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Posters | Vol. 3 is Pure Graphic Design Nostalgia

I grew up in a time when poster were the most desired piece of object in any kids room. Magazines would have the big center pages with a massive poster from skateboarding, surfing to video-game publications. Graphic design was and still is one of my passions and every time I see a poster collection I have to share it.


A Magical and Tasty Lettering Series

What would it look like if you could put a foodie spin on popular fairy tales? “Hungrily Ever After” is a collection of colorful hand-lettered book cover art that reimagines fairy tale messages if their characters were big foodies.


Let it Shine by Débora Abreu

Débora Abreu is a Brazilian singer and composer living in Canada and as most of us, she has been trying to adapt to the craziness of a pandemic world. As Debora describes “since the pandemic started, my anxiety attacks have gotten worse, and following my husband's suggestion, I started practicing  mindfulness  and meditation everyday.


Monday Motion Spotlight - Javier Torres

Javier Torres shared his first Design Reel with some of the work done for projects in Design and 3D Animation including branding, logo design and graphic design in general during  the years 2018 to 2020. It’s awesome to see the difference in the range and quality of the work.


ORG-YOU Branding and Visual Identity

Studio Fabio Biesel shared a super elegant branding and visual identity project for ORG-YOU, an organization application for small and medium-sized companies. The folks over at Studio Fabio Biesel had the great task to support ORG-YOU creatively from the beginning.


#NFTs of the Week

How you feel about the rise of NFTs? Most of our social feeds have been since submerged with so many digital works that it's getting hard to keep track of it all. Most of them are honestly brilliant, stunning, meaningful, and some others...well, that's why we are here!


A bedtime story to bring hope and optimism to children’s bedsides

Forever Beta is publishing a bedtime storybook specifically written to remind and reassure children that there is hope and happiness to look forward to beyond the pandemic. It comes on the back of a University of Oxford study showing that children have shown increases in negative physical and emotional mental health symptoms during lockdown


Hiero Experimental Display Typeface

Scott Newland shared a personal typography project titled Hiero. Hiero is a self-initiated experimental display typeface. The project aim was to create a collection of simplistic, block-like characters whose designs are limited to the use of four geometries: a circle, 3x7 rectangle, isosceles-acute and isosceles-right triangle.

graphic design

Redesign of Rudo and Tecnico Tequila Labels

Anton Burmistrov shared a beautiful branding and illustration work for the redesign of the Rudo and Tecnico tequila labels. Tequilas Rudo and Tecnico are inspired by Lucha Libre, an extremely popular Mexican style of professional wrestling, and its rich cultural tradition.


Foam Reactions in 3D

Ruye is a super talented 3D and motion designer with a rich portfolio of commercial and personal projects. I am a fan of personal projects as you might already know, so of course I tend to get quite excited when I see other folks doing incredible work as a side gig.


MONDRIAN 3.0 — NFT by ethikdesign©

Yanis Georges (ethikdesign©) shared another amazing 3D project, this time inspired by one of my favorite artists, Mondrian. Mondrian 3.0 is a nod to the Dutch pioneer of 20thcentury abstract art.


Beneath the Surface — 3D Experiments in Houdini

Ian Frederick shared a 3D project that is an experimental art piece created as a method for him to learn Houdini, specifically its cloth and soft body system called Vellum. “It started out as just seeing if I could model a good looking octopus tentacle.


Graphical Illustrations by Nicholas Chuan

Nicholas Chuan is a designer and illustrator based in Penang Island, Malaysia. We are featuring his illustrations that he shared on Behance profile. They are a combination of graphics, textures, illustrations, and even photography as well.


Arcade Madness Illustration by César Canseco

César Canseco shared a beautiful illustration project titled Arcade Madness. The project was created for Nintendo 64 fan-art for the Cartoon Madness gallery show at La Mole Convention 2020 in CDMX curated by GAMA Crea. I personally love the grain added to the illustrations, it added a more refined look, perhaps, a paper feeling to them.

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Neker Mobile and Web Design

Plus X has a connotation of the message that “We Add Experience for Your Brand.” Brand experience design means providing consumers with valuable brand experience through consolidated online and offline designs based on the consistent brand strategy.


Accenture - Typography by Made Up Studio

Made Up Studio shared an incredible project titled Accenture Typography. As the title suggests, Accenture commissioned Made Up Studio to create a series of typographic works about various aspects of marketing. The result is nothing short of amazing.


Bureau of Architecture Minimalist Branding

Wayne Season shared a branding project for Bureau of Architecture featuring a simple and minimalist design relying on beautiful imagery and typography to create some inspiring compositions. I am a fan of the style and have been using it as reference for the design of for over a decade.

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