

Visual Identity for artisan bakery LOAF

Bia Janoni shared a beautiful branding and visual identity for LOAF an artisan bakery from Balneário Camboriú that produces bread with organic flour and long fermentation. This is the secret to a crusty and dense bread - but at the same time airy - with easy digestion and unique flavor of all recipes.

graphic design

Graphic Design Inspiration: Espectros

Silvino González Morales shared a quite beautiful post on graphic design featuring a set of abstract illustrations titled Espectros. The idea is simple, it basically blends shapes with a radial gradient. However the composition makes it very unique. As the wise man say, the simple things are always the most difficult to achieve.


Texere - Complexity of Cloth with Simple Composition in 3D

Michael Novia shared a beautiful 3D project of personal explorations using Cinema 4D titled Texere, which is an exploration of composition and color. I've experimented with organic cloth simulations and vibrant materials. Texere attempts to blend the complexity of cloth with simple, uncomplicated composition and dramatic lighting.


MANTARAY Hydrofoil Craft — Branding and Visual Identity

Acid and Marble ® shared a super elegant and fresh branding and visual identity project for MANTARAY Hydrofoil Craft – The worlds leading hydrofoil technology and the future electric boats. Featuring beautiful typography and vibrant color palette, I am quite a fan of the overall visual language created. 


Windows 11 Wallpapers in 3D with Blender + Octane

Sonny Nguyen shared an awesome 3D project created using Blender and Octane render. If you’re like me you will agree that Windows 11 wallpapers are beautiful. Sonny truly liked them so went a step farther and decided to create his own wallpapers in 3D using Blender with Octane render.

paper art

A Livre Ouvert — Paper Art for Hermès

We are following the work of French-based Zim & Zou and their stunning paper art project for Hermès. Yes, Hermès! What is even more intriguing is that this set made of paper has been commissioned as a 'digital background' for a conference. How freaking cool is that!

editorial design

Dove va il mondo del gadget — Editorial Design

Be.Family shared an editorial design for Ser.Com, an Italian company focused on neuro gadgets, a new frontier of corporate gadgets based on the emotional dimension of the target. Their consultancy also applies engagement and strategic marketing to business challenges.


Tokyo Mirages Series by Romain Trystram

We have been hearing lots of buzz regarding Tokyo lately, it's probably related to the Olympic Summer Games! Sadly for us, there is almost no way to be able to watch any of it live (Europe!) But as an encouragement, I stumbled across the work of Romain Trystram is an art director and illustrator from Agadir, Morocco.


Smooth Flow Series — 3D Inspiration

Danny Ivan shared a collection of 3D images and abstract compositions for his Smooth Flow Series. This one for the second quarter of 2021. As usual it’s a beautiful set of smooth, colorful and simply beautiful images.


Mindfully™ — branding and social media content

h3l Agency shared a branding and social media content for Mindfully™ a product/service that solves any and all problems derived from the lack of intentional behavior and routine through music, including but not limited to sleeping irregularities, poor stress management, and blocks toward self-actualization.

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