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InVision Freehand - More Templates to boost our workflow

A couple of months back, we have shared the news that the fine folks behind Freehand by InVision have introduced a series of templates for us to work better, faster, and more collaboratively within our teams. They have shared more templates this week from Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and, make sure to check them out.


Collection of Abstract 3D Explorations

Atilla Kurt shared a collection of abstract 3D explorations created using  Autodesk Maya, Maxon Redshift, Adobe Photoshop. They feature simple compositions using spheres with beautiful materials/textures and lighting. The attention to details really set the work appart, especially the golden elements with realistic reflections.


IBM App Icon Design & Visual Language

Peter Garvin is working as a designer at IBM from specifically from the Brand Experience and Design Team. He shared a series of very cool series of iconography from their IBM Design Language. Divided into four categories: Stroke app icons, Fill app icons, IBM Plex app icons, and Hero brands.

cinema 4D

Unreal & Abstract Architecture

Peter Tarka is an art director and 3D artist based in London, United Kingdom, we have been featured his work for many many years. He never failed to inspire and take us to places where we wish we could simply be.

web design

The Harbour Branding and Web Design

Gil Huybrecht shared a branding and web design project created for The Harbour, a funding agency in Belgium that makes sure companies can grow in the right way by working strategy first. Gil shared some details about the design process, like the grid system and how the brand manifests through different mediums.


Illustration Inspiration - Mike Karolos

Mike Karolos shared a beautiful selection of his most recent personal illustrations. As with all Mike’s personal works, “when i find the time in between client work, i like to experiment and take my style a little bit further.


Match Branding Redesign by COLLINS

Strategy and experience design company COLLINS and online dating giant Match™ have partnered to evolve the 25-year-old brand from within, growing and amplifying its mission while inviting thoughtfulness and trust back into a space they pioneered.

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Paperwork - Artistic Booklets of Tear-Out Papers

VELKRO shared a personal project highlighting their graphic design, editorial design and typography skills titled “Paper Work”. As they describe it: Red square on a blue triangle. Yellow circle over a grey rectangle. Paperwork is an alphabet book consisting of 36 hand-made creative and artistic booklets of tear-out papers.

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Poster Design Inspiration by X-UP Studio

Francesco Costantini and X-UP Studio shared a stylish graphic design project. It’s a collection of poster designs for their own studio. They all feature beautiful typography with a hint of that classic End of Print look from the master David Carson.


Hébano Branding and Visual Identity

David Espinosa IDS shared a beautiful branding and visual identity for Hébano, a small carpentry workshop located in the city of Bucaramanga, it is a space dedicated to the construction of all kinds of furniture, accessories and elements with modern, contemporary and classic designs.

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Motion Design Inspiration - Random Loops

Tony Babel is a multidisciplinary designer, animator and illustrator specialized in rich animations for digital products. With a portfolio full of very inspiring motion design work. I am a huge fan of the Vintage Loops series but I wanted to share this series of random loops with you, just hilarious.


Paloma Nieri Branding and Visual Identity

Guapo ./ shared a truly inspiring branding and logo design case study for the work they did for Paloma Nieri. The final result is really good but what caught my attention was the detailed process behind it and the presentation of it.

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TypeType Website Redesign

Pavel Emelyanov and Comence Studio shared an inspiring web design project for TypeType. Their task was to completely rethink the TypeType website. New catalog, new structure, full change of font tester, extended information about TypeType foundry. The main page of the site is also a font catalog.


Bonzei App - UX Case Study

The Netguru Team including Katarzyna Dziaduś, Bartłomiej Rokowski, and Gabriela Bryndal shared a beautiful mobile design and UX design case study for Bonzei, a mobile application which aims to be an in


Le Kunst - Classic Paintings Style in 3D

Berd . shared this incredible 3D project on Behance that started as a personal challenge trying to recreate “the lighting” used by the painters but then it became a journey to practice and learn new skills like organic modeling, shader creation and composition.

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Solitaire Digital Web Design

Hrvoje Grubisic shared a beautiful web design project featuring a crisp and classic typographical look. If you look at it very closely you will understand why I love it. It does remind me of some of the screens of the blog, but Hrvoje definitely did a much better job than I did here.

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